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This is an That Summer PDFEPUB #188 alternate cover edition ASIN BVSTIRZ “Why now” My therapist asks leaning forward in her seat “What’s made you decide to talk about him now I contemplate her uestion whilst gazing out of the window to my left admiring the clear blue sky and the flowers in the garden “Desperation I suppose” I reply truthfully “I still can’t get him out of my head I guess I’m hoping that by talking about him That Summer Epubnow all of this will go away I’m praying that by talking about what happened it will release me from it release me from my memories” “That makes sense” She encourages me smiling warmly “There’s also the fact that I saw him yesterday” I add casually folding my arms across my chest as though it’s no big deal “You saw him You saw Cole” She asks unable to hide her shock and surprise from me “Yes Summer That Summer ePUB #180 I saw him at the park when I was on my way home” She gapes at me in astonishment and concern clearly worried about my revelation She doesn’t uite know I enjoyed reading part one and I'm looking forward to the next one This is different as the element of incest is added to it but it is heartbreaking as they obviously didn't know and they are too deep in love to be apart and make the rational decision Then the last chapter breaks my heartHopefully we'll get a HEA in the end

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That Summer That Summer #1How to handle it and I can’t say that I blame her Are you ok What was his reaction when he saw you” “He didn’t see me” I explain “I’m pretty certain I’d be in the hospital right now if that had happened” “You do remember that you should never ever approach him don’t you” She reminds me firmly As though I could ever forget “I don’t really think I would dare even if I am tempted” “For your own safety and emotional wellbeing you must never do this Serena” She advises me making a note of this in her notepad “I know” I respond vacantly my mind already elsewhere “Where would you like to start with all of this Serena What do you want to tell me” “I suppose I should start at the beginning that way you will understand You will be able to understand what happened to me that summer”I know I have to go back I know I need to remember it all How I first came to meet Cole and how he changed my life foreverHe crashed into my world like a tornado destroying everything in its path He shattered my heart and made sure h I read this one in a day Really enjoyed it The H was SUPER INSANE CRAZY for the h This is a controversial story but I didn't mind It ends in a cliffhanger and I honestly don't know how this couple will get a HEA I am reading the next one right away There was no real sex which sucked and the h was such a doormat that never stood up to her bullies Really glad I finally found something to get me out of my MONTHS long reading slump

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That Summer That Summer #1 Book ë 215 pages Ø Lauren crossley Ø ❴BOOKS❵ ⚣ That Summer That Summer #1 Author Lauren Crossley – This is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00VSTIRZ2 “Why now” My therapist asks leaning forward in her seat “What’s made youE was the only one who knew how to place the broken pieces back together He made me fall in love with him and I had absolutely no control and no choice in the matterI was an addict and he was my only drug of choice That summer I was already in too deep too far gone to fix it all I had already fallen head over heels in love with him by the time I discovered the truthThe man I could not live without the man I needed to survive was also something else He was also my half brotherHe once said that I shed light on the darkness inside of him He said I took the fragmented pieces of his soul and put it back together again He said I made him whole and that I somehow managed to heal the part of him he had convinced himself was broken He told me I was his hope his future his weakness and his strength He eventually found out that I was his half sisterWant to know the really twisted part of it all He told me he didn’t care This New Adult romance novel contains mature themes scenes of violence strong language and sexual citations It is recommended for readers I LOVED IT CAN'T WAIT TO READ THE OTHER BOOK I HATED THE TYPO'S BUT OTHER THAN THAT I ENJOYED THE BOOK