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When Scotland Yard Inspector Alan Grant is confined to a The Daughter Epubhospital bed a friend brings him an assortment of pictures of famous historical figures Grant is captivated by a portrait. In 1951 Josephine Tey wrote her 5th novel in the Inspector Grant series In 1990 this mystery novel was named the greatest mystery novel of all time by the British Crime Writers' Association After reading it I can definitely see whyFor one thing during the entire novel Inspector Alan Grant is confined to bed with a broken leg and a strained back He is an inspector for Scotland Yard – an active man relying on his brains and his brawn to help him solve cases He also studies faces and uses his intuition to help him figure out who did what when it comes to crimeNow however he is beside himself Stuck in one place tired of tracing the possible pictures in the cracks and fissures of the ceiling above him bored beyond belief and ready to bolt – or stage a revolt whichever might allow him to release some steamThanks to some friends he is offered a mystery to solve A very old mystery one with its roots in history which means it is written by historians which means a combination of invention speculation and based only on whatever facts might have been expedient to use at the timeThat is the basic introduction to this amazingly well written book It is funny moves along faster than a hospital bed on greased wheels down a long hallway no that didn’t happen and it is crime solving with collaboration at its very best And there is a twist near the end that I did not see coming Not even closeI am so glad that I read this book It was an exhilarating experience and even exceeded my expectations which is saying a great deal considering I knew the honours that have been bestowed on this novel I do recommend it as a fascinating bit of sleuthing from a few hundred years “after the fact”

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The Daughter of TimeNe of the most intriguing mysteries of all time Who really killed the princes in the Tower of London Josephine Tey's answer to this uestion has fascinated readers since the book's publication in. Richard III had been credited with the elimination of two nephews and his name was a synonym for evil But Henry VII whose ‘settled and considered policy’ was to eliminate a whole family was regarded as a shrewd and far seeing monarch Not very lovable perhaps but constructive and painstaking and very successful withal Grant gave up History was something that he would never understand The values of historians differed so radically from any values with which he was acuainted that he could never hope to meet them on any common groundI loved this book it had absolutely everything that I wantedneeded on the rainy winter weekend when I read this In a way I could relate uite well to Inspector Grant as he was laid up in hospital with nothing to do but stare at the ceiling bored out of his head Rainy winter weekends can have a similar effect Unlike Grant of course it didn't occur to me to start a research project into the life and legacy of Richard III I merely cozied up with Tey's book and a good supply of tea and snacks I can't even put my finger of why I thought the book was so enjoyable part of me liked the characters and the banter part of me liked the mystery element even tho there is little mystery to it and part liked the historical aspect of it I loved how Tey chose to format the story how she disguised her research into the story of RIII as a hobby to pass time with In a way this is why I love historical fiction not because it sugar coats all of the historical information and presents it in an easily digestible narrative but because it dares to ask uestions and share how the actual research of non fictional topics can be fun It has the power to inspire people to learn I for one will take a much closer look at portraits from now on and especially the one of RIII

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Summary í The Daughter of Time ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç ❴Ebook❵ ➡ The Daughter of Time Author Josephine Tey – When Scotland Yard Inspector Alan Grant is confined to a hospital bed a friend brings him an assortment of pictures of famous historical figures GOf King Richard III and wonders how such a sensitive appearing soul could have murdered his own nephews to secure the British crown for himselfGrant reconsiders year old evidence pertaining to o. Sin death and hell have set their marks on himAnd all their ministers attend on him William Shakespeare Richard III Act I Scene IIIRichard III is one of history’s most notorious villains Thanks in large part to Shakespeare’s play he is known as a remorseless usurper who murdered his young nephews the “princes in the tower” so that he could become King He was King for less than two years but he remains one of the memorable characters from British history This is not an open and shut case The “Ricardian” contingent still active as the Richard III Society thinks Richard got a raw deal His fame comes from a play written during the reign of the Tudor Elizabeth I based on work by Thomas More who served the Tudor Henry VIII The Tudors they argue had a vested interest in showing Richard in the worst possible light After all the first Tudor King Henry VII came to the throne after defeating Richard in battle Richard’s defenders hold that he was falsely accused of ordering the murders suffering an unfair blot on his reputation that has lasted for several hundred yearsJosephine Tey presents the pro Richard arguments in an unusual way Published in 1951 the novel is set in the first part of the 20th century Alan Grant an inspector from Scotland Yard was injured while pursuing a suspect He is laid up in the hospital for weeks recovering from his injuries Bored out of his gourd he is looking for something to occupy him It comes in the form of a picture a print of this painting of King Richard III Grant studies the painting and thinks a guy with such a lovable face just couldn’t have done those terrible things and given his background as a detective Grant knows faces With the help of a friend who acts as a research assistant he “investigates” the case ultimately finding view spoilerRichard innocent with his successor Henry VII as the real culprit hide spoiler