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Alexander the Great at War Free download ß 105 ô ❮Reading❯ ➸ Alexander the Great at War Author Ruth Sheppard – Alexander was arguably the greatest military commander ever Upon the assassination of his father King Philip II of Macedon in the summer of 336 BC he took over the reins ofAlexander was arguably the greatest military Great at ePUB #9734 commander ever Upon the assassination of his father King Philip II of Macedon in the summer of BC he took over the reins of power of a now united Greece Two years later he led his combined Macedonian and Greek army into Asia and began the greatest military conuest in world history In eleven short years and an extraord. After finishing it it leaves but in wonder of Alexander's greatness I uestioned if he is the two horns legend mentioned in the uran or just a conuerer I saw all his campaigns on YouTube to understand the explanation in the book At times the military information gotten me bored and wanted to skip those pages but kept on reading not missing a word just in case there is something important to know I wish the book was written in a simpler way so it can be tought in school I am doing a power point presentation for my kids in school to get them familiar with Alexander accomplishment

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Ibing in detail his armies and the armies he defeated the Great at ePUB #185 as he created his enormous empire and explains the extraordinary generalship and tactics that won him his victories Numerous maps and photographs and full color artwork reconstructions and D bird's eye views of battles combine with authoritative text to relive one of history's most epic military adventures. An excellent book detailing the military campaigns of Alexander the great Lots of maps describing the campaigns and details of the various battles and sieges Excellent photo's of ancient objects and sites and drawings showing what Alexander's troops and opponents would have looked like

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Alexander the Great at WarInary seuence Alexander the ePUB #9734 of marches battles and sieges he overcame the might of the Persian Empire and campaigned across deserts plains and forests as far as the Indian subcontinent to become master of most of the known world at least on the battlefield He died in Babylon at the age of This richly illustrated book examines all of Alexander's incredible campaigns descr. Not a bad book but it wasn't the easiest for me to get through I can recommend it but not as a first book or introduction to Alexander and his campaigns Probably better after you already have some background My biggest complaint would be that I needed maps and indications of where things were since most of the time it is throwing ancient place names at you without any real indication of where they are or their relation to each other When it did give maps I found it much easier to picture the narrative and enjoyed those sections so Otherwise I felt lost through much of the work