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Lost Horizon characters Ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB µ ❰PDF❯ ✎ Lost Horizon Author James Hilton – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk While attempting to escape a civil war four people are kidnapped and transported to the Tibetan mountains After their plane crashes they are found by a mysterious Chinese man He leadTranuil wonder beyond the grasp of a doomed worldIt is here in Shangri La where destinies will be discovered and the meaning of paradise will be unveile. During British colonial daysfour westerners are on their way to Peshawar in an aircraft when their pilot takes them to the mountains of Tibetwhere the aircraft crashesThey are rescued and taken to a lamaseryIt does have some beautiful writingwhen describing the mountain scenery For a whileI remained fairly interested to know why the four people were brought to Shangri Laand were being held thereagainst their willBut when the mystery was revealedit felt like an anti climax It also took away the rather favourable impression of the book I had till thenAs a fantasyit didn't appeal to menor as a vision of utopia The book describes the horrors of one war World War I and the possibility of a secondwhich was yet to beginat the timeA mixed bagwhich began wellbut left me disappointed with the ending

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Mysterious Chinese man He leads them to a monastery hidden in the valley of the blue moon a land of mystery and matchless beauty where life is lived in. For the life of me I have no idea why anyone dearly loves this book The narrative is plodding the characters boring and unsympathetic and the ending don't get me started on the ending This was a book club selection that I was actually excited about since its setting is the mystical Shangri La I thought it would be an Indiana Jones esue action and adventure in an exotic Asian setting What I got instead was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Boring Tibetans There's no action; all they do is prattle on about how perfect existence in Shangri La is so perfect in fact it's painfully boring to read about The discussions are predictably didactic duh duh double duh I thought as each new mystery of life was revealed I am so glad that I checked this out from the library Now I can't wait to go check it back inCross posted at This Insignificant Cinder

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Lost HorizonWhile attempting to escape a civil war four people are kidnapped and transported to the Tibetan mountains After their plane crashes they are found by a. The last time I loved a book as much as I loved this one was when I read Dune Even though Dune is considered one of the masterworks of science fiction I'm not really a sci fi kind of girl per se I just love places that are so well imagined by the author that you can't believe they're not real SOMEWHERE Lost Horizon presents Shangri La as such a place More personally though I read this book at the precise right moment in my life Conway the main character has a sort of dispassionate detachment from life as a result of having fought in WWI the story takes place right after the stock market crash and has subseuently become an official in the British Government His job is sort of middle management not a great deal of responsibility but it takes him to odd corners of the world where he has opportunities for heroism by virtue of being in foreign unstable lands during the last years of the British Empire Basically he's seen enough to have made him or less unflappable and because of this he often is viewed as calm under pressure and courageous; at the end of the day though all he really wants is peace and uietWhen the English are evacuating India Conway and three other passengers have their airplane hijacked and they are whisked away to Shangri La I won't say any except that he and his companions find a great deal of mystery there but Conway also senses immediately that he's found his place of reposeI say I read this book at the exact right moment in my life because I can identify with Conway's dispassion at times Not that I've seen nearly all of the world or have experienced anything as dramatic as war but having lived in Asia for two years I know what it's like to do something out of the ordinary and to then return to the everyday I know what that hollow space feels like that you long to fill with something else amazing The fact that his retreat also happens to be a place that reminds us of the evils of being shackled to the march of time and desire is also no small thing for me The West truly is obsessed with time doing things faster and efficiently and importantly getting angry when things aren't done on the timetables we expect Then there's the element of desire; wanting what we feel we are entitled to seeking accolades craving attention and adoration and everything we are willing to sacrifice for these things We are willing to sacrifice no less than the wisdom of the world and of this earth Lost Horizon goes into all of this and much and I loved every second of the philosophical exploration wrapped up in gripping mystery So in case I haven't been clear enough read this It's a uick read only took me two days a few hours It's well worth it