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PDF Ê BOOK Threader Ñ [Read] ➯ Threader ➸ Rebekah Turner – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Welcome to the Helios Academy evolve or dieIt's the year 2050 and life is increasingly hard for 'non citizens' A slowly emerging young minority has been exposed as 'talents'; they harbour mutations th Welcome to the Helios Academy evolve or dieIt's the yearAsional illegal act she risks a third strike with local law enforcement and desperate for a better life Josie finally breaks her promise to her father's memory and sends an enuiry to the prestigious Helios Academy a training facility in a distant country for talents When the Helios Academy respond by sending mysterious slider Blake Galloway to extract Josie then offer her a position at their select and highly competitive institution things begin to get really interesting and than a little dangero I'm so disappointed by this book It had a great premise and idea but the execution is lacking to the extreme The setting could have been in a hotel in Vegas and I wouldn't have noticed any differences It's supposed to be at the famous Helios Academy but maybe we get a few throwaway paragraphs about classes meditation and PE but apart from that who could tell it was a school Apparently there are limited spaces for work at Galloway Industries after but we're not toldshown enough about it to care about that whole system Josie also used to live in Australia with her uncles but it could have been a backwater town in AfricaAsiaEuropeAmerica for all it mattered The characters were bland and predictable Josie started out promising in the first couple of pages butdo all girls in YA books really need a saviour complex Her motives for going to Helios in the first place is to gain citizenship on that later but that whole thing is barely touched on except to manipulate her Her whole relationship with Blake is just laughable and she doesn't seem to care much for her new friend Cora doesn't listen to Cora at all thinks she talks about unimportant stuff all the time eeexcept for when she needs saving then all in Author likes to say that Josie is really good at physical puzzles buteven though it was a crucial aspect towards the end I felt like it didn't fit with her character and the only reason she was good at puzzles was for the scene near the end to unlock the gate I don't expect her character to be built around this ability butit just didn't fitIt may be just due to the over abundance of dark brooding men being love interests in other YA stories but as soon as Blake comes into the picture being all urgh you're so beneath me I instantly knew he'd be the love interest Urrrrgh Their wholething was just boring and pointless in character development and care factor I don't think Josie knows anything significant about Blake except for his abilities and that he was in the armed forces nothing about hobbies or hopes and dreams yet she's totally drawn to him Sure there is the thing with the mental lock but after that Still just all Lust sighCora and Darsh were decent enough secondary characters but background would have been great for both of them Couldn't care less about Aaron or his sister Olivia which Josie keeps referring to as a bitch for the smallest thing However she is a random filler character just like Josie's uncle who I found was a good character but a waste in this book He only appears to humanise Josie it seems Eckhartoh man that character got reaaaally interesting towards the end so props for thatThe interesting parts of the story were not developed nearly enough compared to the forbidden romance A secondary world discovered that gives people super abilities Terraforming technology A world order of citizens and non citizens A hive entity bent on consuming this world i think GIVE ME MORE OF THIS I'm so curious about this world order and how things world in this world but we're not shown anything Just a mention of uick transport from Australia to the US robot nurse booths terraforming technology different tiers of societyall this cool stuff but it's just glossed over As mentioned before a big motivation of Josie's is to get Citizenship because that'd help her out but we're never told enough to care Why is it so important How was the system created What is going onIn conclusion the premise and idea was good but the world building was tantalisingly lacking and the book focused too much on the romance that due to bad character building I couldn't care less about

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Better life but there is a cost as Josie Ryder is about to discoverOrphaned at six Josie Ryder has been raised by her uncle Her talent is an unusual one she is a threader able to weave a combination of psychic talents around others to manipulate their powers Working in her uncle's antiue store and dreaming of a better life Josie has done everything to keep a promise to her late father stay off the global talent registry and keep her talents hidden But as Josie tries to make ends meet with the occ Absolutely loved the proof read of this new YA novel Maria V Snyder was right I was in for a late night with this novel unable to put it down till the very last page Can't wait for its release June 2016

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ThreaderWelcome to the Helios Academy evolve or dieIt's the year and life is increasingly hard for 'non citizens' A slowly emerging young minority has been exposed as 'talents' they harbour mutations that give them special gifts – super strength regenerative powers psychic gifts or the ability to sink through shadows and travel through time and space As governments unite to form a global talent registry and powerful corporations step in to take control a 'talent' can be a passport to citizenship and a Before I left for my trip to Australia my Australian publisher asked me to read Threader for a possible blurb Rebekah is an Australian author and I was happy to read the book as it sounded really cool It didn't disappoint a nice twist on a dystopian world and I especially liked the idea of the shadow biosphere I did give the book the following cover uote This story threaded its way into my heart and wouldn't let go Be prepared for a late night