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PDF Ï BOOK Cowboy Song The Authorised Biography Of Philip Lynott FREE Â GRAEME THOMSON ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Cowboy Song The Authorised Biography Of Philip Lynott Author Graeme Thomson – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk The first biography to be written with the cooperRves of music myth and poetry to hard rock progressive folk punk soul and New Wave Published on the thirtieth anniversary of Lynott's death in January Thompson draws on scores of exclusive interviews with family friends band mates and collaborators Cowboy Song is both the ultimate depiction of a multi faceted rock icon and an intimate portrait of a much loved father son and husba Loved this book very well written and a great story I read the last 100 pages on a flight back from Milan with Live and Dangerous on my headphones Had me in tears by the end

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The first biography to be written with the The Authorised Kindle #215 cooperation of the Lynott Estate Cowboy Song is the definitive authorised account of the extraordinary life and career of Thin Lizzy guiding spirit Philip Lynott Leading music writer Graeme Thompson explores the fascinating contradictions between Lynott's unbridled rock star excesses and the shy sensitive 'orph I think this is the 3rd book I've read about Phil Lynott and it's the best one yet because IMO it focuses on him as a person and how he relates to the things that come into his live and revolve around him The title of the last section Sun Goes Down is perfect the title alone creates the mood for what you know is coming as Lynott himself sang the sadness never ceases In some books like Elvis's Careless Love you get the feeling that the people around him and their lack of motivation to help should take the blame for the downfall but in Cowboy Song the author does a good job in spreading the credit to include Lynott himself at the top of blame mountain That being said there seemed to be several mentions of Jimmy Bain being an awful influence which enlightened me to the issues that eventually caused his own demise this past year As I huge Dio Rainbow fan at first I was happy to see his name That changed to wincing every time he was mentioned In the end I got the feeling that the author had a grudge against him but maybe he really was a drug fiendThere is great intel regarding the other players which was fascinating and at times you feel like you are in the room with Lynott and his band mates The Tony Visconti mentions are priceless Bowie was pissed because he was taking too long etc In the end there still are a lot of uestions still circling Gary Moore and his ebb and flow in and out of the group it's no fault of the author that he wasn't able to dig deeper than he did but that alone Moore Lynott relationship would make a great standalone 10 part mini series In Cowboy Song there were a lot of new stories and revelations and the writing is spot on interspersing factoids and opinions in a respectful yet critical toneHowever the critical part is where the book loses that 5th star I rated it a 4The author is obviously in the know from back in the day and uses that as a huge insider advantage but I think it also hurts the message Those who discover Thin Lizzy after the fact have a discography on even playing field They aren't aware of the issues and didn't see the downfall of it's leader They just hear the records with an open mind and the author is unable to do that Therefore IMO he is much too critical of almost every album that wasn't in their hey day For example I became a Thin Lizzy fan when Thunder and Lightning came out It was my Thin Lizzy album and I love it My first live Thin Lizzy album was Life and I love it Overtime I got everything ever recorded and have my favorites Black Rose and when I hear the later records Renegade and Chinatown I don't hear a has been I hear an amazing singer amazing band and amazing songs I find it somewhat offensive the author has written an authorized biography and is so negative towards the majority of Lynott's recordings There should have been consideration of the audience and respect give to the readerPS uick uestion how can there be an authorized biography about someone who has deceasedAll that being said Cowboy Song I'm still in love with you

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Cowboy Song The Authorised Biography Of Philip LynottAn' raised in working class Dublin The mixed race child of a Catholic teenager and a Guyanese stowaway Lynott rose above daunting obstacles and wounding abandonments to become Ireland's first rock star Cowboy Song examines his key musical alliances as Cowboy Song Kindle well as the uniue blend of cultural influences which informed Lynott's writing connecting Ireland's rich rese Growing up in late '70s Northern Ireland with all its divisions and troubles music cut through the divide across the border Van Morrison Rory Gallagher Horslips and later the Undertones Still Little Fingers And above them all were Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott our only real ROCK STAR Yes he was from Dublin the South but he was ours he lived the lifestyle he loved the lifestyle and unbeknownst to our young teenage selves the lifestyle killed himI read most of this book last weekend and finished the last couple of chapters today while listening to Thin Lizzy's back catalogue Thomson writes well and perfectly captures the romance the poetry the celtic self mythology the excitement the striving for success and ultimately the pain and fall He doesn't flinch in tackling the drugs issues; he has spoken to all the key people in Lynott's life and they describe the man who set out to be a star lived that life to the full and ended in perhaps the only way he was fated to He could have been so much but perhaps it is fitting that he isn'tI was too young to see Thin Lizzy live but Live and Dangerous was one of the first albums I asked my parents to buy for me Thomson's biography fleshes out the man and the story but for me Phil Lynott will remain forever the leather trousered mirrored bass guitar wielding outlaw rock star from that album cover