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The Finishing School kindle æ Paperback ↠ johnscyclingdiary ´ [Read] ➲ The Finishing School Author Joanna Goodman – In this suspenseful provocative novel of friendship secrets and deceit a successful writer returns to her elite Swiss boarding school to get to the bottomIn this suspenseful provocative novel of friendship secrets and deceit a successful writer returns to her elite Swiss boarding school to get to the bottom of a tragic accident that took place while she was a student twenty years earlierHow far would you go to uncover the truthOne spring night in the beautiful Cressida Strauss plunges from a fourth floor balcony at the Lycée Internationale Suisse with catastrophic conseuences Loath to draw negative publicity to the The Finishing PDF school a bastion of European wealth and glamour officials uickly dismiss the i Unexpectedly satisfying woman's fiction with a complex plot and well developed characters Light reading yes but very well done

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Ncident as an accident but uestions remain Was it a suicide attempt Or was Cressida pushed It was no secret that she had a selfish streak and had earned as many enemies as allies in her tenure at the school For her best friend scholarship student Kersti Kuusk the lingering uestions surrounding Cressida's fall continue to nag long after she leaves the LycéeKersti marries and becomes a bestselling writer but never stops wondering about Cressida's obsession with the Helvetian Society a secret club banned years before their arrival at the school and a pair of it A Character Study with HeartRiveting and IntenseMore to come

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The Finishing SchoolS members who were expelled When Kersti is invited as a guest to the Lycée's th Anniversary she begins probing the cover up unearthing a frightening underbelly of lies and abuse at the prestigious establishment And in one portentous moment Kersti makes a decision that will connect her to Cressida forever and raise the stakes dangerously high in her own desire to solve the mystery and redeem her pastAn unputdownable read as clever as it is compelling The Finishing School offers a riveting glimpse into a privileged rarefied world in which nothing is as it appea In summing up this book I’d first be inclined to define it by a lack of self awareness My initial suspicion the first hint of Something Deeply Wrong was the selfishness of the characters how they’d talk at but not to one another I’d hoped that would be resolved; and it was Would that that had been my only issue and would that I could still believe that some truly problematic elements were the fault of Ms Goodman’s lack of self awareness rather than something much worseThe sirens grew louder A first time that was or less a date rape coerced intoxication and painful sex framed as “a perfect night” I waited for the main character to come to her senses for the man to be punished Nothing After that womanhood defined and ualified by fertility motherhood and a particular sort of performative femininity; nonetheless there was an undercurrent of dislike beneath all of Kersti’s friendships a subscription to the truly BS notion that other women are competition before they are allies The main character and her husband do nothing but argue and the band aid is a creepy pregnancy which does little to remove the fundamental disrespect and disinterest from all of their dialogue It was clear by the first fifty pages that Ms Goodman and I were not of like minds and that the world she knew operated under very prescriptive patriarchal rules Men and women were at the heart of it incompatible species prizes before people and all heterosexual interactions were characterized by vague resentmentAnd then I knew I was going to hate it as soon as she had the nerve to disparagingly say “a homosexual” If only it had stopped there No; our villain is some right wing caricature of a lesbian who is of course also a child molester Ms Goodman did not forget to tell us that this character was “boyish” and thus obviously unattractive; her partner was likewise repellent and introduced with comments about her poor hygiene It was the height of lazy writing picking an “Other” and transubstantiating it into a bogeyman But to call it lazy makes light of just how dangerous this schlock isIt’s 2018 my friends It’s naive to conceive of any sort of safety in sameness; that’s simply ignorance Yet ignorance is comfortable and in unuestioningly propagating both toxic heterosexual relationships and apocryphal villainous lesbians the stuff of which is readily used by Well Meaning White Ladies to justify their own and others’ oppression the author lays bare her own ignorance She could have made a compelling statement against abuse but the abuse is just the shock factor here She points an accusatory finger at her little caricature while missing her date rapists her fatphobia her racism she mentions Asian characters a handful of times and they are predictably OtheredThis sht is insidious It isn’t always the pundit frothing on AM radio Sometimes it’s a beach read that reminds you that we’ve still got a long way to go