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Read & Download For your eyes only ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ò ❴BOOKS❵ ✫ For your eyes only Author Ian Fleming – Bond watched her as she reached the edge of the tables and came up the aisle It was hopeless She was coming to meet someone—her lover She was the sortS table and sat down ‘I’m sorry I’m late We’ve got to get moving at once You’re wanted at the office’ She added under her breath ‘Crash dive’Sudden emergencies and beautiful girls who aren’t uite what they seem and are the stock in trade of James Bond And when is on the case. For Your Eyes Only is the eighth book in Ian Fleming’s James Bond spy thriller series a collection of five short stories From a View to a Kill For Your Eyes Only uantum of Solace Risico and The Hildebrand Rarity” all of which had parts to play in various film adaptations Four of them were originally developed out of plots for a tv series that was never made I have only somewhat enjoyed aspects of my first time run through each of the Bond books which haven’t held up for me as well as the fun films—some of the plots are over the top goofy and the villains are cartoony he takes time to reveal racism and sexism that are difficult to but I was happily surprised to discover that each of these stories was satisfying sometimes revealing fictional experimentation On the while the prose is lean and punchy as it almost never is in the novels Yes there’re expert cold blooded killings and “unbelievably” beautiful women but the cartoonish nature of the same in the novels is largely gone Fleming the writer takes over from Fleming the entertainer“uantum of Solace” is very unusual in what I have read thus far in Fleming; written as an homage to Somerset Maugham whose story “His Excellency “ Fleming admired It is basically a dinnertime story told to Bond of a civil servant Philip Masters whose life was ruined by his marriage to stewardess Bond bored by his dinner party companions had joked that if he might marry at some point it would be to a stewardess who might wait on him at his beck and call His companion in his cautionary tale reveals what became problems for another man whose stewardess wife was unfaithful to him and surprise had been one of the supposedly boring attendees at the dinner that evening Pretty charming story “For Your Eyes Only is the story of Bond doing a favor for his boss M whose friends the Havelocks have been killed by an ex Gestapo officer von Hammerstein who had wanted to buy a Jamaican estate They are killed by two Cuban hitmen who hide out with von Hammerstein Vermont until Bond—and the Havelocks' daughter Judy who is an expert marksman—show up Judy resisting Bond’s suggestion that such killing is “man’s work” kills von Hammerstein with her bow and arrow and Bond takes care of the gunmen who subseuently injure Judy and then you know Bond takes care of Judy in the way that only Bond seems to be able to doThe stories are surprisingly well done and serious literary efforts and I’ll look forward to reading of them from Fleming

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Bond watched her as she reached the edge of the tables and came up For your Epubthe aisle It was hopeless She was coming to meet someone her lover She was the sort of woman who always belongs to somebody else What damnable luck Before Bond could pull himself together the girl had come up to hi. STORY 1 From a View to a Kill 4 starsMy review is here 2 For Your Eyes Only4 stars The bread stuck in Bond's throat Tension was building up in him In his imagination he could already hear the deep bark of the Savage He could see the black bullet lazily like a slow flying bee homing down into the valley towards a suare of pink skin There was a light smack as it hit The skin dented broke and then closed up again leaving a small hole with bruised edges The bullet ploughed on unhurriedly towards the pulsing heart – the tissues the blood vessels parting obediently to let it throughIn this short story Bond is called into M's office He knows something is wrong because M is addressing him as “James” instead of “007” It turns out that M's friends a couple living in Jamaica have been viciously murdered M is very hesitant to send Bond out on the case because M doesn't want to be seeking revenge He wants to seek justice But he's unsure if he is being objective He asks Bond's opinion Bond says Bond said These people can't be hung sir But they ought to be killedAgain I adore the sweet relationship between M and Bond They respect each other Bond obeys M without uestion and M values Bond's opinion Bond doesn't obey M or like M because he has to – because M is his boss – but instead because he respects M and thinks M is a strong reasonable man who works hard to defend BritainThis is another book where Bond must overcome his reluctance to murder people Even though he knows that Von Hammerstein is a bad man who has had many people killed and is ex Gestapo Bond has no dog in this fight It's easier although still not easy for Bond to kill people he has seen do evil things or who have hurt him personally for example Goldfinger This story focuses on how Bond has to psych himself up to kill these evil men He knows they are evil but has never met them and has never personally seen them do anything evil Bond did not like what he was going to do and all the way from England he had to keep on reminding himself what sort of men these wereThat's why it's a good thing the woman showed upEven though Bond complains to no end about how she's ruining his concentration how she's a burden how he has to focus on the mission blah blah blah she's actually a great impetus for him to kill everyone he's supposed to kill There's nothing that motivates Bond than having someone to protect and defend Especially if it's an attractive young ladySo who is she Judy view spoilerHavelock She is the murdered couple's 25 year old daughter She is in the woods like Bond to murder von Hammerstein hide spoiler

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For your eyes onlyThere’s only one thing you can be sure of the result will be thrilling And whether he’s dealing with the assassination of a Cuban thug in America the destruction of an international heroin ring or sudden death in the Seychelles Bond gets the job done In his own suave and unmistakable style. Is it possible to write effective short stories about spies When I started reading Ian Fleming's For Your Eyes Only I thought Ho ho I can't see where this'll work In fact none of the five stories are strictly speaking spy stories No SMERSH no SPECTRE and only a couple mentions of the big bad Soviets In From a View to a Kill James Bond patiently finds who murdered a SHAPE courier by becoming one himself and luring the assassinThe title story is a plain and simple revenge murder at M's behest of a gangster who killed two dear old friends of his in JamaicaMy favorite story is uantum of Solace in which 007 finds out from the governor of the Bahamas why it is not such a great idea to marry an airline stewardessRisico finds Bond trying to help the Americans nail a European drug dealer except that the enemy turns out to be an ally; and the ally an enemyFinally The Hildebrand Rarity contains an unsolved but utterly deserving murder of a cruel American billionaire These five stories are as good as anything Fleming has written