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Spanking the Donkey Dispatches from the Dumb Season Free read î 100 ´ ❴Epub❵ ➞ Spanking the Donkey Dispatches from the Dumb Season Author Matt Taibbi – The 2004 Election Was a Circus and Matt Taibbi enjoyed a Front Row SeatAs a correspondent for the New York PreDonkey Dispatches from the Epubbouts of blind panic drug use and donning a gorilla suit Spanking the Donkey indicts the surreal irrelevance of today’s mainstream politics with barbed wit and caustic intelligence Follow Taibbi as he covers the primary for the presidential election joining him for a spot the Donkey Dispatches from the Epubon John Kerry’s campaign plane face to face encounters with John Edwards’s pancake makeup enough Howard Dean press conferences to memorize the good doctor's stump speech by heart and just to spice things up a two month stint working undercover in a Re. Oh goodness What a GREAT fucking book Taibbi is a brilliant hilarious radically liberal columnist This book covering the 2004 primaries and presidential race pulls up the frilly skirt of the American electoral process to reveal the ridiculousness and hypocrisy underneath READ THIS BOOK Like seriously For your own good

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Publican campaign office in Orlando Florida Brimming with uncensored opinions and total truth Taibbi captures the real American political mind as a patron at Flo’s Bar in Manchester New Hampshire elouently puts it “They all suck who’s running”“Gonzo journalist Matt Taibbi will do anything to bring political reporting back to life Spanking the Donkey is all the necessary in the aftermath of an election that harnessed enough liberal outrage to light the Vegas strip cost than a billion dollars absorbed hundreds of hours we will never get back and achieved absolutely nothing” Sal. I love Matt Taibbi's writing It's always entertaining and insightful regardless of the topic This book is about his experiences with the Democratic primary in the 2004 election It's not your usual political book He exposes the hype and the stagecraft while admiring the sincerity of the uniue candidate Dennis Kucinich He describes what it's really like to travel from photo op to photo op what goes on behind the staged scenes life among the press etc I love reading it and can't put it downThe only weak part was the last chapter in which he compares a bunch of journalists; the chapter goes on and on and unless you are familiar with all these journalists it isn't nearly as entertaining or enlightening as the rest of the book

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Spanking the Donkey Dispatches from the Dumb SeasonThe Election Donkey Dispatches PDFEPUB #232 Was a Circus and Matt Taibbi enjoyed a Front Row SeatAs a correspondent for the New York Press The Nation and Rolling Stone Matt Spanking the PDFEPUBTaibbi scoured the political landscape for hard hitting news stories But the closer he got to the politicians the pompous and vapid they appeared How could he write the Donkey Dispatches PDFEPUB #234 anything meaningful about these puffed up martinets much less vote for them Nevertheless Taibbi forged on and continued his responsibilities as a serious campaign reporter though not without freuent the. Let's be honest some chunks of this book are just tiresome Many of the short essays mini satires originally from The Beast that are collected between the longer sections are throw aways though funny enough I'll admit to finally skipping some in the second half But the longer sections are not just smart and not just funny the longer sections are important The first essay about the wild under counting of an anti war protest especially in light of the recent over counting of the Restoring Honor Rally is valuable and disturbing as is his campaign reporting on Howard Dean and the Democratic primaries which involves hallucinogens and a Viking costumeBut the long form essay Bush Like Me where he goes undercover as a Republican on the Bush campaign in Florida is one of the most important essays on American politics I've ever read Liberal America doesn't understand what conservatives think nor why we can't seem to beat them in politics Our stereotypes of the inbred redneck or the wealthy and evil CEO aren't as damaging as their stereotypes of the welfare ueen or the sex crazed hippie but they're no sophisticated Taibbi's portrait of how the conservative mind operates is often vicious but weirdly empathetic and it exposes a lot of the ways the Democratic party is woefully ineffectual no matter how good its intentionsFor that essay alone it'd be worth reading But it's also very funny and provides a good dissection of how the media works in relation to politics hint not very well Makes ya want to write articles