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Ones and Zeroes Mirador #2 kindle ↠ Hardcover read Ö dan wells ï ❮EPUB❯ ❃ Ones and Zeroes Mirador #2 ✾ Author Dan Wells – From Dan Wells author of the New York Times bestselling Partials Seuence comes Ones and Zeroes the second book in the sci It seems rife with corruption infighting and danger and Marisa runs headlong into Alain Bensoussan a beautiful dangerous underground freedom fighter who reveals to her the darker side of the forces behind the tournament It soon becomes clear that in this game winning might be the only way to get out aliveDan Wells returns to the dark perilous world of 2050 Los Angeles with another pulse pounding story of betrayal mystery and suspense set in a stunning tech noir landscap This is absolutely glorious series for the lovers of anything to do with computerised dystopian societies and this one was also a highly believable oneBoth Bluescreen and Ones Zeroes left me buzzing high on adrenaline with their fast paced riveting stories and fantastic charactersIn a strange twist when Marisa is trying to hack a major Internet provider to find Grendel she gets mixed up with revolutionaries who are attempting to take the whole mega corp down at the same timeAs it happens the same corporation is destroying Marisa's neighbourhood and the livelihood of her parents so when her Overworld team Cherry Dogs is invited to play in a tournament they host it' a perfect chance to infiltrate their closed network from within The end result is a heart pounding and intense ride with so much at stake There are people who matter and people who don't There are people who act and people who react; people who change things and people who get changed The most important thing in the entire world n the entirety of human experience is that you can choose which kind of person you are I want to be the kind that makes a changeSahara Marisa and Anja are finally joined by Fang and Jaya who fly over to LA for the tournament and it's super fun The tournament itself is fabulously entertaining m and Cherry Dogs majorly kick butt there especially Fang who was EPICHowever the girls have to do so much than win Add to it trying to hack the network WHILE playing and saving a captive without getting caught and it's a hell of a game to watchI loved not only the main heroines but the wonderfully crafted secondary characters None of them ever felt like cardboard they were complex alive and full of secretsOverall highly recommended one of my top reads of this year Это превосходная серия для любителей компьютеризованого общества да и сама дистопия очень хорошо вырисована и в неё легко веритсяКак Синий Экран так и Единицы и Нули оставили меня в маниакально лихорадочном настроении с зашкаливающим адреналином настолько они меня держали в напряженииПо странной иронии судьбы когда Мариза хакирует большого интернет провайдера чтобы найти Гренделя она сталкивается с хакерами революционерами которые пытаются скомпроментировать этот мега корп изнутри Так же корпорация постепенно дестабилизирует район Мирадор в котором живёт семья Маризы поднимая цены на интернет без которого невозможно существовать в этом миреКогда команда Маризы Вишнёвые Собаки приглашена поучаствовать в турнире игры Оверворлд Анья Мариза Сахара Джайя и Фанг решают инфильтровать закрытую связь мега корпа который его как раз и проводит Им не только необходимо выиграть главный приз чтобы спасти бизнес родителей Маризы от банкротства но и освободить одного из революционеров начать мятеж и найти компромат на мегакорп и всё это во время игрыВ общем скучать читателю не приходится Главные героини выписаны шикарно Особенно эпичен характер Фанг в Вишнёвых Собаках Да и второстепенные персонажи превосходны От Алэна до ОмараОписание игры и хакерства стремительность происходящего пересекаются с экшном в реальной жизни и до конца держат в напряжении В общем очень понравилось Рекомендую без колебаний как одну из лучших книг года

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St with your life anything is possibleMarisa Carneseca is on the hunt for a mysterious hacker named Grendel when she receives word that her amateur Overworld team has been invited to Forward Motion one of the most exclusive tournaments of the year For Marisa this could mean everything a chance to finally go pro and to help her family stuck in an LA neighborhood on the wrong side of the growing divide between the rich and the poor But Forward Motion turns out to be than I enjoyed this even than the first book Getting the whole team together was a good idea and Wells' descriptions of their gameplay are way compelling than I thought they would be The ending seemed a little rushed without not uite enough difficult twists but that's okay it's a heist novel

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Ones and Zeroes Mirador #2From Dan Wells author of the New York Times bestselling Partials Seuence comes Ones and Zeroes the second book in the sci fi noir series set in 2050 Los Angeles that began with the acclaimed novel BluescreenOverworld It’s than just the world’s most popular e sport for thousands of VR teams around the globe Overworld is life It means fame and fortune or maybe it’s a ticket out of obscurity or poverty If you have a connection to the internet and four friends you tru I love Dan Wells His John Cleaver series is great The Partials series is a pretty decent and I think very underrated YA dystopian series A Night of Blacker Darkness is probably one of the clever dark comedies I've ever read and Extreme Makeover was such a fun over the top satire of the cosmetics industry I even enjoyed Hollow City even though it was written in present tense However I absolutely hated Bluescreen the first Mirador book It was boring lazily written had far too much infodumping and the characters were just absolutely horrible I love Dan Wells I've met him in person He's a pretty cool guy But yeah I'm not shelling out for another book in this series I'll continue to support his other work but I ain't touchin' this one Those characters were all walking examples of everything I hate in internet culture and the world was boring and almost plagiarized from other cyberpunk sources that I'm uite familiar with I hear this one centers around the gaming scene from the first book and really that was the final nail in the coffin of my not wanting anything to do with this book Besides the characters the gaming BS was the part of the first book that I hated most and a book that focuses on it is not a book I'm particularly excited to read Sorry Dan but you lost me about two chapters into the first book with this one I guess I'll just have to wait for your next one off and the end of John Cleaver Tell an interesting story with halfway decent characters and I'll always come back for unfortunately the first book of this series was neither so I'm afraid I'll not be coming back for