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characters A Civil Contract ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Download] ➾ A Civil Contract ➹ Georgette Heyer – Adam Deveril is one of the Duke of Wellington's captains and a hero at Salamanca When his father a crony of the Prince Regent is killed in the hunting field Adam became theAge of convenience is the only answer It is Lord Oversley father of Adam's first love who tactfully introduces him to Mr Jonathan Chaleigh a City man of apparently unlimited wealth with no social ambitions for himself but with his eyes firmly fixed on a suitable match for his one and only daughter the uiet and decidedly plain Jenny ChawleighAlthough Jenny Chawleigh was bright well mannered and an heiress she was no match for beautiful Julia Oversley the love of handsome Adam Deveril's life But Adam desperately needed money. GH's most unromantic romance But does romantic love last anyway or does it change to comfortable companionshipGH explores this theme with as usual for her a rich cast of colourful characters she deftly weaves some real life history into the plot She handles several romantic plots with considerable aplomb Like many of her later romances Adam isn't an idle aristocrat he is originally a soldier then becomes a gentleman farmer he is called home to England when his recently deceased father brings the estate to the point of ruin Rather than lose the estate FontleyAdam gives up the girl he loves marries Jenny daughter of a Cit While Jenny always loved Adam Adam view spoilercomes to love Jenny and appreciates he is better with a practical wife who will create a comfortable home than Julia who is in modern terms a bit of a drama ueen hide spoiler

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Adam Deveril is one of the Duke of Wellington's captains and a hero at Salamanca When his father a crony of the Prince Regent is killed in the hunting field Adam became the th A Civil Kindle Viscount Lynton of Fontley Priory Lincolnshire But he retuns from the Peninsula War to find his magnificent home in disrepair and his family on the brink of ruin and the broad acres of his ancestral home mortgaged to the hilt He is madly in love with the beautiful Julia Oversley but he soon realises that the drastic measure of a marri. This review contains some spoilersI know from reading Jennifer Kloester’s excellent biography of Georgette Heyer that A Civil Contract was not an easy novel for Heyer to write Before starting work on it Heyer wrote to a friend that she wanted to write a new kind of novel that would be “neither farcical nor adventurous” Heyer wrote that the novel would depend for its success on whether she could make the hero as charming as she believed him to be and also on whether she “could make a uiet story interesting” Kloester p 330 However completion of the novel was delayed because Heyer’s mother became ill and reuired care When she went back to writing it she wrote to her friend that the manuscript remainedmuch where it was – where it ought to be is in an incinerator would be if I hadn’t pledged myself to write it To be honest with you I do not want to write this book Or any other book I have no inspiration no energy no enthusiasm no power of the pen I sit look at the bloody thing wonder what can have possessed me to embark on itI am very glad that Heyer overcame writer’s block and completed the novel For while I probably wouldn’t have thought much of it if I’d read it when I first discovered Heyer’s novels at age fourteen having read it for the first time forty years later I think it is one of her best works This is the story of Adam Deveril Viscount Lynton who fought in the Peninsular War Returning to England after his father’s death Adam finds that his father’s extravagant spending has reduced the family fortune to a pittance Adam’s financial situation is so dire that if he doesn't find a way to acuire money he will be unable to support his sister and crucially he will have to sell the family home All of this means that Adam cannot marry his beloved Julia Oversley In order to save the family estate Adam agrees to contract a marriage of convenience with plain and practical Jenny daughter of the fabulously wealthy but vulgar merchant Jonathan Chawleigh who wants his daughter to achieve the social status that marriage into an aristocratic family will bring Jenny who is an old school friend of Julia’s marries Adam knowing that he continues to love Julia They have a child Adam manages to win back some of his fortune through speculation and they ultimately settle down to a happy and comfortable – if not passionate –life together Heyer did manage to achieve something different with this novel While it doesn't have the sparkling comedy or wit of many of her other novels it does have other ualities At its heart the novel is an exploration of what makes a successful marriage And Heyer’s conclusion is that it’s not blinding heart stopping passion which makes a relationship last but friendship kindness tolerance patience a commitment to the same goals and a shared sense of humour That’s not something I would have understood or appreciated as a teenager As someone who has been happily married to the same person for almost thirty five years it's now a message that rings true That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with a bit of blinding heart stopping passion in a marriage And this is why there’s an undertone of sadness in the final paragraphs of the novel as Jenny while assured of Adam’s love for her is nevertheless conscious that she had had an “impractical dream” of inspiring in Adam the “passionate adoration” that he had felt for Julia However Jenny is right in concluding that “life

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A Civil ContractTo keep his fatherless family together and a marriage to Jenny would solve all his problems And Jenny's father a man of great wealth and ambition for his daughter was only too happy to arrange a suitable match with a title for her Adam chafes under Mr Chawleigh's generosity and Julia's jealous behavior upon hearing of the betrothal nearly brings them all into a scandal But Adam didn't reckon with the Jenny nobody knew or the unknown uality that lay hidden behind her demure and plain facade who bring him comfort and eventual. An old fashioned story with a new fashioned problem a Victorian era viscount needs money to keep his estate going so he marries the daughter of a merchant instead of his fiance The new bride knows exactly why she was chosen instead of the beauty