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FirefliesA Sidhe warrior in exile A young man with powers he's only beginning to understand In their hands the fate of two worlds A childhood encounter with one of the Sidhe sets Joseph Vines' life on a fateful course Unable to forget the beautiful creature who promised to one day return for him Joey spends the next twenty years learning dreaming and waiting Braeden Shay a warrior of the Sidhe has spent those. I have to admit that I have a love of fairies Not only do I love to collect books about them but I also love to collect knickknacks that are fairy I was hoping this book would be a good one and I was not disappointed A fae visits our hero Joey when he was just five years old He wouldn't see him again for another twenty years He learns from Braeden the fairy that his real father was an evil fairy and wishes to kill him and take his powers His biological father wishes to rule over both the human and fairy world It is up to the two to stop himBlue does a very good job making the characters seem very believable The story and sex scenes are very imaginative

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Same twenty years watching Joey from a distance waiting for Joey's heritage to make itself known When the time is ripe Braeden steps in to protect Joey from those trying to kill him and to help him deal with the changes turning his life inside out During the days that follow as Braeden teaches Joey to harness and control his newfound power over the natural world Joey finds himself falling for the ge. Aside from the banal cover art and strange fetish of faeries Fireflies has got awful writing and a confusing story with no character development whatsoever

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Read & Download Fireflies 109 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Fireflies Author Ally Blue – A Sidhe warrior in exile A young man with powers he's only beginning to understand In their hands the fate of two worlds A childhood encounter with one of the Sidhe sets Joseph Vines' life on a fatefu A Sidhe warrior in exile A young man with powNtle patient Braeden Braeden who has watched over Joey for most of his life is already deeply in love with him When the forces targeting Joey for death catch up with them it will take all their magic and the power of their love for each other to survive and to save both their worlds Warning this title contains the following explicit malemale sex graphic language violence and inappropriate use of plan. 35 starsThis book kind of reads like an erotic children's bookThis is the story of Joey who met a fairy as a child and couldn't ever forget about it and Braeden said fairy who stayed in the human world to watch over Joey until he was old enough to know the truthJoey is half fairy and has amazing powers to talk to and control plants But all is not well for Joey and Braeden 'cause there's a bad guy after JoeyThe story is very very simple Joey and Braeden hook up at the very beginning and the rest of the story is pretty predictable It's told in a very simplistic manner hence my comparing it to a children's book There was no internal conflict for Joey and Braeden it was all external Everything was sunshine and roses as far as their relationship It was basically just a very sweet little fairy tale where the good guys win in the endThe sex scenes were very hot though I would not actually encourage anyone to give this book to a child ; If you enjoy mm romance you'll like this story but I think it was just a little too sweet and simple for me to get totally wrapped up in itNote Samhain Publishing likes to give humorous disclaimers about their books One of the ones for this book was inappropriate use of plants Now I assumed this would involve some smoking of mind altering substances Oh silly silly me I should have had imagination than that I encourage any mm fans to read this book for that scene alone