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Reader Í Alberto's Lost Birthday ´ 288 pages Download Ý Diana rosie µ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Alberto's Lost Birthday Author Diana Rosie – Alberto is an old man But he doesn't know how old—he remembers nothing before his arrival at an orphanage dNto the heart of Spain a country that has pledged to forget its painful past As stories of courage cruelty and love unfold Alberto realizes that he has lost than a birthday He has lost a part of himself But with his grandson's help he might just find it agai A very enjoyable book I enjoyed how the person and tense changed as alternate chapters were accounts from various characters Would love to read another Diana Rosie book

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Alberto is an old man But he doesn't know how old he remembers nothing before his arrival at an orphanage during the Spanish civil war He rarely thinks Alberto's Lost PDFEPUBabout his missing childhood but when seven year old Tino discovers his grandfather h A charming heart breaking and compassionate story following the search of a young boy Tino to find his grandfather Alberto's birthdaySo descriptive of rural Spain I could taste the olives and smell the lemonsA beautiful portrayal of the relationship of Tino with his grandfatherMy attention was completely held with this mystery search with flashbacks to the time of the Spanish Civil War and the many traumas faced by Spanish children including Alberto Tino's grandfatherI can see this book making a very poignant movie A superb first novel and I cannot wait for the second one from this talented author

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Alberto's Lost BirthdayAs never had a birthday party never blown out candles on a birthday cake never received a single birthday present he's determined things should change And so the two set out to find Alberto's birthday Their search for the old man's memories takes them deep i I really enjoyed this book and especially liked the way the story was told Alberto is an elderly man whose young grandson Tino decides they must go on a search for Alberto's lost birthday Alberto was orphaned as a child during the Spanish Civil War and he cannot remember much of anything about his past much less his birthday Together the old man and the young boy travel through Spain following thin threads of Alberto's memory to try and track down his past In alternating chapters we read about Alberto's past told from the POV of different people who are a part of the story of how Alberto and his birthday became lost It's told in reverse order just as Alberto and Tino follow the trail backward in time It was a very touching story and the relationship between Alberto and his grandson was very sweet