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The White Puma A NovelSurvival as a magnificent and dangerous white puma relentlessly stalks the men who have taken his family and now seek his deat. Awesome wildlife story so awesome that I can't believe it was only published in 1990 and not 30 years earlier Because it definitely fits right in with all those classics and only improves by being noticeably longer

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SUMMARY The White Puma: A Novel 100 æ ❮Ebook❯ ➭ The White Puma: A Novel ➮ Author R.D. Lawrence – Worldwide naturalist and author of the acclaimed In Praise of Wolves RD Lawrence offers a gripping novel of the hunted turning upon the hunter The North American wilderness serves as the backdrop in tWorldwide naturalist and author of the acclaimed In Puma A PDF #204 Praise of Wolves RD Lawrence offers a gripping novel of the. Unusual book Part old fashioned western and outdooradventure story but mostly animal story the book was exceptional for an animal story Author RD Lawrence was a well known naturalist and nature writer so this is no surprise and reasonably good for the adventure story part I very much enjoyed the scientific information on the pumas and the storyline following the white puma referred to as “the white tom” seemed very realistic There was a lot of detail about the mother of the puma and her life and her mate and the difficulties involved in hunting for and safely raising a litter of kittens in land that is invaded by humans I've noticed in Lawrence's books that some reviewers don't like all the scientific detail—I LOVE that I love reading an involving story where at the end I feel that I know a lot about some new subject The story wound up in a pretty satisfying way not always the case in nature storiesA minor negative for this book would be that some of the main human characters were like caricatures than fully developed characters But since the point of them was to carry forward the animal story it's not really importantSince this book was published there have been multiple puma attacks some fatal in both British Columbia where this story is set and in parts of the US Colorado California New Mexico which is notable in that the biologist and naturalist characters in Lawrence's book are going off of premises that are not entirely accurate mountain lions WILL sometimes hunt kill and even eat people An excellent study of this is The Beast in the Garden The True Story of a Predator's Deadly Return to Suburban America

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Hunted turning upon the hunter The North American wilderness serves as the backdrop in this electrifying story of suspense and. Although this story got unlikely by the page it is impossible not to like it I found myself cheering for the pumas and hoping against hope that none would get killed even though the mother's death had already been predicted it was inevitable that the white male kitten would survive note title but the fact that he grew to trust some humans and hate others well it IS a novel The many confrontations with bears in which he never got a scratch also seems improbable but what do I know about pumasbearswolvesmarmotswolverines NOT MUCH Well I probably know than I did before I read the book but still The conservationists showed up just in time to save Cousins and Taggert again somewhat improbable but it was either that or bloodshed