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Each week Gabriel Romero’s drive to Sunday mass takes him past “El Ángel” the golden statue at the heart of Mexico City that haunts his memories and inspires his future Spurred by the memory of his parents Gabriel is drawn to the secretive world of lucha libre where wrestling performance art and big busine I imagine she’ll hear this from a lot of readers but Erin Finnegan has done the impossible She has taken a reader who couldn’t possibly be any less interested in virtually any sports related novel least of all wrestling and has not only kept me completely engaged but actually turned me into a fan I’ve even been caught gasp YouTubing lucha libre videosClearly this is not the type of book I would normally pick up but because I have been a huge fan of everything Erin has written in the past I was than willing to give it a try I’m beyond grateful that I did I very uickly became engrossed in the plot which was masterfully crafted right from the start and fell in love with the protagonist Gabriel Gabriel has had somewhat of a lonely life after losing his parents very young He was forced to relocate from his home in Arizona to Mexico City with his Godparents where he began to feel a connection to the place where his mother had grown up as well It’s evident immediately that Gabriel is such a fully fleshed out character who is driven to academic success by his guardians uite secure in his sexuality and on a constant search for deeper meaning When he decides to take a chance on a guy he has a crush on he attends for the first time a lucha libre match at the Arena Mexico Seeing the Mexican wrestlers in masks some in drag and the drama that unfolds in their performance sport Gabriel falls hard This is what he has been searching for and he is not going to rest before becoming a part of the lucha libre worldErin Finnegan very clearly knows this world and writes about it in a way that would fascinate even the most biased reader Her descriptions of the intricacies of the sport especially the performance aspect of it and the roles and leagues involved make it not only accessible but extremely interesting to those of us who knew nothing about it The visuals she invokes through her descriptions are truly remarkableIn addition to the uniue plotlines the complexities of Gabriel’s relationships with his mentors and other members of the league as well as his romantic interests are an outstanding aspect of this mesmerizing novel Both the external and intrinsic conflicts in Gabriel’s relationships and within himself are beautifully written and so expressive of his captivating character There is definitely to Gabriel than meets the eye and we get to experience his unveiling character growth right along with himGive this enthralling novel a chance even if it doesn’t seem like it would be your thing You won’t regret it

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LuchadorDed by a makeshift family of wrestlers Gabriel charts a course to balance ambition sexuality and faith to find the future that may have been destined for him since childhoodFrom the author of Sotto Voce a coming of age story about finding your identity behind a mask Named one of Publishers Weekly's Best Books of This is a beautiful book and it has left me with a serious case of book hangover that wrung out contradictory satisfied but disatisfied because you want feeling Erin Finnegan integrated the setting and Luchador culture into a lovely story of self discovery The characters are relatable and complex and the protagonist Gabriel is wonderful I'm so sad I've finished the book; I want to spend time with him His relationships with friends and especially with his mentor were delightful Read this book You will love it

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kindle Ô Luchador Ñ Ë [PDF / Epub] ★ Luchador Author Erin Finnegan – Each week Gabriel Romero’s drive to Sunday mass takes him past “El Ángel” the golden statue at the heart of Mexico City that haunts his memories and inspires his future Spurred by the memory of Each week Gabriel Romero’s drive to SunSs collideUnder the conflicting mentorships of one of lucha libre’s famed gay exótico wrestlers and an ambitious young luchador whose star is on the rise Gabriel must choose between traditions which ground him but may limit his future and the lure of sex and success that may compromise his independence Surroun To state it plainly I’ll put this out there Luchador is an absolute must read I have been a big fan of Finnegan’s since Sotto Voce which I’ve re read many times Luchador too will go into my re read several times in the future pile Finnegan is a gifted storyteller whose attention to detail finely crafts both plot and setting She sets the scene for readers very carefully and beautifully – I always feel like I am seeing the setting of each scene with the characters This is no small feat because I’m not very good at visualizing things I think that without this skill there would be no way to successfully pull of the description of the actual Lucha matches Finnegan choreographs them so well I felt like a spectator There were some where I was on the metaphorical seat of my pants cheering and on one occasion crying For readers concerned that the Lucha aspect of the book won’t appeal to them I have to say even if it doesn’t this book is rich with so many many things that make it special One the cast of characters We are invited into Gabriel’s new world into the intrigue drama love and heartbreak that bring a group of athletes who perform only for love of their sport who depend on one another for safety and support For readers who love found families in novels this will not disappoint I loved Gabriel’s coming of age It was a treat to get to watch him grow to come into his own; it was refreshing to have a character go through these transitions but with conviction that bore him through sticking to what he wanted and how he wanted to do it all along The build up to the romantic plot was really well done as well – because we see the learning and growing and mistakes one must make before they can really know what they want and who they are – and those things are vital to healthy and good relationships This book is not your traditional romance; it’s a book to linger over and one to savor It’s a book you slip into love with and want to stay with long after it’s over