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E friends with Christy Miller She becomes the perfect role model for today's teens by making a commitment to Christ in the first book and then growing in her walk with the Lord in Yours. 😮 WOWEE😍

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Yours Forever The Christy Miller Series #3 Christy MillerForever MOBI #233 the next eleven books Throughout the series Christy learns about friendships dating becoming responsible waiting on God being faithful and God's rewards for obedience. This is an incredible set of books Because I read them all in a set they all meld into one book in my mind As inspiring Christian fiction this would be at the top of my list just under Erynn Mangum's books Let's just say that I learned some much needed lessons from a these books Despite the fact that the main character Christy is 15 years old I could still relate to the issues she struggled with The lessons she learned were very good and there was a lot of Bible content involved in Christy's growth I also really enjoyed the analogies Robin Jones Gunn came up with to describe hard to grasp aspects of salvation These analogies were so clear and applicable that I will probably use them in the future Just a side note the character Todd is a great guy Honestly he is the character I like the most and he is a wonderful Christian exampleThe only critiue I have with these books has to do with Christy Now most of her problems are uite relatable in the normal sense I'm sure but her romantic struggles are a little ridiculous to me Of course I am also a little old for these books so that could have something to do with it There really isn't anything that Christy does that is wrong I just keep uestioning why Christy is pretending to like this one guy when she obviously likes the otherOther than that I completely recommend these books to any teenage girl whether you are Christian or not These books are moving and eyeopening Warning There is uite a bit of secularmature content in the first book especially drugs drinking sex pregnancy death eating disorders sneaking out etc Christy does not do most of these things but she does help a few friends out during their hardshipsAll I know is I wish I read these books when I was younger and didn't know where to find any clean books These are VERY worth reading books I give these three books that I have read so far a solid 4 stars I completely recommend this series I am totally hooked and excitedly waiting to read the next book I can find

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Read Yours Forever The Christy Miller Series #3 Christy Miller é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ [Ebook] ➩ Yours Forever The Christy Miller Series #3 Christy Miller Author Robin Jones Gunn – Teens across the nation have made this series from RobinTeens across the nation have The Christy ePUB #180 made this series from Robin Jones Gunn a bestseller Readers can find out for themselves why the series is so popular as they too becom. Communication is important in relationships Why can't people just talk to each other This book is about Christy and Todd They like each other but dance around the issue It doesn't help that Todd is a total flake who basically just ignores Christy unless they're talking about the Lord So annoying I think we're supposed to believe Christy is over reacting or being a brat but really I think Todd needs to get his act together and start showing Christy some loveAlso there's a lot of weird love triangles going around Tracy likes Doug Todd thinks Doug likes Christy Christy thinks Doug likes her blah blah blah All of this would be easily solved in the first 5 chapters or so if people just TALKED TO EACH OTHER JeezI am NOT a Todd fan He seems only slightly interested in being with Christy and I think she deserves betterAnd don't even get me started on that scumbag Rick He obviously wants Christy to be his little piece of tail on the side Which is SO ridiculous because she's very innocent