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CHARACTERS Cold Iron 107 ✓ [Reading] ➿ Cold Iron Author Miles Cameron – Aranthur is a student He showed a little magical talent is studying at the local academy and is nothing particularly special Others are smarter Others are talented Others are uicker to pick up techniu Aranthur is a student He showed a little magical taleAranthur is a student He showed a little magical talent is studying at the local academy and is nothing particularly special Others are smarter Others are talented Others are uicker to pick up techniues But none of them are with him when he breaks his journey. Here’s my problem with epic fantasy why should anyone learn a thousand names of places peoples languages and various swords tools and cutlery only to discover it was all just window dressing laid on top of the same worn out narratives Cold Iron by Miles Cameron’s answer is because sometimes all those things are so well thought out so elegantly formed and so interconnected with the story itself that they transcend narrative decoration and instead become a deep convincing and entirely immersive worldOf course Cameron in his various guises he’s also a noted historical adventure author is known for the integrity and authenticity he brings to his world building but that’s never been enough for me to stick through five hundred pages of fantasy What sets Cold Iron apart for me is how intensely character focused it is and how willing it is to keep following its lead rather than always move the camera towards whichever giant battle is taking place somewhere Aranthur is likeable in a way that’s become a bit rare in these Grimdark days he’s decent dutiful and his flaws are ones many of us can recognize in ourselves as opposed to randomly going off an killing a thousand people or deciding to consecrate his soul to the local demon because he wasn’t loved enough as a childWhat I enjoyed most though was simply that from chapter to chapter I didn’t know what was coming next Often Cameron brings Aranthur’s story back to his school or his work in a leather shop his fencing salle or his home village Each of these chapters is somehow compelling and rich with inner conflict as Aranthur struggles to understand not who or what he is but who he wants to be There aren’t many writers who can get me on board with that kind of storytelling but with Cold Iron it was as just as easy to get excited about these scenes as those filled with conspiracy swordplay and a brewing warSpeaking of war this is one of the places where Cold Iron departs from old school fantasy – not because the book eschews the old “good vs evil” structure in fact Cameron uite readily allows Aranthur to embrace a clear sense of who’s side he – and we – should be on but rather because the philosophical arguments over cultural purity a return to a glorious past and the rationale to despise and mistreat refugees will feel all too familiar to modern audiences Rather than portray migrants as simple victims Cameron brings them into the intensely diverse cast of characters who drive the story forwardThere are aspects of Cold Iron that not all readers will enjoy Aranthur is a young man just entering the world of romance and sexuality As such he’s distractable At times he himself notes that he’s so enamoured of whichever woman he’s just gotten to know that he begins to distrust his own motives in pursuing them To me it read as a realistic if uncomfortable reminder of what a lot of us are like in our early twenties So you kind of have to let go of the notion that fantasy heroes are either instantly monogamous saints or utterly irreverent rogues because Aranthur is somewhere in between and even he’s not sure where he’s going to land as a person Fortunately the women he falls for are generally wiser in such matters than he is It’s worth noting that while Aranthur is straight there’s plenty of sexual diversity in the world of Cold Iron and none of the characters seem too fussed about itA second issue that might occasionally trip up some readers is simply the depth of the world and its languages I felt as if what I really wanted was not a map but an atlas of the world Also a set of dictionaries A phone book would’ve helped too I know loads of readers adore this kind of expansive world building but others find it challenging to follow Suffice it to say the world of Cold Iron is as big and rich as that of George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire But that’s where the similarity ends and where my favourite comparison for Cold Iron beginsFor a long time as I read I kept trying to figure out what book Cold Iron reminded me of I was intensely enjoying Aranthur’s journeys and discoveries of himself and the world around him daringly overcoming various challenges sometimes succumbing to others In some ways the book reminded me of some of the classic swashbuckling fiction of old CS Forester’s Hornblower or Sabatini’s Scaramouche But it wasn’t until I recalled a recent novel one I’d read some ten years ago now that I found the real comparison The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss Cold Iron brings back vividly that wonderful feeling of spending so much time in one character’s journey and seeing how they progress in an ever dangerous and complex tale It takes a master storyteller to make you enjoy spending so much time in one person’s shoes but Cameron accomplishes it with flair and seeming easeSo that’s where I’ll end my review if you’re dying of wait for the next instalment of Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles do yourself a favour and pick up Cold Iron by Miles Cameron Not only is it just as compelling and vibrant but rumour has it he’s already written all three books in the series so you won’t have to wait long for the next ones to come out

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Anipulating him all along A powerful story about beginnings coming of age and the way choosing to take one step towards violence can lead to a slippery and dangerous slope this is an accomplished fantasy series driven by strong characters and fast paced action. I really loved this Cameron writes a lot of historical fiction and it shows His world feels so incredibly real which makes the fantasy elements seem wondrous than books where such things are commonplace Aranthur's story which includes both a student's poverty and an academic's slow but inevitable progress is extremely compelling I'm looking very forward to seeing how high he climbs and how often he stumbles along the way

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Cold IronHome for the holidays in an inn None of them step in to help when a young woman is thrown off a passing stage coach into the deep snow at the side of the road And none of them are drawn into a fight to protect herOne of the others might have realised she was m. Cold Iron is set in a faux Byzantine City naming people old aristocratic families jockeying for power milieu with magic that has been freed by hero Tirases a millennium ago to be used by almost anyone in small but essential ways heating water and houses controlling fertility etc which led to a better life for many; there are a lot of familiar elements the magic academy the farmer student of middling talent to start with etc combined with a lot of the historical fiction touches from the author's medieval series like Chivalry and Tom Swan medieval inn life manuscripts horses clothing and weapon details of the age which is a sort of 1400's with dragons and magic as firearms are slowly appearing but swords and crossbows are still the main weapons However a curtain of war is coming towards the City from the east rumors are of conspiracies of the rich and powerful and especially of a cliue of a powerful Master and his Disciples who want to conuer the world in order to restrict the use of magic to themselves while claiming that its continual use by everyone is slowly but surely depleting it from the universe and our hero Aranthur of Arnaut background and who has many similarities with William Gold the hero of the Chivalry series though here the story is in third person gets somehow to be at the center of events the Arnauts are former mercenaries of the Empire now mostly settled as farmers in the mountainous hinterland and still looked upon as uncouth and violent barbarians by the Byzas aristocracy of the city while in return the Arnaut farmers have their own mythology of past greatness and of being empire saviours and have only contempt and disgust for the degenerate life of the City or for the many foreigner refugees from the wars in the East which slowly becomes another problem for Aranthur as he is caught and between his deepening involvement in City and Byzas aristocracy affairs and what he starts perceiving as the boorishness of his former neighbors and childhood friends And there is a friendly sentient dragon too a giftenvoy from the Empire of Zhou in the far east to the City and the Emperor though he is a figurehead to a large extent with the academy and the aristocratic families being the real powers whose species is now rare and on the blacklist of the Master as the dragons can eat magicThere is a lot of action and some of the storylines are at least partially solved while the ending is at a good tbc pointVery compelling set in a very rich world with many cultures and a well realized civilization with great characters Aranthur but many others too one will encounter through the story and highly recommended with volume 2 set for 2019 on my read on release list