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DOWNLOAD Ó The Mirror Effect How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America ó [Ebook] ➢ The Mirror Effect How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America Author Drew Pinsky – In the eye opening New York Times bestseller The Mirror Effect widely respected addiction and behaviArent co written with Dr S Mark Young The Mirror Effect is a groundbreaking exploration of celebrity narcissism Mirror Effect How Celebrity Narcissism PDF or and how it is damaging our culture and our childre. This is one of the most illuminating books I’ve read on the topic of celebrity culture I was truly impressed with Pinsky YoungBoth of them are practicing clinical psychologists at least at the point this book was written and work with A list celebrities to overcome some of the pathological behavior they display in public They mention Lindsey Logan Johnny Depp Britney Spears the Kardashians John Mayer among others and diagnose them universally as textbook narcissistsThey helpfully distinguish between a healthy dose of self respectlove the unhealthy self obsession that is so commonly associated with HollywoodI’ve been thinking about self absorption a lot lately It was initially the reason why I did not use Instagram a lot and now is the reason that I purposefully unfollow and avoid following celebrities on social media apart from a handful of exceptionsIt has now made me re think how I use social media I want to add value through book reviews and music jejjejfercak — my other IS account so that I could hopefully add life to othersI know how much a good heartfelt song feels like on a difficult day and how much meaning an uplifting or insightful book can bring to the curious mind that celebrates discourse I think if we aspired to embody the ‘good’ that we want to see we’d be able to bring a lot to the worldCelebrity culture is arguably why Donald Trump was elected among other reasons America’s obsession with wealth prestige the American dream is probably the largest contributor to this problem however I am biased as I say that I do realize that That is why I’m researching the early beginnings of celebrity obsession Thus far I believe my opinion is based on credible evidenceI would very much recommend this bookRead on this on my blog


VH Dr Drew Pinsky takes a hard look at the profound changes blogging tweeting tabloids and reality TV are having on the American way of Mirror Effect How MOBI #9734 life An important wake up call for every p. The author discusses how media and our obsession with celebrities' narcissistic behavior is normalizing extreme behavior not only in our children and teenagers but even the parentsSocial trends of entitlement vanity aggression and envy have subplanted the values we usually teach our children of empathy hard work joyfulness etc The author advises breaking narcissism in a individual is hard and involves the personembracing a concept of something greaterpracticing rigorous honestykeeping things simple living up to commitmentsspending time with a broad range of peoplelearning to access and share feelingslearning to appreciate the feelings of othersbeing of service with no expectation of praise in return This should be reuired reading for everyone who has a child that watches television goes to school or even breathes air in the United States

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The Mirror Effect How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing AmericaIn the Effect How PDF #10003 eye opening New York Times bestseller The Mirror Effect widely respected addiction and behavior specialist and producerhost of Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew The Mirror MOBI #233 on. The Mirror Effect is the rarest of kind of book and the fact that is it very good is particularly impressive considering the odds For a book of broad social criticism written by a television personality to not only be scientific and well supported but also calm and compassionate is a true featThe premise of The Mirror Effect is bold Pinsky writes that the convergence of reality television lowered libel standards and constant connectedness have combined to create a market for an awful kind of celebrity Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton When this collides with the void left by pervasive divorce childhood trauma and drugs we have a society that encourages and supports narcissism To continue the Mirror Analogy society and celebrity are both mirrors and when put together create an endless chain that recreates the same initial problem A child who develops narcissistic tendencies because of a negligent parent sees narcissism rewarded in the famous people they respect and the celebrity interprets that attention as approval for their own dangerous and indulgent behavior Neither is incentivized be responsible mature or healthyThe thesis would be significant if it were simple social criticism but it is much than that Pinsky and Young actually bothered to do the research subjecting hundreds of Loveline guests to a narcissism study they later published in 2006 They didn't stop there The Mirror Effect is full of connections to existing and well respected psychological findings making the book both fascinating and substantive Also due to Pinsky's place in popular culture it is thankfully current As opposed to the religiously based arguments of someone like Rabbi Schmuley Boteach The Mirror Effect was written with an inside line on the celebrities it criticizes Chapters begin with uotes from relevant celebrities and Pinsky draws from an array of anecdotes and examples possible only by someone who is than just an observerIf there is one weakness in the book it's the publishers push to make it appeal to a mass audience something that though deserved takes away from its academic credibility There is the massive photo of Dr Drew on the cover and the fact that it has a whopping three total contributing authors check the cover page Jill Stern is also credited Despite all the research there is no bibliography index or even footnotesBut those are small conseuences considering the implications and uality of The Mirror Effect