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eBook ✓ Secrets of the Marriage Bed Paperback Read ☆ ❮KINDLE❯ ❀ Secrets of the Marriage Bed Author Ann Lethbridge – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Surrender to desireAfter one night of passion the dissolute Duke of Dunstan made Julia his wife but their honeymoon is far from blissful Alistair trusts no S of the marriage bed threaten their future this new couple must overcome the past and surrender to their wildest passions to find a new oh so delicious beginning togeth Both Alistair and Julia are regretting their hasty marriage Alistair hopes that some timeaway from London will helpJulia is uncomfortable in her new surroundings and suspects that someone is poisoning her chocolateand teaThe story has Alistair and Julia each slowly coming to terms with their painful past while alsorevealing the secrets they both hide

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Surrender to desireAfter one night of passion the dissolute Duke of Dunstan made Julia his wife but their honeymoon is far from blissful Alistair trusts no one with his This started strong or I should say the idea and set up was strong and intriguing But it uickly veered in a direction that was convoluted flat and miserable I love marriage of convenience tropes love it It's the main reason I grabbed this Given it's a Harleuin you have to expect some OTT drama or angsty tension that drags out too long But the problem here was that the source of tension between the couple wasn't fully developed and became inconsistent and convoluted as the story progressed The hero Alistair bids on the heroine Julia in a brothel auction and marries her after finding out her desperate straits It was actually unclear the reasons why exactly he married her besides she's good in bed since he clearly didn't know about her traumatic abusive first marriage But he uickly realizes he made a mistake given that his new beautiful wife is too tempting and sweet to resist He thinks he doesn't deserve her but also he doesn't trust women because of his bad history of being betrayed by them and he is convinced his new wife probably will too Me😒 Yeahok dude 🎻 So he keeps acting like a boar around her and shutting her out thinking it's best for the both of them And oh yeahbecause he already has an heir so he doesn't want another child If you haven't already picked up on it let me be totally clear the hero is a complete emotionally detached cold unlikable asshole Never mind the fact that his illegitimate 'heir' is being raised by his brother who has raised the child and loved him as his own but the hero treats him and his supposedly own child like second rate citizens who are out to get him and his ducal title dear author this didn't make a lick of sense And never mind the fact that the heroine really wants a child He knows his rejection and refusal to have a child with her hurts her but he totally dismisses her feelings because of course his wishes matter 😒 The reasons to why he shuts her out kept shifting and changing and at times made no fucking sense Was his need for his wife to be happy so out of control he was actually prepared to believe she wouldn’t betray him at the first opportunity—if it suited her needs? Would he really risk his son’s pride for the sake of her smiles? What? His son's pride? WTF does your lust for your wife have to do with your kid? This felt like it was grasping at any straws to draw angst into the story when the reasons didn't make sense And of course the dastardly villain was so damn obvious that it made both the hero and heroine painfully dense and TSTL The heroine in particular her naiveté and her constant fretting uestioning and wounded looks just grates the nerves instead of draw sympathy I wanted to root for her given what she went through but the author really over did it with this character's insecurity and self doubt with all the endless internal uestioning and tip toeing around the hero It made me cringe It was hammered home too much And the hero didn't help matters at all ‘We are married’ There was no getting around it ‘To your deep regret’ ‘Julia do not put words in my mouth’ ‘I do not need to I see them in your face In what you do Actions speak louder than words and right now they are shouting that you wish you had not married me’ ‘I do wish it’ If he had made her his mistress they could have been perfectly happy Perhaps for the rest of their lives because at least then he’d be free to love her without this weight of guilt bearing down on his shoulders Seriously bro? You'd rather have your wife be your mistress just so you can sleep restfully at night so it won't prick your wounded inflated ego conscience over some nonexistent convoluted guilt trip? GTFO And for the love of guacamole what guilt? What betrayal? This guy is hung up and obsessing over some deep dark secret and betrayal to his family that was never revealed The book is over and I'm still left wondering WTF he was talking about This was seriously trying to do too much with little payoff Either the author forgot the number of secrets she plugged in here and lost track oryeah I got nothing else This seemed like a gaffe if nothing else Which makes even less sense since it was played out so heavily throughout the bookAnd then there was the writing It's filled with typos weird punctuation and missing periods in suffix names ex Mr Lewis and run on sentences that make no sense Hades he was too close He drew in a deep breath and rode out the pulses of pleasure until like ripples caused by a stone dropped in a pond they diminished at the edges of his consciousness And the ' single uotation marks used for the dialogue instead of the double uotations I found really weird and hard to get used to This was my first Ann Lethbridge and it wasn't a great sample if the weak characters and shaky writing was anything to go by

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Secrets of the Marriage BedShameful secret and that means keeping his tempting new bride at a distanceJulia longs for Alistair to yield to the powerful desire between them But when the dark secret An enjoyable read with multiple suspects to eliminate and misunderstandings to deal with