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Download Show off Boston Verse #11 Mobi Ã Ö Cordelia kingsbridge Ò [Download] ➾ Show off Boston Verse #11 ➹ Cordelia Kingsbridge – Original WorkAndres CardonaRiley BlackpooleWhen Riley goes home for Thanksgiving break he and Andres stay connected despite theOriginal WorkAndres CardonaRiley BlackpooleWhen Ril Not bad but it seemed like a step backwardsThe sex as always was killer “This isn’t enough for you is it?” Andres asked after a couple of torturous minutes“No sir”“Why not?”Riley turned his face to the side so the words would be clear “Because I’m a whore”“That’s right You’re a greedy little cockslut and you’ll never be satisfied until that pussy is nice and full But I know how tight you are so we’re gonna take it slow okay? Two fingers now” However this instalment is missing the emotional connection and relationship development between Riley and Andres that we got in the past few There's also the appearance of Riley's ex which I'm not so keen on I'm really hoping that the author doesn't backtrack and bring Riley and Andres back to a sex only relationship I don't know how I'd feel about thatIn any case I'll be reading the next one I'm hooked on Andres and his dirty mouth

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Tay connected despite the distance4654 wordsComplet Free on Ao3 this series is smoking hot but moves from straight up porn without plot into uite a complex relationship

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Show off Boston Verse #11Ey goes home for Thanksgiving break he and Andres s I was very disappointed with this one I thought we were heading towards feelings in this series but this one makes it seem like Riley's ex is going to come back into the picture and cause unnecessary drama between Riley and Andres This one also was far too short to really advance the story I'm not looking forward to Riley and Dylan because while it hasn't bothered me so far in this series probably because there's not been feelings involved I'm not a poly or menage person and I'm ok with Andres and Riley sleeping with other people but not an ex that Riley may still have feelings for I may just cut my losses at this point and stop here