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Sniper Women of the United Federation Marines #2 review ☆ 103 Ú ✿ [EPUB] ✷ Sniper Women of the United Federation Marines #2 By Jonathan P. Brazee ❥ – After a successful initial tour as a Marine rifleman Lance Corporal Gracie Medicine Crow volunteers to become a scouAfter a successful of the eBook #9734 initial tour as a Marine rifleman Lance Corporal Gracie Medicine Crow Sniper Women ePUB #9734 volunteers to become a scout sniper one of the deadliest and most dangerous military specialties in the Women of the Kindle #180 United Federation Ma. This was an interesting story but I did find my mind wondering The story is based on a military women and her career It fast forwards a lot and skips over a few years through out For me something is lacking there is action but I just do not fill it She has two love interests but that is about all we know Gracie has a very interesting career that is full of killing people and saving other military personal through her talents She is a very talented sniper and does an outstanding job The author takes you through lose of friends bring back some that should have been dead This is a story base on the future and the technology we could only dream about Ms Schnaubelt does a really good job with her narration there are no repeat of words nor any background noises or anywhere that the volume changes If any breaks where taken I could not tell It is a very clean and clear audio that the narrator deliveries in a delightful way After each chapter announcement there is a number I am unsure of what that is I thought it was a page count but a lot of them have the same number which left me confused Her character voices were outstanding you have no trouble understanding who is talking or what they are feeling Her male voices were just as enjoyable as her female’s ones She puts emotion into her read you can feel each emotion as the characters go through their day to day life I thought her performance was great except for those numbers after each chapter The narrator has a very pleasant voice that pulls you in giving you an in depth feel of the danger around themThere is nothing in this book that really grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go It isn’t boring at all just nothing that really held my attention Too many years were skipped and I felt a lot had been left out I enjoyed the audio just not one I would want to listen to again nor does it want me to want to read the other books in this series It could be because I had not read the first one and I am missing something I hope you will give it a try the narrator alone is worth the listen You decided what you think of this and if it is something that you may want to listen to It is a clean read which is pleasant

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Driven by her need to excel she tends to shut others out and focus on the mission at hand But being a scout sniper is far than simple marksmanship If she wants a career in the Corps she must learn not only teamwork but how to be a leader of Women of the United Federation PDF Marin. Technically far better than the first book but the idea behind it isn't as original

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Sniper Women of the United Federation Marines #2Rine Corps Gracie comes from the Apsáalooke Nation a people with a long Women of the United Federation PDF history of military tradition Small in stature and considered stunningly beautiful she is often underestimated but that merely drives her to be the best sniper in the Corps. Typical milscfi story