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Branded Bulletproof #2 Epub × 468 pages æ [BOOKS] ✫ Branded Bulletproof #2 ✵ Jenna Galicki – It was a chance meeting in paradise that caused them to cross paths Destiny brought them together These two alpha males met with the force of a head on collision Sirens went off and lit up their heart IIt was a chance meeting in paradise that caused them to cross paths Destiny brought them together These two alpha males met with the force of a head on collision Sirens went off and lit up their hearts faster than a flash fire But now that they’re living in the real world everything isn’t as easy as anticipated Other than their strong willed and dominant personalities they couldn’t be oppositeAs the f 5 Branded StarsI have never made it a secret that I love Jenna Galicki’s writing Ohhh this book I loved it I feel like the Grinch and my heart grew adding Cam and Brandon to it right alongside Angel Tommy and Jessi I am left smiling and wishing I had of these two handsome fella’s More pleaseIt was interesting seeing how their relationship goes through so many ups and downs It was a learning curve they each had to learn to fit into each other’s lives I think I said something about growing pains in another review this week and that totally fits with this story Learning to be together and learning to be together apart but also having to learn to deal with each other pasts Compromise is the name of the game and when you love each other as much as these two do you make it workInsert Swoon here D I have the warm fuzzies and I didn't want it to end I am invested in this band and in Cam and Brandon You know when you finish a book and you have that smile on your face like wow that was good Yep that is me right now You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion and I am allowed to have it

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Ront man for a world famous heavy metal band Brandon Bullet lives in the spotlight He thrives on the attention of his fans and wild parties that all rock stars are accustomed to The free spirited attitude and uninhibited lifestyle that is so natural to Brandon totally contradicts with Cameron Douglas’ anal retentive structured mindset Spurred on by a thirst for adventure Cameron’s ready to leave behind 5 Brand Me StarsJenna Galicki is my new favorite author for MM steamy music romances Branded is the seuel to The Undercover Rock Star where we met Cameron and Brandon Ms Galicki has a uniue writing style that combines a stimulating plot sizzling sexy times hot alpha males a little angst both main characters fighting for control in the bedroom lots of rock and roll and wraps it all up in a happily ever after 1 click The Bulletproof duo The Undercover Rock Star and Branded and be prepared to be taken on a dream journey but bring a fan along with youI voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book

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Branded Bulletproof #2His sedate low key life but he’s unprepared for the rock star’s world of free sex drugs and non stop partiesConcessions aren’t always easy when thrust into a new relationship especially with two head strong men who constantly challenge one another Add time apart from Bulletproof’s promotional tour and it’s another layer of adjustment to contend with that just may push this new relationship too far 'Branded' is a full length book that takes place immediately after the events of 'The Undercover Rock Star' I loved every minute of reading this as I found myself completely immersed in Cameron and Brandon's storyCameron the accountant and Brandon the rock star are as polar opposite you can get Brandon's lifestyle lends itself to wild parties doing things on a whim and spending money without much thought Whilst Cameron's life is structured the intensity of his work lends itself to uiet nights in planning ahead socially and financially Both are very dominant in their characters All of this lends itself to conflict and tension Add in the fact that Brandon can be away for long periods and it increased the intensity of this readThe reality though is that the issues that these two guys face are the things that relationships face daily This makes this so much relatable and relevant The high heat level and intensity of the characters made this an incredible readReviewed for LBM Book Blog