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Black Panther Masterworks Vol 1 Jungle Action Jungle Action 1973 1976Ry so huge it ranges across the savannah into the deepest jungles and up to the snow topped mountains of Wakanda Over its course McGregor Co would define T'Challa give full depth and life to the Panther Masterworks Vol PDFEPUB #234 Wakandas and their culture while pitting the Panther against the murderous Erik Killmonger for. This volume reprints JUNGLE ACTION #s 6 22 and 24 Issue #23 contained a reprint and no original material originally published in 1973 1976 There are two stories “Panther’s Rage” from JUNGLE ACTION #s 6 18 and “The Panther vs the Klan” from JUNGLE ACTION #s 19 22 and 24 The first and longest story “Panther’s Rage” is also the best It’s set entirely in the Panther’s fictional African country Wakanda and contains only one Caucasian character a Panther antagonist named “Venomm” In this volume’s introduction McGregor notes how unusual this was for the time Heck it would be unusual NOW and states that editorial pressured him to add white characters McGregor didn’t and in the aforementioned introduction he explains that he also wrote two other characters as homosexual Of course under the Comic s Code of the 1970s he couldn’t openly identify them as such and if I hadn’t read McGregor’s introduction to this volume I’m not sure that I would have gleaned that intent Regardless I give McGregor props for attempting diversityAs a writer McGregor has some weaknesses but for the most part they’re typical among comic writers of his generation Like many of his contemporaries McGregor is overly verbose and tends to stuff his stories with an abundance of captions While the captions can be distracting I will grudgingly admit that some of his prose was uite poetic and I ended up admiring much of it I don’t know if McGregor wrote any novels but you can see his talents as a novelist In fact “Panther’s Rage” is a very novelistic work with individual chapters that are enjoyable on their own and become even impressive as parts of a whole You might wonder if McGregor wasn’t a frustrated prose writer unhappy about writing super hero comics buthis love for the genre is actually pretty apparent Black Panther wears his super hero costume at virtually all times He belongs to the Panther Cult and the garb is an important part of his religious views and he fights plenty of super villains as well as wild African animals and of course dinosaurs There’s also a bit of world building here as McGregor designed maps of the fictional Wakanda and makes his stories consistent with the mapsSurprisingly McGregor abandons this world in “The Panther vs the Klan” set in the American south He takes a similar novelistic approach in this tale and in fact it reads like a second novel featuring the same lead character rather than a continuation of a monthly adventure serial “The Panther vs the Klan” is a weaker story than “Panther’s Rage” for several reasons – not the least of which is that the series was cancelled before McGregor could finish it I understand that other writers finished it later but this volume only includes McGregor’s original installments from JUNGLE ACTION The Wakanda setting also served McGregor better for at least one slightly odd reason His characters tend to be “natural philosopher types” who speak in unnatural dialogue and that dialogue seemed believable when spoken by the characters from a fictional country On the plus side McGregor does imbue his supporting characters with some charm and I acknowledge that his new American characters eventually won me over I was also somewhat willing to overlook the stilted dialogue when McGregor had his characters make an interesting point or provide an interesting perspective For comics the 1970s was a time of “social relevance” and while I suspect that McGregor does hold progressive views and you can’t expect a story titled “The Panther vs the Klan” to be exactly subtle he does largely eschew the preachiness that we saw in contemporary series such as Denny O’Neal and Neal Adams’ GREEN LANTERNGREEN ARROW the poster child book of the “relevance era” I have not yet mentioned the artwork The two main artists are Rich Buckler and Billy Graham Both are uite good although I like Graham better – largely for his dynamic and interesting page layouts and design Unfortunately there are a number of different inkers resulting in some inconsistency of product When Graham is matched with the right inker his work looks very nice and I think that the two best inkers here are Bob McLeod and Graham himself Admittedly though I’m into comics for the stories and it’s the writing here that impressed me the most I had read little of McGregor’s work until now but I suspect that I’ll be looking for of it Congratulations Mr McGregor – you’ve got my attention

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DOWNLOAD ´ Black Panther Masterworks Vol 1 Jungle Action Jungle Action 1973 1976 ì ❰Download❯ ➸ Black Panther Masterworks Vol 1 Jungle Action Jungle Action 1973 1976 Author Don McGregor – Collects material from Jungle Action #6 24In 1973 comics' firControl of the kingdom Not one to rest on his laurels McGregor then set out to Panther Masterworks Vol 1 Jungle Epubraise the bar once again sending T'Challa to the American South to Panther Masterworks Vol 1 Jungle Epubinvestigate the murder of Angela Lynne and its connection to the Klan and the history of the Soul Strangler. T'challa the Black Panther who simply looks like Batman sans the cape has returned to his African country of Wakanda in this collection He's brought along his American girlfriend Monica Lynne Her main purpose in the story seems to be wringing her hands and waiting for her man to come home after he goes out and does his thingT'challa's country is under attack from Erik Killmonger and his unsubtly named cohorts Malice King Cadaver Lord Karnaj etc as they ride in on the backs of dinosaursI will admit there is plenty of action Black Panther is always getting his outfit ripped to shreds as he battles tons of bad guys and animals He kills a lot of animals in this comic I don't believe this book will make PETA's recommended reading list What my main complaint is has to do with the pages being junked up by pseudo intellectual verbiage that dissolves into a deep hue of Purple Prose Pain births insanity within his mind and desperation is the midwife Wha Eyes and mouth working toward one purpose the eyes stealing across ego valleys ID centers and super ego reservoirs Wha A sound like tattered curtains monotonously playing eternal chants for days when they were whole WhaJust tell the damn story

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Collects material Masterworks Vol Epub #220 from Jungle Action In comics' first African super hero took the headlining slot in an ambitious ongoing series beginning a issue epic unprecedented in its time Writer Don McGregor teamed with artists Rich Buckler and Billy Black Panther PDFEPUB or Graham to tell Panther's Rage a sto. Black Lightning The Black Panther and The Falcon were the first mainline black superheroes to appear in comics Only the Falcon never got his own starring title But the Black Panther of the early 1970s was a different character than one of today's movies Still the king that is concerned with his country he adventured much in NY than Africa Great character and very good stories and art make this collection a enjoyable read Recommended