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Mount Author Jilly CoopWife Taggie and chasing winners in the richest races worldwide from Dubai to Los Angeles to MelbourneLuckily the fort at home is held by Rupert’s assistant Gav a genius with horses fancied by every stable lass but damaged by alcoholism and a vile wife When Gala a grieving but ravishing Zimbabwean widow moves to Penscombe as carer for Rupert’s wayward father it is not just Gav who is. Jilly Cooper is back More importantly Rupert Campbell Black is back After the disappointments of the last couple Jilly Cooper books Mount is a delightful return to the fun of her earlier workRupert's dream is to have his beloved Thoroughbred stallion Love Rat declared leading sire His main competition is the fiendish Cosmo Ranaldini and his horse Roberto's Revenge While he's flying all over the world to enter his horses in the richest races of the entire globe things at home are being overseen by his stable manager Gav who is of course a genius with horses but tormented in love the nurse for his increasingly senile father Eddie Gala of course she is also a genius with horses AND a tormented widow and a host of other characters most of whom are geniuses with horses and unhappy in love Notice a theme here In the meantime someone appears to be sabotaging Penscombe and the horsesThe good Rupert is in fine form and is his usual hot headed passionate annoying self Somehow you can't help but root for Rupert no matter how disgracefully he acts If you are a horse lover there are TONS of horse parts in this book even than Riders and Polo The competition to win the Leading Sire award lasted the entire book and had lots of unexpected twists and turns There was a subplot with a scare for Taggie and lots of betrayals and misunderstandingsThe bad Many of the characters seem like newly named versions of previous characters It's like Jilly is running out of ideas for characters in her books so just taking the old ones and giving them new names and voila New character They also seem completely undeveloped so it's really hard to like them And even the ones who are main characters and who are somewhat developed—aren't really very likeable Spoiler alert One of the prevailing themes of the books is Rupert's love for Taggie and his faithfulness to her In this book he cheats on her and it seems so random There is no believable reason the person he sleeps with isn't likeable there is no built up basis that makes the events understandable It's like Jilly just threw it in there for excitement Spoiler Alert overLastly it's a bit annoying how we're supposed to still see Rupert as the sex god hottest man in the universe and how he doesn't age Is he going to be 100 years old and still have this It's getting a bit tired In spite of the “bad” this book is still a fun romp It's not literature by any means but it's exciting and engaging and a great read

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In Jilly Cooper’s latest raciest novel Rupert Campbell Black takes centre stage in the cut throat world of flat racingRupert is consumed by one obsession that Love Rat his adored grey horse be proclaimed champion stallion He longs to trounce Roberto’s Revenge the stallion owned by his detested rival Cosmo Rannaldini which means abandoning his racing empire at Penscombe and his darling. Marvellous bonkbuster from Jilly Cooper who is happily back on form now she has returned to the world of horses If you were disappointed by some of non horse novels since Polo you'll be delighted once again with MountRupert is back and thanks to some apparent age massaging the dates don't seem to be canon any so just try to overlook this Young Eddie's age is a particular issue Rupert is still a flawlessly gorgeous romantic hero virile and beautiful in his late fiftiesYou'll probably spot the villain a mile off from the book blurb after you've read the prologue There's a scene which doesn't happen which I was surprised at a particular race but the book was so long by this point that I can see why Cooper chose another denouementLots and lots of horses and racing and intrigue and adrenalin and even though I'm not a horsey person I really became fond of some of the euine characters like Master uickly More of New Year's Dave would have been nice uite a bit of sex Cooper tends to be funny than erotic and while it's great that she celebrates silver shaggers I could really have done with a lot less of Valent's and Etta's horny honeymooningI'm always left wondering whether racing people shag around this much I suspect it's probably even prolific than Cooper describesTaggie gets a bit of a raw deal here Long time fans may regret one of the major storylines which may ruin some of the characters for you if you like your romances safe and given Appassionata feels a bit out of character Mount is NOT safe It's also not very fairytale ending unlike some of the others though of course it ends reasonably happily for all the progatonistsIf you haven't read Jilly Cooper beforeDON'T start with this one At the very least read Rivals her second and best novel where the RupertTaggie relationship happens and preferably Riders There's also a combined edition I would also recommend reading The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous just because it's so lovely and gives you background to the Rannaldini stuff You could read Polo if you really love the horsey stuffThe novel that directly precedes Mount Jump gives some background but isn't really vital I would also skip the artmusicorchestraschool ones you could aways read these later The four horsey ones Riders Polo Jump and Mount do create a continuity of their ownBut Rivals remains the best of all her work

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Mount Author Jilly Cooper Review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Mount By Jilly Cooper ➦ – In Jilly Cooper’s latest raciest novel Rupert Campbell Black takes centre stage in the cut throat world of flat racingRupert is consumeAttracted to her a returning Rupert finds himself dangerously temptedGala adores horses and when she switches to working in the yard her carer’s job is taken by a devastatingly handsome South African man who claims to be gay but seems far keener on caring for the angelic Taggie And as increasingly sinister acts of sabotage strike at Penscombe the game of musical loose boxes gathers apac. Hooooo boy I'm always going to love Jilly Cooper A new Cooper novel will always be a banner day in my household That said it's been a long while since the holy heyday of the Rutshire Chronicles trifecta say the names with me Riders Rivals Polo Amen and me Jilly are both older Whilst I cannot deny enjoying the fuck out of this book in all it's almost pastiche levels of Cooper glory there are aspects I foundproblematicLook Cooper is a 79 year old posh white woman She's hilarious and smart and kind and I adore her But in this novel she also demonstrates the kind of casual racism that your Nana might in a world where you can still write people of colour as ravishingcharmingfrightfully clever and have the Asian characters speaking pidgin English swapping Ls for Rs or casually refer to someone as a black There's always been the casual classism and sexism RCB is her hero after all but the rampant homophobia seems especially stepped up this time around predatory faggot bingo anyone and there are a couple of unnecessarily PC baiting trans comments I get that Cooper has her style and her brand and fuck me I love that as much as the next die hard fangirl but it's disappointing that her editor wasn't able to coax her into something a little for the want of a better word woke She's always walked a fine line between funny and glib and she fails here often than notAlso I haaated Gala The white Zimbabweans suffering as an ethnic minority subplot is a worthy topic which is presented unfortunately sans any racial or cultural history and with a heavy focus on the cruelty of the blacks view spoilerBesides which the marriage of Rupert and Taggie lies at the heart of the Rutshire novels It humanizes RCB who let's face it would be an aging creepy Lothario at this point no matter how you massage the dates for plot purposes if it wasn't for Tag The 'chemistry' between him and Gala is non existent the sex is gross I'll be attempting to wash buttercunt out of my mind for a good while and no one really suffers as a result of the gross breech of trust except poor ol' Taggiewho suffers and suffers and suffers and then gets cancer FFS hide spoiler