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Seedfolks Free read Í 6 ï ❰Read❯ ➭ Seedfolks Author Paul Fleischman – ALA Best Book for Young Adults ∙ School Library Journal Best Book ∙ Publishers Weekly Best Book ∙ IRACBC Children's Choice ∙ NCTE Notable Children's Book in the Language ArtsA Vietnamese girl ALA Best Book for Young Adults ∙A Amir from India A sense of community sprouts and spreads Newbery winning author Paul Fleischman uses thirteen speakers to bring to life a community garden's founding and first year The book's short length diverse cast and suitability for adults as well as children have led it to be used in countless one book reads in schools and in cities across the countrySeedfolks has been drawn upon to teach tolerance read in ESL classes promoted by urban gardeners and. I like the idea of a book about a community garden that brings people together However Fleischman's book which lets his audience see people making something of themselves instead of waiting for a welfare check spoken by Florence on pg 85 is hugely problematic given that Fleischman is a white guy from California that doesn't seem to be on welfare I found his depictions of people of color to be essentializing and derogatory while the character that he admitted to crafting after himself the caucasian Sam is just about the nicest most balanced and respectable member of the Seedfolks This is the YA version of The Help A for effort If Fleischman's designs were to show the healing effects of collaboration and unplugging from technology wouldn't it have been so much better to turn Seedfolks into a collaborative effort He could have gathered friends and asked them to write a short monologue about their family's immigration experience and the way that a community garden might have benefitted them That would be a honest and respectful representation of diverse voices in America

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Performed in schools and on stages from South Africa to BroadwayThe book's many tributaries from the author's immigrant grandfather to his adoption of two brothers from Mexico are detailed in his forthcoming memoir No Map Great Trip A Young Writer's Road to Page OneThe size of this slim volume belies the profound message of hope it contains  Christian Science MonitorAnd don’t miss Joyful Noise Poems for Two Voices the Newbery Medal winning poetry collecti. 5 StarsI had to read this book for my English class and at first I thought I was not going to like it but it turns out while I was reading I really loved this book I really love the set up of the book because it is about one garden and people come together as a community and plant vegetables I really love how it was written and broken up into each of the characters thoughts feelings background information I really like that a lot because you can feel and see what has gone in there life and why they are part of the garden This was a really really good book and I am glad that I read it

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SeedfolksALA Best Book for Young Adults ∙ School Library Journal Best Book ∙ Publishers Weekly Best Book ∙ IRACBC Children's Choice ∙ NCTE Notable Children's Book in the Language ArtsA Vietnamese girl plants six lima beans in a Cleveland vacant lot Looking down on the immigrant filled neighborhood a Romanian woman watches suspiciously A school janitor gets involved then a Guatemalan family Then muscle bound Curtis trying to win back Lateesha Pregnant Maricel. When I saw the garden for the first time so green among the dark brick buildings I thought back to my parents' Persian rug It showed climbing vines rivers and waterfalls grapes flowers singing birds everything a desert dweller might dream of The garden's green was as soothing to the eye as the deep blue of that rug I'm aware of color I manage a fabric store But the garden's greatest benefit I feel was not relief to the eyes but to make the eyes see our neighbors To honor her late father Kim plants six beans in a vacant lot Ana sees her doing this and assumes she is up to no good so she is thrilled when she finds the plants She and her neighbor Wendell help water the seedlings Soon others in the area are planting seeds One woman manages to get all the trash littering the lot hauled away The plants grow and thrive but importantly people who once ignored one another are now talking offering advice and sharing recipes Everyone has a story to tell and a reason for planting This is a simply wonderful story of how a neighborhood garden grew and a community was born