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Kim Author T. CoopPectations of the outside world can’t help but color the way we see ourselvesKim smart funny and finally fed up with the cards she’s been dealt is finding out that friends change love doesn’t always mean forever and growing up means living your truth even if it isn’t pret. This series is consistently engaging and I can’t wait to read the last one

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Characters Ø Kim Author T. Cooper È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Kim By T. Cooper ✑ – What if every year of high school you woke up as somebody elseWhen we last saw Oryon Small he was kidnapped and locked in a baseWhat if every year of high school you woke up as somebody elseWhen we last saw Oryon Small he was kidnapped and locked in a basement his best friend Chase dying in his arms In Changers Book Three Kim Oryon awakens as Kim an Asian American girl who looks nothing like she expected. This is the most wonderful and complicated gender identity LGBT series I've ever read Seriously why isn't there hype about this Literally EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS I love everything about it The writing is wonderful and makes these books an easy uick read The kind of dystopianfantasyish setting is super cool and the message is just brillant It's not your gender culture outer appearance and Body Mass Index that defines who you are And most of all Love is possible Against all odds and beyond all borders

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Or desired Where Changers Book One Drew dealt primarily with issues of gender and bias and Changers Book Two Oryon explored issues concerning race and bigotry Changers Book Three Kim tackles the thorny less straightforward subjects of body shaming self esteem grief and how the ex. I generally feel like the premise of this series is too far fetched and also tries to do too much The premise is that there's a secret race of people who become an entirely different person every year of high school like different race and gender and at the end they decide which of those people they want to be Sometimes it's frustrating to watch the authors try to cover every possible identity issue since they themselves don't seem to be black or fat or gay and probably not transgender And I'm skeptical that a change in appearance would entirely change who someone was friends with though I do like how DrewOryonKim's different bodies force himher to get to know different kids Yet the perpetual love interest is still this conventionally pretty popular white girl and I'm not sure at the end the main character is going to choose one of the marginalized identities either But somehow every book has its moments where the premise works for a second and it seems brilliant