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Together CloserThe bonds we are capable of feeling toward other people how we know and belong to one another provide fascinating glimpses into the intricacies of human behavior Intimacy is that moment when our true identity is revealed to another when traumas fears and ambitions are shared Through the ordinary stories of eight relationships Giovanni Frazzetto has woven an extraordi This one is actually a pretty interesting read The author used several realistic short stories to demonstrate her theories The stories are not too bad to read Though I wasn't all that interested in the theory part I agreed with most of what I read

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Ounters coping with the loss of a loved one dealing with overbearing or emotionally distant parents or celebrating the joys and comforts of our dearest friends In Together Closer Frazzetto unravels the components of intimacy in all of these relationships illuminating the mysteries challenges and pleasures of intimacy through a brilliant mix of storytelling and scienc A high rating for the novelty of combining fiction and non fiction prose

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Together Closer reader ☆ Paperback Õ johnscyclingdiary Ñ ❮PDF❯ ✯ Together Closer ⚣ Author Giovanni Frazzetto – The bonds we are capable of feeling toward other people—how we know and belong to one another—provide fascinating glimpses into the intricacNary narrative of togetherness He shares the details of romantic partners trapped in a long cycle of attraction and rejection a single woman who finds herself deep in a fictional relationship with a boyfriend she has invented out of frustration with her love life and a couple absorbed in a years long clandestine affair But intimacy can also extend beyond romantic enc it was ok just felt that there was story than factual evidence and learned nothing I didn't already know I also didn't gain any deep insight into human intimacy and relationships