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Read & download ä River Thieves Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Reading] ➿ River Thieves ➶ Michael Crummey – River Thieves is a beautifully written and compelling novel that breathes life into the pivotal events which shaped relations beSual prose this is an enthralling historical novel of great passion and suspense driven by the extraordinary cast of characters And with it Michael Crummey establishes himself as one of Canada's most exciting new talents. I reread this novel for a presentation I have volunteered to do at the library Honestly I rarely reread books any since I have so many new ones I want to get through but I am very glad I picked up River Thieves again It is very goodI love Crummey's narrative techniue in this book He outlines the key event of the plot the capture of a Beothuk woman at the very beginning and then he returns to this moment many times as the story develops Each time we learn details It is as if Crummey has drawn a colouring book which he fills in vividly during the course of his work Crummey seamlessly moves back and forth through history as well giving us the main characters' backstories to help us know them better The characters are very richly drawn as a resultIn this his first novel Crummey explores the history and the culture of his native province Newfoundland something he does again in his later books The Wreckage and Galore His common thematic foci of unreuited love and the struggle against nature are introduced here

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Tions made under the order of the British Crown the reader witnesses the tragic fallout from these missions as the Beothuk vanish and the web of secrets guarded by the settlers slowly begin to unravel Told in elegant sen. Crummy's first novel is set in Newfoundland in 1810 when Captain David Buchan arrives with orders from the English king to make contact with Beothuk also known as the Red Indians because of the ochre they smear on their skins The local settlers are less than enthusiastic; the Beothuk are reclusive they claim moving about with the seasons and the evidence of their presence is usually in the form of stolen goods or killings Nevertheless John Peyton agrees to recruit a few of his fellow trappers and take the marines north Peyton's father known as John Senior warns that the journey will be futile and perhaps even tragic It ends when two marines are brutally slaughtered But Buchan returns a few years later with orders not only to establish relations with the Beothuk but to find out the truth behind an incident that left two Indian men dead on an icy lake The truth unravels slowly thwarted by lies rivalries secrets and loyalties Crummy's tale set against the unforgiving winter landscape is a study of human survival its violence passion and revenge At the heart of it all are the conflicts and loyalties within the Peyton household among the father his son and and Cassie an independent woman brought home years earlier by John Senior as a teacher a housekeeper and possibly a lover The main characters are complex forced by circumstances to trust one another despite their basic distrust Buchan's arrival sets the stage for secrets of the past to start unravelingCrummy brings this eerie melancholy world to life particularly through his brilliant descriptions of the hostile Newfoundland landscape His cast of characters in addition to those mentioned above are intriguing and original There's Joseph Reilly branded and expatriated as a boy for picking pockets and his Christian Mikmuk wife Annie Boss the local healer and midwife Richmond and Taylor rough trappers who have known one another since childhood Mary a young Beothuk woman kidnapped by John Peyton in an act of government sanctioned reparation for stolen goods Governor Hamilton the ineffective overseer of the colony And many lesser but still significant characters some long dead yet still wielding influence over the settlersThis is the second novel by Michael Crummy that I have read and enjoyed and I look forward to catching up with the rest

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River ThievesRiver Thieves is a beautifully written and compelling novel that breathes life into the pivotal events which shaped relations between the Beothuk Indians of Newfoundland and European settlers Following a series of expedi. In the early 1800s the territory that will become Newfoundland is still populated by Beothuk Micmac and various Europeans engaged in hunting trapping and fishing The British governor hopes to establish cordial relations with the Beothuk also called Red Indians for the red ochre they used to paint their bodies Responding to his call to bring back a Beothuk who will learn English and serve as an intermediary John Peyton and a band of men find a camp and capture a Beothuk woman setting in motion a series of tragic encounters between the Indians and the EuropeansJohn Peyton joins his father John Senior on one of his regular trips to Newfoundland from England when he is only a boy of fourteen He never returns to England and learns instead the life of a trapper and fisherman working his father’s extensive holdings in the new land He works with trappers who have participated in Indian wars and taken opportunities for wanton cruelty who have married Indians and moved to the interior who have trapped alone among both tribes for decades or who have lived in the growing port of St John’s surviving fires and famine They live hard lives of deprivation violence and physically exhausting work with little rewardCassie Jura leaves St John’s to tend house for John Senior and tutor young John Peyton A woman who knows the outdoors as well as any man Cassie is also erudite and stoic With her trunk of books she teaches the young boy about Shakespeare and the larger world but tells nothing of herself She knows little about John Senior except that he lets her live her life while he traps and hunts When John Peyton brings home a Beothuk woman named Mary it becomes Cassie’s job to teach her EnglishThis is a stunning tale of life in the 1800s in an unforgiving land among hardened settlers The characters are superbly drawn The women are especially well developed—Cassie Annie Boss and Mary among others I couldn’t get enough of Annie Boss a Micmac woman married to Reilly an Irish trapper The prejudices and fears and hatred cut across every nationality religion race occupation challenging the men and women at every step The book is a joy to read Crummy holds the reader with every sentence urging the reader to take time with each thought each turn of phrase or incident Highly recommended