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FREE READ ✓ Howards End é ❴PDF❵ ✩ Howards End Author E.M. Forster – Margaret Schlegel engaged to the much older widowed Henry Wilcox meets her intended the morning after accepting his proposal and realizes that he is a man who has lived without introspection or true s Margaret Schlegel engaged to theNg them that will take years to resolve Forster's novel begins as a collection of seemingly unrelated events Helen's impulsive engagement to Paul Wilcox a chance meeting between the Schlegel sisters and an impoverished clerk named Leonard Bast at a concert a casual conversation between the sisters and Henry Wilcox in London one night But as it moves along these disparate threads gradually knit into a tightly woven fabric of tragic misunderstandings impulsive actions and irreparable conseuences and eventually connection Though set in the early years of the th century Howards End seems even suited to our own fragmented era of e mails and anger For readers living in such an age the exhortation to only connect resonates ever profoundly Alix Wilber. This novel from 1910 has a lovely Shakespearean flavor of good intentions leading to unintended conseuences Urgent letters between sisters kicks off its engaging plot about the collision between two very different families The younger sister Helen Schlegel visiting the rural “Howard’s End” estate of the conservative wealthy Wilcox family writes to Margaret that she is love with and wants to marry one of their sons Paul which grew out of a single impulsive kiss Margaret urges her aunt to travel there to make sure the Wilcoxes are “their kind of people” By the time she arrives Helen has already fallen out with Paul who is headed for Nigeria to manage the family’s rubber plantation Later when the Wilcoxes move near the Schlegels in London and Margaret tries to make amends by reaching out to the mother Ruth Wilcox I loved experiencing how their brief friendship blossomed over discussions of the meaning of a home and the value she places in the family homestead of Howard’s End which her husband Henry considers only in light of its real estate value Early in the plot Ruth dies and the discovery by Henry of a handwritten beueathment of the estate to Margaret leads to the Wilcox family deciding to ignore the reuest Already we see how Helen’s impulse toward romance with Paul has the unintended conseuence of a special friendship of Margaret with Ruth and a hidden act of generosity It has also brought Margaret into contact with the widower Henry and a surprising romance between opposites she an early feminist who admires literature and arts and supports programs for the poor and he a pragmatic industrialist who is a true believer in the genetic superiority of his class The other unintended conseuence comes when Helen mistakenly takes the umbrella of Leonard Bast after a theater performance When he drops by to retrieve it the sisters kindly draw him out and find they admire his ambitions to imbibe literature and work his way up in class from his lowly position as a bank clerk His dreamy account of tuning into nature by tramps in the woods a la Ruskin makes them admire him than bumbling life probably deserves Margaret presses Henry for advice to help him better his circumstances which turns out to be disastrous for Leonard and his wife when they follow through with his recommendation This fate turns Helen even against the Wilcoxes and makes for a serious wedge in her relationship with Margaret There is tragedy in the tale but all key characters make a satisfactory transformation toward becoming better empathetic human beings despite the boundaries of class I liked this even better than “Passage to India” I absolutely loved Margaret’s outlook and continual efforts to build bridges Her charm for me euals that of Woolf’s indomitable Mrs Dalloway Immediately after the delightful read by LibriVox audiobook I had the great pleasure of experiencing Emma Thompson nail the role in the sumptious Merchant Ivory production Helena Bonham Carter rendered a great adaptation for the flighty idealistic Helen

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Margaret Schlegel engaged to the much older widowed Henry Wilcox meets her intended the morning after accepting his proposal and realizes that he is a man who has lived without introspection or true self knowledge As she contemplates the state of Wilcox's soul her remedy for what ails him has become one of the most oft uoted passages in literature Only connect That was the whole of her sermon Only connect the prose and the passion and both will be exalted and human love will be seen at its height Live in fragments no longer Like all of Forster's work Howards End concerns itself with class nationality economic status and how each of these affects personal relationships It follows the intertwined fortunes of the Schlegel sisters Margaret and Hel. My review is not a review of Howard's End as much as it is a review of the negative reviewsMost of the criticism seems to be that the readers felt that this book had nothing to do with them They weren't familiar with the places in England referenced in the book It was too English It wasn't universal True on some counts This book isn't about you It isn't about now It isn't directly relevant to today It won't feed the soul of the egomaniacIt is however a beautifully written book with a interesting storyline about a time in history that is important in that way that history is important The novel is not just SETin a pre World Wars Europe it is actually written before the wars that changed the western world and its literature forever Moreover it is written in the period immediately preceding the wars and the presented tension between England and Germany not written with the advantage of hindight adds to the books worthiness Beyond the tension is a modern view of Germany that predates and so is untainted by the horror of the Holocaust The Germany of Howard's End is a Germany of philosophers and musicians Not deranged dictatorsIs it important to be able to perfectly picture the setting of every scene in a book If it is I'm in trouble I think I just have pre painted backdrops for certain things Bucolic English countryside Check 17th century French parlor Check Mars circa 3011 Check My depictions might not be terribly accurate but I'm not going to let that get in the way of a good story What is universal than the tension between wealth and poverty Between lust and restraint What is universal than feeling both the pull of family and the desire to push them away What is universal than hypocrisy What is universal than the struggle of the sexes to find their proper place in relation to one another This Book Has Everything Except you You're not in this bookYou already know what its like to live here now What was it like to live there then Go ahead and read it for the sex and intrigue but stay for the history and the political discussion If you don't need to see yourself reflected in everything you read you won't be disappointed


Howards EndEn and the Wilcox family over the course of several years The Schlegels are intellectuals devotees of art and literature The Wilcoxes on the other hand can't be bothered with the life of the mind or the heart leading instead outer lives of telegrams and anger that foster such virtues as neatness decision and obedience virtues of the second rank no doubt but they have formed our civilization Helen after a brief flirtation with one of the Wilcox sons has developed an antipathy for the family Margaret however forms a brief but intense friendship with Mrs Wilcox which is cut short by the older woman's death When her family discovers a scrap of paper reuesting that Henry give their home Howards End to Margaret it precipitates a spiritual crisis amo. I loved this book so much that I will never be able to do it justice in this review I finished it several months ago but still I think of it often and have recommended it to numerous friends While reading I used countless post its to mark beautiful and thoughtful passages Howard's End was one of the novels I took on my visit to England earlier this summer I wanted to read English authors while I was there and I'm so glad I did The specialized reading completely enhanced the trip and it was especially true for this bookThis was also a re read for me I first read Howard's End when I was in high school after I saw the excellent Merchant Ivory movie version But that was 1992 and I was just an impressionable teenager Reading it as an adult with life experience made me better appreciate how amazing this novel isIf you are unfamiliar with the story we follow two sisters Margaret and Helen Schlegel in London around 1910 More on the significance of that timing in a moment The Schlegels are well educated progressive and love literature music and art They hold cultural discussions and like to talk about improving society When they meet poor intelligent Leonard Bast at a music concert they see someone they want to champion Meanwhile the Schlegels have also crossed paths with the rich Wilcox family and entanglements ensue One of the key threads of the book is who will inherit Howard's End which was the estate of Ruth Wilcox Early in the book Ruth wants to give it to Margaret Schlegel but Henry Wilcox Ruth's husband refuses to oblige her wish More entanglements ensueAs I read this novel I appreciated how Forster was trying to recreate modern England with families from three classes the rich capitalists Wilcoxes the liberal middle class Schlegels and the downtrodden workers Mr and Mrs Bast There were so many good uotes about social class and the state of society and I found it all fascinating and thought provoking Reading a great novel such as Howard's End reminded me of how much literature can enrich a life It answers uestions I didn't know I had askedOn the chance that some Goodreaders don't want the ending spoiled I'll hide the outcome view spoilerAfter Ruth dies Margaret marries Henry Wilcox and she eventually inherits the estate Margaret decides to leave it to her nephew who is the bastard son of Helen and Leonard Bast So if there are any English majors working on essays and you want to read into the SYMBOLISM of that it's like the working class finally got some landwealth from the aristocrats and in England land euals power hide spoiler