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S'enfuir Récit d'un otage Free read ô 102 ↠ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ S'enfuir Récit d'un otage Author Guy Delisle – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk How does one survive when all hope is lostIn the middle of the night in 1997 Doctors Without Borders administrator Christophe André was kidnapped by armed men and taken away to aHow does one survive when all hope is lostIn the middle of the night in Doctors Without Borders administrator Christophe André was kidnapped by armed men and taken away to an unknown destination in the Caucasus region For three months André was kept handcuffed in solitary confinement with little to survive on and almost no contact S'enfuir Récit eBook #191 with the outside world Close to twenty years later awa. This is a real story It took the author fifteen years to finish this nonfiction bookA man is kidnapped as he is doing humanitarian work in Nazran in 1997 He doesn’t understand what is happening seeing that he is working for an NGO and has no conflict whatsoever with the country or leaders of RussiaHe thinks maybe they want the money from the safe but they don’t seem to be interested in the keys that open it which are located in his pockets So Christophe spends his time locked away wondering what his abductors want and when he will be releasedThis is a very repetitive story I want to make that extremely clear because not much actually happens in it However that is to be expected or at least understood After all Christophe can’t control anything He is manacled locked starved He has no way of escaping or contacting someone He spends months thinking—reassuring himself that everything will be alright soon enough He can only go on if he knows there is hope The truth is that is the only thing that keeps him going In fact when everything is taken away from you—your family rights liberty life—the only thing that can keep you from losing your mind is the thought of one day getting those things back in some wayThat is exactly why Christophe keeps sane He thinks of his sister the beautiful city of Paris and unimportant but soothing to him historical factseventscharacters Although it’s a slow paced and repetitive story it’s also rather suspenseful especially since like Christophe himself you never know when the torture will end It might be in the next page chapter or never You just don’t know so you keep on reading because you can’t imagine yourself giving up on this book and by extension giving up on ChristopheAt least that’s how I feltBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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Rd winning cartoonist Guy Delisle Pyongyang Jerusalem Shenzhen Burma Chronicles recounts André’s harrowing experience in Hostage a book that attests to the power of one man’s determination in the face of a hopeless situationMarking a departure from the author’s celebrated first person travelogues Delisle tells the story through the perspective of the titular captive who strives to keep his mind alert as de. Doctors Without Borders administrator Christophe André tells the story of his kidnapping in Ingushetia North Caucasus in 1997 His story is both heartbreaking and inspirational his struggle to maintain his humanity in a situation that stripped him of the ability to make even the most basic decisions urinating when you have to yet moving past despair to trusting his fellow man again is a powerful story of survival and redemption

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S'enfuir Récit d'un otageSperation starts to set in Working in a pared down style with muted color washes Delisle conveys the psychological effects of solitary confinement compelling us to ask ourselves some difficult uestions regarding the repercussions of negotiating with kidnappers and what it really means to be free Thoughtful intense and moving Hostage takes a profound look at what drives our will to survive in the darkest of moment. In July 1997 while on a mission for Doctors Without Borders French worker Christophe Andre was kidnapped in the Russian Caucasus by Chechens and held for a 1m ransom He thought his release would be secured in one or two days not realising the months of captivity ahead of him Best known for his autobiographical comics about his travels in dangerous regions like North Korea and Jerusalem French Canadian cartoonist Guy Delisle’s graphic adaptation of Christophe’s account is also his longest book to date clocking in at 430 pages I mention the length because it’s the main reason why I didn’t love this one though I didn’t dislike it that much either After the compelling beginning when Christophe is kidnapped he’s moved from one bare room to another where he stays handcuffed to radiators desperately trying to remember the date and waiting for his crappy meals Luckily his jailers aren’t violent towards him and leave him to his own devices but that doesn’t mean much There’s no dialogue with his captors as he doesn’t speak Russian and his inner monologue is limited most of which is taken up with wondering when he’ll be freed and occasionally recounting historical battles to distract himself from total boredom He’s a bit of a boring protagonist As a result the majority of the book is largely repetitive and dull blurring into one unmemorable sparsely worded static scene after another – it makes for a uick read though Delisle’s minimalist art doesn’t help liven things up either though it’s perhaps an appropriate match for the bland material I understand why Delisle structured the book this way to give insight into and convey the tedium and frustration of Christophe’s experience to the reader – but it doesn’t make the book any interesting to read It does heighten the excitement of the finale though as after hundreds of pages where barely anything happens a lot of thrilling stuff starts happening at once Still the reader does have to endure a lot of dreariness to make it to the worthwhile payoff Hostage is a decent comic with a gripping beginning and end but a very mediocre middle which is unfortunately the longest part Nonetheless it’s a remarkable story that I’m glad I read and I suspect that if you’re a Guy Delisle fan like me you’ll pick this up regardless Though I would’ve preferred a heavily edited down version I can still appreciate Delisle’s artistic vision for the comic even if that makes Hostage my least favourite of his books