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Delphine de Vigan slog igennem internationalt med den selvbiografiske roman Alt må vige for natten der solgte over 1 million eksemplarer i hendes hjemland og blev Let me say between ourselves I’m not sure anyone can protect you from yourself 4 12 stars It was a bit of a strange journey that led me to reading this French import I fell down one of those Internet rabbit holes and somehow found my way to the GR page of Based on a True Story which also happened to be available to borrow on my library's Overdrive So I read it Why not?Maybe I shouldn't describe it as reading because it would be fitting to say this book enchanted me and in a very unsettling way I've read so few contemporary French authors recs anyone? but right away I could see some style similarities between this and Slimani's The Perfect Nanny Completely different stories of course but both are thrillingly ominous Both detail seemingly ordinary day to day scenarios but each capture a similar strange atmosphere an insidious wrongness behind everything Two examples can hardly be considered a pattern but I am very curious what else is coming out of France that I may be missingBased on a True Story follows the writer Delphine as she befriends the mysterious L in the wake of her latest novel's success L is a richly drawn unusual fascinating character; one who draws Delphine and the reader into her world As the two become closer inseparable Delphine finds herself ever dependent on L She subtly worms her way into every aspect of Delphine's life and career at first seemingly because she wants to be helpful a good friend but her motives become suspect as the story moves alongIt gets really uite dark L is a force to be reckoned with charismatic intense philosophic and terrifying What exactly does she want from Delphine? And what happens if she doesn't get it? Delphine drew me in herself with her relatable shyness and introversion but it is the coiffed made up and neatly pressed L that makes this book so fascinatingIt's a clever thoughtful read about writers stories characters fiction and autobiography About how there's truth in every fiction and fiction in every version of the truth At times it becomes suggestively meta but leaves a lot open to interpretation so you can believe whichever version you want As we already said there's truth and fiction in them all Despite what it may sound like above it's not a particularly challenging read The Miller translation was smooth and compelling I was so into it that I called my mum to talk about the book as soon as I'd finished it It held me captivated throughout and left my mind reeling once I put it downFacebook | Instagram

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D'après une histoire vraieEjelser møder hun den karismatiske L der hurtigt bliver en vigtig del af hendes liv Og L har sine helt egne og faste forestillinger om hvad Delphine bør skrive nu Well I thought it had potential to hit a 5 star Nope not in the whole piece It deserves a 4 star rating if you only took the first 23rds of the book and rated that alone But I thought the ending just brought that down When I was at the 40% mark I started to wonder why the ratings here were not much higher This site usually holds on average many genre with huge over ratings as a given Especially this kind of book or best seller modern double that factor So why is this book NOT over rated? Well by the end I answered my own uestion but you don't get the full gist until after the 12 way pointThis is a hard book to review without giving any spoilers I won't It's fully 35 stars if there were 12 stars in the mix of rating hereRead the trailer again Notice how it is depicted as FRENCH best seller and FICTION book categoryWell most people will either love this book or drop it It's very pole seated for eyes Is it horror? Is it semi memoir? Well except for one Stephen King of many years ago decades I don't think I've read a comparable set of eyes I have in psychological non fiction uite oftenThe first half you will be entrenched immediately and be aware of L from the get go It's not like you need to be any inspector yourself to decipher the core of manipulation from the very introductory pagesIt's also uite French too in an exuisite style and movement sense Also in the Metro cafe or in an acknowledgment or not posturing uotient Think NYC people in 100's density never looking each other in the eyes anywhere; this for what I'm insinuating although Paris brand is rather different still Paris has fashion signals and signs advertising attached to it But that aspect of the book I LOVED Delphine cored it in the woman looking observation discussions tooWell go at it I do totally understand how it became such a best seller But be warned also that about 13rd of the copy is about writers writing about their writing NOT a category of fiction or non fiction I tend to admire But here it was vast but doable There were certain paragraphs phrases I would have listed here if it had been a print copy But I'm too lazy to do searches for them now One was about crazy meeting crazy It made me think of that New Zealand Australian Folie a deux history of the two girls one of which is now a famous international author No cluesThe ending for me was a disappointment Having had multiple teenagers or college prone at one time I wondered continually the control of never having them home when there was crossover with other characters It was the right length but the ending should have been defined especially with FrancoisDon't blame me if you do not like it at all Or if you love it either A strong psychological study regardless of what genre you really might place it in yourself DIFFERENT than the norm presently IMHO

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FREE READER µ DOC D'après une histoire vraie » ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ D'après une histoire vraie ✓ Author Delphine de Vigan – Delphine de Vigan slog igennem internationalt med den selvbiografiske roman Alt må vige for natten der solgte over 1 million eksemplarer i hendes hjemlanUdgivet over hele verden Nu skal hun i gang med en ny roman Men hvad skriver man efter den succes? Hvordan kommer man videre? Netop mens hun kæmper med disse overv Based on a true story really wasn't for me But I should make it clear that in this case it is most definitely the story rather than the writing uality that was my issue I actually rather loved the way Delphine De Vigan writes so I'll hopefully read some from her in the futureThis is about this book thoughProblem being this has been done before and honestly? In my opinion better The mysterious meeting of two minds an ongoing friendship developing that becomes toxic or perhaps mutually destructive with an ambiguous open ended maybe whatever finale that supposedly leaves the reader in a whirl but honestly left me slightly flat The lilting beautiful prose is what held me in the novel not the telling of the tale And seriously I'm sorry but you know there probably are people out there in the world who have not yet seen the intensely brilliant The Usual Suspects but have always intended to do so who may decide to read this novel The author lays out the ending of The Usual Suspects in full including the final scenes in that movie which DID leave me in a whirl and is cleverly insanely excellent thereby giving away all its secrets and even some of the nuances Why???? Why would you DO that It irritated me beyond all reason LUCKILY I have seen that movie no spoiler for me I believe it was to make comparisons to how the character in Based on a True Story was feeling but you know sorry this was no Usual Suspects and this character is no Kayser Soze No Just no2 for the beautiful writing but you can keep the rest Sorry