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コンビニ人間 Konbini ningenでもコンビニのレジを打ち、清潔なコンビニの風景と「いらっしゃいませ」の掛け声が、毎日の安らかな眠りをもたらしてくれる。仕事も家庭もある同窓生たちからどんなに不思議がられても、完璧なマニュアルの存在するコンビニこそが、私. Keiko has worked at the convenience store her entire adult life But as she nears 40 the pressure to find a “real” job or get married is mounting – what sort of life awaits Keiko outside the comfort zone of the store and will she step out to meet it I feel like there’s a good novel somewhere in Convenience Store Woman but Sayaka Murata didn’t realise it Her commentary on conformist society and the individual is inane and unoriginal though far worse is her muddled placement of the main character within that commentary It’s never explicitly stated but Keiko is obviously autistic She doesn’t understand human behaviour talks repeatedly about the maskdisguise she wears and takes her cues from her peers mimicking their body language speech patterns and dress to pass as “normal” – not that she cares all that much about being “normal” but she feels life is easier if that’s how people perceive her She comes off as robotic and unemotional She has no interest in sex or relationships in general She works thinks and lives mechanically She even has her sister come up with lines for her to repeat in social situations to seem like a “normal” person She’s practical to a fault An anecdote from her childhood which also shows that her behaviour is not the result of working in a convenience store two boys are fighting in the schoolyard someone calls to break them up so Keiko grabs a shovel and smacks one of the boys on the head nearly killing him She doesn’t understand – she broke up the fight didn’t she Later on her sister’s baby is crying and she briefly thinks that she knows a way to permanently stop it making noise and stressing her sister out There’s no malice behind the thought of killing a baby she’s just thinking practically without understanding appropriate social behaviour though she knows enough not to act on it So I would definitely say that Keiko’s autistic or at the very least somewhere on the spectrum Not that anything’s wrong with that of course but then what’s the novel’s point Murata seems to be critical of a conformist society where certain jobs relegate people to cogs within a machine – dehumanised essentially – in a society with far too rigidly defined roles with no room for individual expression leading to unsatisfied lives Except Keiko is happy to be a cog in a machine because of the way her brain is wired And it wasn’t society that did this to her she was simply born this way She fully embraces the role of convenience store worker as it’s clearly defined and therefore understandable She could do without societal rules with its grounding in complex human behaviour which she’s never understood Her character arc is non existent She knows her place in the world and she’s satisfied with it She starts and ends as a convenience store worker Something happens – which was completely arbitrary and never explained along the way that takes her out of that setting but it only confirms her contentment with her lot in life and puts her back where she started Is the point then that society should accept that some people are fine withdon’t care about “low” status Or that the rules should be different for someone who’s autisticon the spectrum who clearly can’t handledoesn’t want the complexities that come with traditional ideas of success – high paying jobs lots of material possessions families etc I found Convenience Store Woman underwhelming as its ultimate message – you’ve got one life to live it’s yours don’t waste any time worrying about what other people think and live it the way you want – isn’t just a mundane obvious observation but is something I took to heart years ago and I think is how most people live anyway At least that’s what I took the meaning to be seeing as Keiko affirms her place in the world regardless of what people think and is than ok with it Unless it’s meant to be tragic as she tried and failed to “climb the social ladder” by getting a new job But if she’s autistic then she probably wouldn’t be able to handle anything else so isn’t she already doing the best that she can And that’s why I don’t think the conformity critiue – if that was what Murata was going for – works well alongside an autistic character Because conformity regularity mindless repetitive labour etc actually fits an autistic person who can’t handle change Maybe that message would’ve been effective if Keiko had started out as a girl with hopes and dreams for a fulfilling career a nice house a husband and kids and ended up a single convenience store worker Except the novel is actually about how someone found their place in life right out of high school and has continued to be happy with it; it’s everyone else who has a problem with that So the novel is about a character who doesn’t change a society that doesn’t change and how both have found comfort in conformity and the author’s conclusion to all this is who knows At any rate it doesn’t add up to much People seem to really dig autistic fictional characters these days – like the gay professor in that wildly successful yet desperately unfunny sitcom and Don Tillman in Graeme Simsion’s bestselling The Rosie Project – so I can see why this would be popular And Japanese convenience stores really are incredible Their food culture is light years ahead of what we have in the west Convenience store food is delicious and the selections are many and mind bending – if you ever visit you’ll be blown away with the treasures inside these ubiuitous shopsStill it’s generally a well written book that’s easy to read and for a novel mostly set in somewhere as ordinary as a convenience store and its day to day machinations it’s never boring so credit to Sayaka Murata for that Maybe it’s messaging is relevant to close buttoned Japanese society but I wasn’t impressed with it and found it left a confused impression If it had been clearer and focused this would be a decent novel; as it is it’s a jumbled mess

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コンビニ人間 Konbini ningen Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ò [PDF / Epub] ✅ コンビニ人間 Konbini ningen Author Sayaka Murata – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk 36歳未婚女性、古倉恵子。大学卒業後も就職せず、コンビニのバイトは18年目を世界の正常な「部品」にしてくれる――。ある日、婚活目的の新入り男性、白羽がやってきて、そんなコンビニ的生き方は「恥ずかしくないのか」とつきつけられるが。現代の実存を問い、正常と異常の境目がゆらぐ衝撃のリアリズム小説。. Actual heart emojis burst from my aura the whole time I read this book Hilariously uirky full of social commentary that’s nothing short of brilliant Savvy author to deliver a great conclusion just when the premise starts to wane It’s a 3 hour read that will stay with me forever Genius

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歳未婚女性、古倉恵子。大学卒業後も就職せず、コンビニのバイトは年目。これまで彼氏なし。オープン当初からスマイルマート日色駅前店で働き続け、変わりゆくメンバーを見送りながら、店長は人目だ。日々食べるのはコンビニ食、夢の中. The moment I finished reading this story I immediately wanted to know everything about the author Sayaka Murata WHO IS SHE I was screaming inside about how WONDERFUL she must be This book is a GEM Awe inspiring writing — irresistible—and weirdly outlandishMy goshI had the best laugh when I discovered that ‘our author’ — one of Japan’s most exciting contemporary writers—I AGREEI AGREE —‘really’ works as a part time employee in a convenience store Talk about material for inspiration— Sayaka has first hand experience Cracks me up I love it I love Japanese Literature anywayand Sayaka’s storytelling is so marvelous with humor complexity of conformity that I just can’t stop smiling about this slim ADORABLE but ALSO VERY AFFECTING with sad undercurrentsnovel Who WOULDN’T enjoy reading this I can’t imagine anyone not being consumed by it What stands out to me about our main character Keiko self acclaimed different who has worked in the convenient store for 18 years watching other university students come and goand managers come and gois how deliciously self aware Keiko is This girl is ‘not’ stupid I felt that even when Keiko copied the styles of fashion and language jargon of others demonstrating that she ‘could’ blend in—that mostly she was at peace with herself exactly the way she was There are many ways to look at this story — the illusions about what society calls normal and our human agreements about what’s considered a successful life or notetc I adore Keiko I hope the author writes books about her I’d love to continue to follow Keiko again I miss her already Honestly I can imagine a dozen stories centered around Keiko The other thing that makes this book so special is ‘THE FEELINGTHE AURA’ we ‘experience’ A GEM I tell ya a precious gem leaving us with much to think aboutHIGHLY RECOMMENDit’s a uick treasure of a read Thank You Grove Atlantic Netgalley and Sayaka Murata I’m a new fan