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Read & download í The Upside of Unreuited Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à [Read] ➬ The Upside of Unreuited ➵ Becky Albertalli – Seventeen year old Molly Peskin Suso knows all about unreuited love—she’s lived through it twentySt might be perfect crush material Maybe than crush material And if Molly can win him over she’ll get her first kiss and she’ll get her twin back There’s only one problem Molly’s coworker Reid He’s an awkward Tolkien superfan with a season pass to the Ren Faire and there’s absolutely no way Molly could fall for him Righ. Ok I'm ready to write a full review of this now Maybe So many good things to say so little timeBefore I get into the uality of the book let me just give you a breakdown of the diversity represented here because it was honestly incredible and this is the exact world that I want to see in YA contemporaries from now on Pansexual on page side character who is also Korean American Multiple lesbian side characters Bisexual side character Minor gay characters Jewish main character side characters and love interest Main character has two moms Multiple black side characters Although there were no on page asexual characters asexuality was still included as a thing that exists Fat main character Main character also has a history of anxiety which she is on medication for and this is brought up A LOT along with how going to parties works differently for her because of the dangers of mixing her medication with alcoholThere are so many but LOOK AT THIS LIST None of these characters were shoe horned in It was the most natural collection of people who made up this growing community for the main character and it honestly made me want to cry a couple of times because this is the world I live in and I was seeing it so naturally represented in what is going to be a highly sold YA contemporary But now let me talk about everything else great going on hereReading this book felt like eating one of Molly's mason jars of egg free cookie dough and ice cream I couldn't be mad while I was reading it It was the most pleasurable reading experience and I spent most of my time grinning from ear to ear Molly is a fabulous main character who struggles in such an authentic way to deal with low self esteem and feeling like everyone around her is growing up faster than she is It was something I really identified with remembering myself at 17 Her concerns and the round about way that she rationalizes how she feels left behind was excellently done and supremely authentic in my own experience Also her constant struggles with self image were really well done and she felt like a character I hadn't seen before but one I have wanted to exist for so long now The sister relationship Sorry let me rephrase that THE SISTER RELATIONSHIP I spend a lot of time being sad about books that don't feature siblings or close family relationships and boy was this a balm to all of that The ups and downs with Molly and Cassie were so similar to a lot of the ways I interact with my own sister They know exactly what words to use to hurt each other if they need to but they will also kill absolutely anyone who so much as looks at their sister the wrong way They can have a conversation in a glance but they can also have days where they don't know how to communicate at all And they also have a really great relationship with their moms who are an active part of the story That's right not only do they have two moms but they are participating in their daughters' lives and in the story itself They don't vanish into whatever wasteland YA parents sometimes go while they teenage children are having life struggles Plus they are well developed live their own lives and are honestly hilarious My only ualms with this book come in the form of communication stuff First of all it seems like some of the issues in the plot could have been so easily remedied if Molly had just spoken up I know this is often linked to the anxiety she feels and the worry that whatever she says will be shut down but by the time I got closer to the end of the book it felt and like she just needed to say ANYTHING to her sister or best friend and all would be well Also this had an odd habit where characters would be having a really essential or meaningful conversation and it would just stop Molly would have some thoughts about what was being said and then we would never hear how the conversation ended This happened a few times throughout and it did frustrate me because I thought those were really important conversations happening and I wanted to know how they ended This was one of the most joyful books I have read in a long time The characters talked like teenagers and constantly texted or brought up social media They were funny and self conscious and loud and confused I'm sure you all already have this on your anticipated releases list but if you somehow don't already put it on there Don't worry Albertalli's second book doesn't disappoint In fact it is than worth the wait Now here's hoping that the Simon movie does incredibly well so we can get a movie of this one tooThanks to Harper for sharing an eARC of this book with me to review

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Seventeen year old Molly Peskin Suso knows all about unreuited love she’s lived through it twenty six times She crushes hard and crushes often but always in secret Because no matter how many times her twin sister Cassie tells her to woman up Molly can’t stomach the idea of rejection So she’s careful Fat girls always have to b. I have a fierce love for this book Molly has such a winning voice and winning heart and yup Becky remains one of my favorite authors ever Just reread as an audiobook and it's amazing

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The Upside of UnreuitedE carefulThen a cute new girl enters Cassie’s orbit and for The Upside PDF the first time ever Molly’s cynical twin is a lovesick mess Meanwhile Molly’s totally not dying of loneliness except for the part where she is Luckily Cassie’s new girlfriend comes with a cute hipster boy sidekick Will is funny and flirtatious and ju. Soa 41 average rating Heaps of praise filled reviews Fangirling galore I should've liked this What the hell went wrongI feel like I read a totally different book I didn’t see a swoony romance or a relatable character ormuch of anything really What I did see was a very fcked up way of discussing feminism and other social issues intolerable teens and a boy fixation that refuses To DisappearhttpsemmareadstoomuchwordpresscoSo let’s get into it Unpopular opinion timeCHARACTERSSo the main character of this book is named Molly She’s boy crazy Pinterest crazy and the full on worst allllll the time forever We are trapped in the cyclical complaining of her head for 300 plus pagesMolly despite having an astronomical number of uasi crushes has never been kissed gone on a date had a boyfriend etc Each and every one of those three hundred pages is dedicated to the absolute tragedy of this fact Everything is about Molly Molly has two moms and on the day gay marriage is ruled as legal in the US her moms get engaged Yay That’s so great I love thatMolly loves it too For like five freaking seconds before the whole day becomes about her Here’s her dumb thought process “There really is a dreaminess about today Even our customers seem unusually coupled up They’re all holding hands It’s like a Valencia filtered Noah’s ark “And it’s nice“Exceptsometimes I feel like I’m the last alone person”NO NO EXCEPT IT’S JUST NICE THAT’S IT You don’t have to make it about you Trust me we haven’t forgotten your uest to have a boy validate you You can stop talking about it constantly for a page and just bask in the fictional recreation of a step toward eualityAmong other things that Molly makes about her Cassie’s first relationship every interaction between Cassie and Mina and every major and minor event in her friends’ lives I’m talking their relationships their breakups their flirtations their sexual encounters It never goddamn endsShe’s also uncomfortable alllll the time Anytime anyone mentions relationships crushes kissing sex guys in general And anytime she’s uncomfortable she takes the opportunity to delve into her Boy uest for twelve pages It’s so exhausting God this book was just not fun at allOoh and lest I forget at one point Molly blatantly uses a boy to make another boy jealous And that’s never condemned Cool Let’s just treat people like emotionless objects Speaking of whichMolly has a twin Her name is Cassie They do not look anything alike as Molly tells us freuently but they are identical in levels of terribleness YayCassie is very horrible Because she is a total btch and Molly is a total doormat Cassie freuently uses Molly to attain whatever goal she has She uses Molly as a funny story to attempt to charm Mina the girl she likes while Molly is there She decides to force Molly into a relationship with Mina’s friend Will so she can still spend time with Molly without having to sacrifice any sexy time with her girlfriend She continually embarrasses Molly in front of Will by strongly implying she has a crush on him and in one fun occurrence telling a story about a thirteen year old Molly vomiting in public FunShe’s also a bad sister and treats Molly like dirt Even though they have a cheesy apology scene straight out of Full House literally none of that is resolved Cassie stays awful and so does Molly YayMina is pretty flat I’m supposed to think she is cool I do not Her friends Max and Will are total jerks I am supposed to find Will charming or cute I do not This book is a snoozefestReid isfine I wanted to like him than I did There’s nothing I love than a nerdy male love interest but he justdidn’t do it for me This book spends so much goddamn time wrapped up in Molly’s whining that most other characters are so flat it’s unbelievable Like this book felt like it was a million pages long You’re telling me you couldn’t find time between in depth descriptions of Game of Thrones graphic tees and edible cookie dough to give a guy a traitBut let’s talk about the plot Or lack thereof I guessPLOTThis section should probably just be blank because there’s no plot I could discern Nothing EVER HAPPENS It’s just Molly whining about boys Over And over And over again If something happens it’s filtered through the Boy uest and turns into fifty pages of crush analysis UghhhhhhI just hated being inside Molly’s head She’s so boring A bunch of times people called her funny and those were the only instances I laughed at this book She is not funny She is a snoozefest personified And I know that she loves to whine and pity herself why else would she do just that instead of solving her problems by I don’t know talking to her sister or friend or crush Fck I’m just so glad I’m done this bookSOCIAL ISSUESThis book justkeeps trying really hard to hit the nail on the head with social issues and it justcan’t get there It’s kind of upsetting actually But when I make sweeping claims I’ll always hit y’all with that fresh evidence Here’s the first I recorded from page forty fiveAfter a loooong boring conversation in which Molly’s cousin Abby whines about whether she’s a slut or not after having sex with the boy with whom she’s in a committed relationship Molly hits us with the following gag worthy interpretation of what the word slut should mean in the face of feminism “Here’s what I would never ever admit out loud a part of me always thought it was some kind of a secret compliment when someone got called a slut It meant you were having sex It meant people wanted to have sex with you Being a slut just meant you were normal But I think maybe I’m wrong about that Maybe I’m so wrong”Ugh See what I mean The author is trying sooo hard But she’s not even close The feminist way to treat the word slut is to be against slut shaming That’s it; it’s pretty simple There are a million fun videos and TV episodes you can look into But this passage essentially like validates slut shaming Do what you want ladies Have sex or don’t as much or as little as you want Who flipping cares It’s your life See Albertalli It’s not hard Feminism is mostly about trying to free women from the restrictions on their lives Do you understand how you’re solidifying oneWanna know how else I figured that Albertalli doesn’t really get feminism This “But I spend a lot of time thinking about love and kissing and boyfriends and all the other stuff feminists aren’t supposed to care about And I am a feminist But I don’t know I’m seventeen and I just want to know what it feels like to kiss someone”YOU’RE ALLOWED TO BE A ROMANTIC AND STILL BE A FEMINIST Again like I said earlier Feminism is about freeing up those restrictions Feminism is about saying that women can be the stay at home mom or the career woman or a mix Romantic or cynical or in between Ugh Read an article or something How do you not understand feminism as a woman in 2017 Don’t answer thatAlso see the gay marriage thing from earlier You’re already using a step for euality as a plot device; don’t make it worseThere’s another thin line walked here See Molly is overweight And like many YA girls she’s a fat girl who doesn’t like her body Well she says once that she does But she also says that while believing no boy could like her thinking she’s incapable of having sex or looking good naked and being incredibly susceptible to the criticisms of her grandmotherBut do you see how this could be problematic Guess what happens concurrently Did you guess Yup Molly gets validation from a boy and at the same time looks at herself and thinks she’s beautiful Maybe those are unrelated I hope they are But it seems unlikely And that’s messed upLadiez and gents and everybody you’re great whether or not a romantic partner is telling you that Got itGENERAL STUPIDITYSomething that really bothered me about this book wastotally pointless but still Molly always calls texts “missed texts” Like she’d check her phone fifteen seconds after it vibrated and she’d be like “I had a missed text” No you don’t There’s no such thing as a missed text Just reply to a textMaybe that has something to do with how each and every text conversation consisted of the other person responding instantly NOT HOW IT WORKSAlso this book takes place in summer and Molly’s always like “I woke up at dawn” Or “Cassie woke me up early” Sleep in The fckMINDLESS COMPLAININGBecause of who I am as a person I also have some really mundane things that filled me with just as much anger as the most terrible character ever could And even though they make no sense and it’s not the author’s fault I still want to include them Because I have no filter So here we areSpeaking of unpopular opinions I flippin’ hate Lin Manuel Miranda Every time his name is mentioned I seize up in a cringe so debilitating I am paralyzed for the next seventeen seconds He gives me secondhand embarrassment like I have never before experienced in my life And the guy gets some serious name dropping action in this book So that was hardUnrelated am I the only one who doesn’t like when an author’s books all exist in the same world and they forcefully have the characters encounter each other It feels so strange and unnatural and bleh Like I’m fine if they are in the same town and mention the same places but the second the guy who makes your pizza is the male love interest from two books ago you’ve lost me I’m not into itAND THE WORST S