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The Night Battles Free read » PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ã ❮Read❯ ➸ The Night Battles ➻ Author M.F. Bloxam – Historian Joan Severance returns to the Sicily of her childhood ostensibly to do research in the archives of the remote fortress town of Valparuta In truth herIssance times As Joan’s disturbed hyperintuitive mind falls increasingly under the spell of Valparuta and the charismatic resident archivist Chiesa a beautifully dressed heroin addict she is forced to confront her long submerged past. I reread this for the deeper meanings I missed the first time through I struggled a bit with some of the mythology Glad I did Joan was on my mind often over a year after first spending time with her in this this rich layered novel She is not easy to like yet that is what I came to do very much She is brilliant yet her own worst enemy hard to relate to in many ways yet someone I felt deeply sad for Paralleling Joan's struggles with herself her past and her mysterious tragic lover is the story of a town caught up in their own dark battles the timeless conflict of good and evil dark and light Well worth your time

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Ing duties at Brown University after assaulting a The Night MOBI #233 student Unable to approach her own long buried history of loss and displacement Joan takes refuge in the cool library rooms and the crumbling probate lists from Rena. M F Bloxam’s novel THE NIGHT BATTLES tells the tale of an unlikable woman Joan Severance who goes to Sicily to research probate inventories of the 1500sShe becomes involved with the archivist and with the small town of Valparuta The story goes back and forth between her time in Valparuta her growing up in Sicily and the life she left behind Brown UniversityThis could have been a great book but the writing is hit and missOn the positive side I was unaware that there was actually a small cult of people in the 1500s who believed in the supernatural claims made by the Valparuta villagers in this book and so this has led me to educate myself about thatStephanie

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The Night BattlesHistorian Joan Severance returns to the Sicily of her childhood ostensibly to do research in the archives of the remote fortress town of Valparuta In truth her academic career lies in ruins behind her she has been relieved of her teach. A pre Christian fertility cult is alive and well in modern day Valparuta Sicily The Benandanti still do battle with the Melandantiin Night Battlesto ensure the success of the Harvest I am in no way euipped to discuss the historical aspects of this bookso i point my finger in the direction of a title mentioned by the Author herself The Night Battles Witches and Agrarian Cults in the sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries by Carlo Ginzburgthere is also a Website for this bookhttpthenightbattlescomthe Paranormal aspect of this book Not the Laurell K Hamilton varietyno hunky weres and vampsherein you will find Folklore still liviinglying close to the living bonesherein you will also find two seriously flawed characters the Romance angle if you willJoan a failed American academic trying to come to terms with her trashed career her own past her mother's death her childhood in Sicily to which she's returned in a last ditch effort at meaningful workChiesathe Man of Mysterythe Archivist of Valparutaat whose behest Joan has landed in this Sicilian backwaterChiesaa man with secrets than is healthy for anyone to bearis he or is he not an actual Benandanti or is he a flunky for the local Mafia which no one names directlywho is using whom here to what ends the mutual obsession precludes any Romance of the Doomedin other wordsHOLD THE HANKIESneither of these people is likeabletoo many sharp edgesJoan's tendency to ramble is annoyingbut this trait works to the Author's purposewhich is to make a strange and compelling novelone of the Unusual i have read in the past yearand i am a Fool for the Unusual4 Stars and i look forward to the author's next effortwhenever