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Read & Download º Moonlight Mile Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Moonlight Mile By Dennis Lehane ➩ – «Lembra se de mim» interroga do outro lado da linha a voz ue arranca Patrick Kenzie do sono profundo Uma voz feminina e uma frase em jeito de ameaça Rasse a sobrinha Amanda de uatro anos ue desaparecera Os detetives privados Kenzie e Angie Gennaro tiveram sucesso mas o caso deixou lhes um amargo de boca a menina foi devolvida aos cuidados de uma mãe negligente e alcoólica e os raptores ue afinal não ueriam mais do ue entregá la a uma família ue cuidasse bem dela foram sentenciados a duras penas de prisão Por isso agora ue Amanda com dezasseis anos desapareceu n. Lehane that guy can writeI'm climbing on to the Dennis Lehane bandwagon really late but I am fully on board Even though Moonlight Mile wasn't ragingly exciting it's so well crafted I couldn't put down this story of a Boston area private detective who gets into new trouble because of an old case This PI's career is coming to an end but he doesn't know it yet Russians wunderkind and drug freaks all get the poor aging family man deeper into the shit than he realizes he's about to fall intoJust like me I didn't know I was getting into a series and that it was the last book It wasn't a problem I could tell these were people with a past but I was never overwhelmed by my ignorance This is the second jump into the middle of a Lehane series I've done and in both cases the author does a fine job of giving enough detail to keep the reader abreast of the haps In other words the books are self containedI could see others giving this perhaps only 3 stars It does drag with the chit chat here and there I don't know perhaps I've given this an extra star because it artificially kept my interest at times due to the setting being New England based which is where I grew up Name place dropping happens often in Moonlight Mile and that didn't bother me none

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Ovamente Kenzie sente se obrigado a investigar Mais a mais porue também ele sabe o ue é ter uma filha e o ue um pai está disposto a fazer para a ver feliz A sua investigação será o começo de uma viagem ao coração de um mercado sombrio onde se traficam identidades e adoções Um mundo onde o bem pode assumir os contornos do mal e o mal camuflar se de bem Um precipício do ual é melhor não nos aproximarmos muito. The final Kenzie and Genarro book is very good don't be afraid to read it Be sad this is the last but be happy that Lehane has given us a positive life affirming endingAs the book starts our beautiful Angela and Patrick are on the edge and it hurts Lehane understands The financial and health scraping and the fear the anger over what the super rich and criminal politicians have stolen from us and it hurts almost everyone I know these days See my review of Borne here And I fear for the future of my fine son and his someday children GREED is truly the most terrible challenge of our times and capitalism is its tool its means to power and greed Greed is a contagious mental illness an unfillable hole a hunger that denies justice an expression of a broken ego Greed consumes the earth without respite and is a cancer on humanity Greed destroys us and our children and their future Greed is death 33% Patrick is right here The difference between their kids' world today and our parents world now is 3x greater than when we were kids It's overwhelming “After my daughter was born I’d considered buying a shotgun to ward off potential suitors fourteen or so years up the road Now as I listened to these girls babble and imagined Gabby one day talking with the same banality and ignorance of the English language I thought of buying the same shotgun to blow my own fking head off”87% This book still contains the essence of our flawed Hero Patrick although Angela is not around much sadly I really miss them as a vital and dynamic team The plot is pure Lehane and drags us along relentlessly and pleasurablyThe only thing that is out of whack here is that no 16 year old not one in the world has the literacy and presence and complexity of mind that Amanda does in this book However that flaw does allow Lehane to continue to explore parent child bonding and trauma This theme appears in most of Lehane's books It's perhaps his most important and personal topic and is central to the horror of his masterpiece Mystic RiverIt's terrific crime noir writing and if you read it right and deeply it aches97% wonderful “Driving south on 93 I realized once and for all that I love the things that chafe The things that fill me with stress so total I can’t remember when a block of it didn’t rest on top of my heart I love what if broken can’t be repaired What if lost can’t be replacedI love my burdens”I'm very sad to see the end of this series In my heart Patrick and Angela are realAnd in the end Patrick and Angela and Gabby their daughter are bound tightly solidly safely hopefully and with joy And Bubba too the mountain presence in their lives

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Moonlight Mile«Lembra se de mim» interroga do outro lado da linha a voz ue arranca Patrick Kenzie do sono profundo Uma voz feminina e uma frase em jeito de ameaça «Encontrou a uma vez Volte a encontrá la Deve me isso» No dia seguinte eis ue ela surge de novo no cimo das escadas do metro Um rosto marcado pelo tempo e pela mão severa do destino Um rosto ue Kenzie não esperava rever Há doze anos auela mulher pedira lhe ue encont. When Amanda McCready goes missing over a decade after Patrick and Angela found her the first time the couple set off to right a past wrong But what does the Russian mob have to do with Amanda's disappearance And has she really been kidnappedMoonlight Mile was Dennis Lehane's return to Kenzie and Gennaro or are they Kenzie and Kenzie now after a long absence While Patrick and Angela may have lost a step or two after their domestication I don't think Lehane hasMoonlight Mile starts simply enough Amanda McCready now sixteen has disappeared once again and Patrick can't stay away bent on redemption after Gone Baby Gone I missed Devin and Oscar but it was good to see Patrick Angie and Bubba again Also Gabby was a nice addition The case had than enough wrinkles to keep me occupied until the end Some of the twists like the switcheroo at the beginning were predictable Others not so muchLehane's writing continue to impress me I suppose I'll be picking up some of his non series books pretty soonI don't really have a lot to say about this one It was pretty typical for a Kenzie and Gennaro book even with their young daughter Gabby involved It seems like it will be the last one and I'd say it's a fitting swan song I'd rather Patrick and Angela not wreck the domestic bliss they have going