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PDF ☆ BOOK One Hundred Spaghetti Strings FREE Ü ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ One Hundred Spaghetti Strings Author Jen Nails – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk When life hands Steffany Sandolini lemons she makespasta sauce This brave and heartwarming middle grade novel will leave your belly rumbling and your heart fullSince SteffRedients that don’t uite work together Can the recipes put her and her family back together againStart with cup of authentic voice add a tablespoon of coming of age and teaspoons of delicious culinary concoctions mix together and serve up to fans of Rebecca Stead and Sarah Wee The Sandolini family has had a rough go of it Mom suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident eight years ago Dad took off and left his two young daughters alone Luckily Aunt Gina came to the rescue and moved in to take care of them Now however Dad’s come back and Aunt Gina has moved in with her fiancésoon to be husband Harry who lives across town The girls Steffy now aged eleven and Nina thirteen are having a rough go of the change Nina is a talented dancer and Steffy is a wizard in the kitchen We watch as the girls come to terms with the changes in their lives and as they each get the chance to pursue their own special talentsThe story is told by Steffy and her cooking each chapter carries a food related title At the end of the book you’ll find a collection of recipes I haven’t tried any of them yet but several do sound appealing It occurs to Steffy that bringing some of her food most of it made from recipes her mother had collected before her accident to her mother might help jog memories in her mother’s damaged mind Of course it’s been eight years since the accident and Mom doesn’t seem to remember the girls when they visit each week; she needs to be informed of their connection to her each time they come That was my one big complaint about this book It seems that if Mom’s memories haven’t returned after eight years it’s unlikely that they’d do so after a few bites of polenta or cinnamon roll Still it’s lovely to watch as the girls interact with their mom and her nurse and the message of never giving up is a good one for everyone to remember Her nurse bothered me a little What’s the likelihood that Mom would have a private nurse dedicated only to her care in an assisted care facilityDad after spending those eight years in California walks back into his children’s lives without warning Suddenly he’s there and Aunt Gina is gone No transition period no explanation no counseling nothing The next morning Gina leaves and it appears that she’s not back in touch for at least a month and the girls are on their own with their mostly stranger of a father who doesn’t go out of his way to ingratiate himself into his daughters’ lives From the beginning he comes across as a jerk We do learn about what caused him to leave and a bit about the demons he’s been fighting but I can’t say that I ever really warmed to him In the end he proves just what a weak character he really isThis book definitely has its happy moments but overall it’s sad The only rocks that these girls have to hang onto are each other Aunt Gina and Harry and their best friends There’s another character who has been in the girl’s life for years a woman who has taken care of them and drives them to see their mom each week but she’s suddenly and without a good explanation removed permanently through death I don’t think that was a necessary or useful plot device I could see the girl’s confusion over that We do see a little improvement in Mom but I think it’s unrealistic to think that she’ll ever completely recover and be able to return to a normal life It’s interesting to watch Steffy pursue her cooking skills and see them recognized She’s definitely a Julia Child in the making The interaction between the sisters is fairly realistic in that they love each other they take care of each other but they still fight with each other The difference in their ages is clearly shown Steffy’s still a child Nina is a teenager There’s a good deal of fear lying under the surface of these girls and rightly so Once Aunt Gina leaves stability is thrown out the window I think it was unforgivable that Steffy was left alone on Christmas Eve when Dad takes off Nina goes to spend the night with her friend and Aunt Gina and Harry are in New York visiting his family Yes Steffy had been invited to join Nina but she in her childish hope envisioned a family together celebrating together I could feel how scared and abandoned she felt in that house alone dinner sitting on the table waiting for the others to return and be a family She's desperately trying to piece her family back togetherIt’s a good story but I uestion how many middle school kids will find it attention holding Especially in the beginning it’s slow moving At age eleven my child would have abandoned it based on its slowness and its sadness within the first twenty pages and switched attention to something like Lord of the Rings It’s an interesting book and for could be a good read for the right children I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway

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When life hands Steffany Sandolini lemons she makespasta sauce This brave and heartwarming middle grade novel will leave your belly rumbling and your heart fullSince Steffy was little One Hundred eBook #226 she and her older sister Nina have lived with their Auntie Gina But whe When you mix confusion and cooking in a big bowl with a wooden spoon you get the perfect mix This is one of the best cooking novels that I have read in a long time

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One Hundred Spaghetti StringsN their dad comes home to live with them everything changesWhen Steffy feels like there are pieces of her all over the place she does what she does best she cooks her way through the hardest year of her life But sometimes her life feels like a kitchen sink meal with too many ing I started reading One Hundred Spaghetti Strings by Jen Nails and at first I was a bit miffed because the start of the book really didn't engage me Still I decided to read on and boy am I so glad I did The story really picked up in the second chapter or maybe I just began to understand what was going on in the story Once that happened I was glued to the pages of this book to the very end Half way through this book I took a breather shook my head and told myself how could I ever have thought I didn't like this story I was deeply touched by Steffy Nina and their family While One Hundred Spaghetti Strings is not a smiley everything is roses kind of book it is about a family in chaos searching for healing both as individuals and as a family My hat goes off to Ms Nails for creating such a moving story that is definitely Well Worth the ReadingI received this book for free A favorable review was not reuired and all views expressed are my own Thank you to Harper Collins Publishing Ms Nails and Edelweiss for the opportunity to read and review this bookUpdate 2020 three years later and I STILL love this book The story and it's characters spoke to me so deeply I recommend it highly and it now sits on my Lifetime Favorite Books bookshelf