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Colorblind Free download â PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ð ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Colorblind Author Siera Maley – Harper has a secret and it’s not that she likes girls She has a rare and special gift she can see how old other people will be when they pass away Nothing she does For Chloe whose number is That means that Chloe doesn’t have twelve months to live She doesn’t even have sixShe is going to be dead by the end of the summer unless Harper can find a way to stop it. This book's blurb had me wary for than one reason but I'm really glad I gave it a chance So worth itFrom early on what caught my attention was the balance between the happy and the sad parts of the story I'm sure anyone can tell this is going to be a pretty sad story but I didn't expect the happy parts to almost entirely balance them out in a way Or maybe that was just me but Chloe is the kind of person that can light up any room they walk into and that's what her character did to the story She was so incredibly bright and funny and full of life Her adventurous and positive spirit might even have been a little over the top as I find it hard to believe that anyone could be that well resolved at 16 years old but I didn't really mindI felt that things were a little rushed at times and some really sad scenes were not as sad as they could have been because they were over uickly I remember there was this scene that I won't spoil because it's really important but I just felt tears welling up and it crushed me for a moment but then the story moved on I'm not sure this is a complaint so much as an observation as I was looking for a uick read anyway so it's fineAbout their relationship view spoilerit was super refreshing the way the book just completely skipped the mutual pining phase as Chloe chose to be utterly honest about her feelings from early on I loved her perspective about it when she explained she liked Harper because she was cute and interesting and Chloe didn't think there needed to be much than that hide spoiler

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Harper has a secret and it’s not that she likes girls She has a rare and special gift she can see how old other people will be when they pass away Nothing she does changes this number and that become. Adorable is easily one of the many adjectives that you can use to describe Colorblind by Siera Maley This book is at times distressing all the while being heartwarming as well I know what a conundrum but a glorious one at that This book is a balancing act of sad and happy no worries though You want to read this one For any sadness that seeps out there is a magnificent ray of sunshine that will definitely make you smileHarper is cynical jaded broody with a perpetual dark cloud over her head Give her a chance though Harper isn’t just any teenager This seventeen year old has a special gift that can only be seen as really a curse She sees the age of death written on the forehead of each person she meets In the way that you and I see the date of expiration on a gallon of milk Harper sees these hundreds of times a day on people Can you imagine how awful this would be seeing a toddling two year old and seeing the number 4 or a young mother and seeing a 37 Heartwrenching Harper knows that no one would understand and basically think that see had seriously lost her marbles if she told anyone Chloe Stephens is in one word magnetic This character is one of those people that you know the type that everyone is naturally drawn to They exude fun and kindness and you cannot help but love’em She has the wisdom of ninety year old with the adventurous spirit that only teenagers have and exuding positivity all along the way These two meet by chance Chloe just moving into Harper’s San Francisco neighborhood and become fast friends Harper is super reluctant to allow Chloe into her life but the charming spirit of Chloe is just too much to ignore Chloe doesn’t beat around the bush either She lets Harper know in no uncertain terms that she is interested in a relationship because she’s cute and interesting This was so refreshing No long pining away Chloe knows how to communicateThe book is with Chloe and Harper carving out their friendship and then their romance It’s cute and fun Chloe makes Harper see the fun side of life and let go of her constant doom and gloom broodiness If you haven’t read this book you might be wondering Can Harper see Chloe’s number The answer is yes she totally can and that my friend adds to the angst of the story Overall this book is fantastic I have enjoyed each of Siera Maley’s books but Colorblind is easily the best of her work The book has just enough tension to keep you on edge and when it's finally time for the conclusion Maley does a masterful job of finishing this delightful book Highly recommend

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ColorblindS especially clear when her mother dies in a car crash With only one other person in the world who knows about and shares her gift Harper is determined to keep her distance from everyone Then she falls. This book is about a young woman of 17 who has the ability to know when people will die Not a date and time not how they will die but just the age Which sits on each person’s forehead like a tattoo The only way she can get away from knowing is to not look at a person’s forehead but it is uite hard for her to not look Even though it pains her each time Even if the information she sees is something like ‘84’ stamped on a young mother with two roughly six year old children with her both of whom have death ages between 51 and I forget now 80 something; or spotting a young woman roughly her own age with the death age stamped on her of ‘16’ Painful grey world she lives in colorblind the title comes I believe from the fact that she and the other person she knows who has this ‘special gift’ see the world mostly without color – grey bleak filled with deathThat ‘16’ by the way is stamped on a young woman who the main character Harper runs across She has a great first meeting with Chloe – well other than the part wherein she almost ran her over with her car And oddly she doesn’t look at Chloe’s forehead until the very end of their first encounter when the woman turns away from her and Harper catches what she thinks is ‘16’ She calls out to get confirmation to get the woman to turn to her again and yes 16 She’s meet this great young bubbly happy woman who is shortly going to dieHeavy eh Weirdly the only time I stopped reading was when I had to pause for a moment to put food into the microwave But that was my only pause I devoured this book It is very readable It made me laugh it made me teary eyed Great great bookRating 55May 29 2018