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characters Black Sheep 107 ´ ❮EPUB❯ ✻ Black Sheep ✶ Author Georgette Heyer – With her high spirited intelligence and good looks Abigail Wendover was a most sought after young woman But of all her high placed suitors there was none Abigail could love Abigail was kept busy when With her high spirited intelTurns out to be her most important ally in keeping her niece out of trouble He also turned out to be the most provoking creature Abigail had ever met with a disconcerting ability to throw her into giggles at uite the wrong moment Yet she was irresistibly drawn to his knowing smile But how could she persuade her wealthy respectable family to accept this unconventional unsuitable m. I've read this book several times; it's one of my favorite Heyer titles Very funny with plenty of romance The audio version narrated by Barbara Leigh Hunt was good but I had a few problems with it First of all Ms Leigh Hunt is over seventy years old and her voice sounds well old Too old for the heroine who is about thirty as I recall She does a very good job with Miles Calverleigh's voice however giving him just the right ironic tone Another problem and really it's my problem and not hers is that I kept hearing Lady Catherine de Bourgh a role she owned in the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice That was distractingIf like me you adore this book however I recommend listening to it Miles Calverleigh is simply one of my favorite romance heroes anywhere

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With her high spirited intelligence and good looks Abigail Wendover was a most sought after young woman But of all her high placed suitors there was none Abigail could love Abigail was kept busy when her pretty and naive niece Fanny falls head over heels in love with Stacy Calverleigh a good looking town beau of shocking reputation and an acknowledged seductor She was determined t. Abigail Wendover age 28 shares custody of her orphaned and very wealthy 17 year old niece Fanny with her older sister Selina When Abby returns home to Bath after a six week trip she finds that Fanny has been swept off her feet by Stacy Caverleigh a suave fortune hunter Abby looking for Stacy to try to take his measure and warn him off Fanny instead runs into Stacy's uncle Miles who has just returned to England after 20 years doing business in India Abby tries to enlist Miles' help in doing something with his wastrel nephew Stacy but Miles is interested in doing something with Abby As with most Georgette Heyer Regencies the romance is a little understated The novel focuses on social situations with lots of witty dialogue'Do I seem odiously missish''Yes but I wasn't going to say so' he assured herThe laughter sprang into her eyes ' Obnoxious creature If only you didn't always make me laugh Sometimes I wonder if you have any proper feelings at all''Almost none I fear Would you marry me if I had'The black sheep hero Miles who actually hasn't been much of a black sheep since his family sent him to India in disgrace when he was 20 years old except that he still doesn't give a hoot for society rules is a really nice change of paceHe did not defy convention when it did not interfere with whatever line of conduct he meant to pursue he conformed to it; and when it did he ignored it affably conceding to his critics their right to censure him if they felt so inclined and caring neither for their praise nor their blameAnd then there's Abby who's actually not all that much into obeying the rules herself but isn't uite ready to turn her back on them either if only for the sake of her family In fact there's than one character here who's kind of a black sheep or at least gray Too much time for my taste was spent on the part of the plot that involved Miles' nefarious nephew trying to marry Abby's wealthy niece but I have to say the wrap up of that plotline was surprising and funny and very satisfyingMild spoiler here The first time I read this I thought the ending was abrupt and bizarre Heyer sometimes cuts off her endings in odd ways but this time I realized view spoilerthat the dialogue and ellipses right at the end are indicating that Miles is kissing Abby senseless hide spoiler

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Black SheepO prevent her high spirited niece from being gulled into a clandestine marriage with handsome Stacy a plausible fortune hunter The arrival to Bath of Stacy's uncle seemed to indicate an ally but Miles Calverleigh is the black sheep of the family Miles Calverleigh had no regard for the polite conventions of Regency society His cynicism his morals his manners appalled Abigail But he. Everyone who is acuainted with my reading preferences knows that I love Georgette Heyer and thus far there is not one of her books that I didn't enjoy Black Sheep was no exception; it was hilariously funny featured one of the best heroines and a truly irresistible hero and had a very fun plot I liked the fact that it was set in Bath and that there was not a lot of action but the conversations were so witty and funny that it was not at all boring She said despairingly' I see that I might as well address myself to a gate post''What very odd things you seem to talk to' he remarked 'Do you find gate posts less responsive than eels' 'Were you up at Oxford' she asked curiously 'No I was down from Oxford sent down' he replied affably 'My dear girl you don't consent to an abduction You consent to an elopement and I knew you wouldn't do that' Our dear heroine Abby Wendover is on the shelf at 28 but still has a score of suitors all duller than the other who are vying for her attention She is not unwilling to marry but refuses to settle for anything less than her heart's desire Abby is not beautiful but she is charming spontaneous reasonable and generous She may not love her family over much but she knows what she owes to them and always does her duty Who would have thought that she would meet her match in debauched scruffy Miles Calverleigh an outcast just come back from India who pays morning calls in riding breeches and top boots and has absolutely zero care for polite conventions and good mannersYet just like Abby one cannot resist his silly comments or his careless ways and we become and fascinated by him as the story unfolds The banter and chemistry between him and Abby was extremely well done It was fun engaging and laugh out loud The reader knows they are made for each other upon their first meeting Add in Abby's hypochondriac sister her beautiful will strong and overly dramatic niece Fanny and her sweet gentleman like secret admirer Abby stuffy brother James and Miles's odious nephew Stacy and you have a perfect recipe for a delicious and highly diverting Regency romp in BathA Warning to all Readers however This story end in the middle of a conversation and it is extremely frustrating You have all been warned