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PDF ↠ BOOK Trotsky Downfall Of A Revolutionary ☆ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY Â [EPUB] ✼ Trotsky Downfall Of A Revolutionary ✿ Bertrand M. Patenaude – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk In Trotsky Downfall of a Revolutionary Stanford University lecturer Bertrand M Patenaude tells the dramatic story ofIng new light on Trotsky's tumultuous friendship with painter Diego Rivera his affair with Rivera's wife Frida Kahlo and his torment as his family and comrades become v A book worth reading to look at some of the specific Trotsky incidents in the overall history of USSR It rides along on a barely recognizable continuum through the book but many sections are very confusing chronologically Car beyond the typical flashback In one chapter an individual is killed a couple chapters later he is alive then dead again later on The book advances in time but the out of seuence events lay a rugged framework over a thin foundation Huge numbers of major and minor political figures and much intrigue keep it interesting some non fiction can have as many schemes as fiction this story doesLiving in Mexico City in the 80's and visiting Trotsky's and Diego Rivera's homes made the Mexico setting interesting to me I'm about 34 through will report and finalize my rating when completeTo truly understand this book would reuire reading several general Russian revolution and Stalin era books biographies of some of the key players some Mexican history from the period as well as a bit of Mexican cultureNot an ideal book to read without some fundamental background books as it assumes some knowledge of many of the events that are mentioned only in passing I was undereducated in understanding some sections of the book

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In Trotsky Downfall of a Revolutionary Stanford University lecturer Bertrand M Patenaude tells the dramatic story of Leon Trotsky's final years in exile in Mexico Shedd ”Trotsky may have looked the part of the Red warlord yet he had no military background In fact as war commissar he rarely involved himself in uestions of strategy or operations leaving this to the experts He reserved for himself the role of supreme agitator and because he was as ruthless as he was ubiuitous often resorting to bloodcurdling threats to achieve results he acuired a reputation for brutality most of all for his merciless treatment of deserters” Young TrotskyLeon Trotsky born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein could have had the life of Joseph Stalin He was a fiery charismatic leader writing and giving many inspirational speeches before and after the “ten days that shook the world” His mind was suited to figuring out vast global problems but the details he had to leave to others Unfortunately the details was what Joseph Stalin was really good at It really all started with the death of Lenin and a missed opportunity for Trotsky He was out of Moscow when the funeral was to be held ”In ten minutes he could have had a locomotive on the other end of the train and been on his way north to attend the funeral and make a funeral oration that might have crucial and would certainly have been historic” The crowd called out to every official that appeared in a great long coat Trotsky is here They were only expressing their hope because Trotsky never arrived This situation was tailor made for him thousands of people assembled wanting to be inspired and we know that only Trotsky with his oratory ability could in the process of immortalize Lenin have the crowd resting in the palm of his hand ”The smoke from the bonfires merged with the frozen breath of hundreds of thousands of people to produce an icy fog that hung over the suare like a smoke sacrifice” It was a drama just waiting for the lead actor They wanted a Trotsky speech”’Stalin is our banner’ Nikita Khrushchev cried ‘Stalin is our will Stalin is our victory’”Stalin had a way of tying men to him It was not just through the use of threats He was also very persuasive in one on one interactions He methodically built the party around him one new ally at a time While Trotsky was at his best when he was in front of crowds the bigger the better He was not at his best when dealing with people on a personal level His family though he loved them dearly suffered through tantrums and coldness that left them shaken and feeling miserable He could be very dismissive of friends and highly critical if they disagreed with him even on minor points He was a man easy to love but hard to like ”In the time of revolutionary storm he was the very concept of a hero but in calmer times he could not bring two strong men to his side as friends and hold them there He could no build a party than a hen could build a house”Trotsky was deported in 1929 He was fortunate that Stalin did not feel comfortable having him killed That would change Frida Kahlo was there to greet Leon and Natalia when they arrived in MexicoThe story of this book really begins with the arrival of Trotsky in Mexico in 1937 Diego Rivera a famous Mexican muralist but rather cava

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Trotsky Downfall Of A RevolutionaryIctims of the Great Terror Trotsky Downfall of a Revolutionary brilliantly illuminates the fateful and dramatic life of one of history's most famous yet elusive figures The second of three recent Trotsky biographies that I bought this book focuses on his prisoner like final years in Mexico It is very well written and does a good job of weaving from Coyoacan to other signature moments of his life Trotsky's legacy is a difficult one for me It is clear his dream for human redemption was flawed indeed yet his humanity was also very clearI underlined this passage about a postscript to a will he wrote not long before he was assassinatedAs he wrote these lines seated at his desk in his study he looked over to his left out through the French windows and into the patio where he saw his wife Natalia approaching The scene inspired him to close on a lyrical note 'Natasha has just come up to the window from the courtyard and opened it wider so that the air might enter freely into my room I can see the bright green strip of grass beneath the wall and the clear blue sky above the wall and sunlight is everywhere Life is beautiful Let the future generations cleanse it of evil oppression and violence and enjoy it to the full'