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What She SawHe City of What She PDFEPUBLight As long as she takes her meds she promises herself her heightened curiosity and manic elation will stay under controlBut when that curiosity leads her to the hotel’s private elevator which serves only the ultra elite penthouse Suite Imperial she spies much than plush carpets and gilt chandeliers a young woman caught in the clutches of a th Not a great read I felt it to be slow paced throughout and really didn't go anywhere I really didn't like Lana either HoweverFerdinand turned out to be a better character and created some level of interest There wasn't any twists and turns it all flowed unidirectional One can guess what's coming next

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Sex scandal politics and a cast of characters you just can't trust all delivered with a thoroughly modern sensibility SARAH PINBOROUGH author of Behind Her EyesThe storied Hotel Chevalier on Paris’s ritzy Right Bank hosts celebrities dignitaries and for one night Lana Gibson an American woman who’s escaped the monotony of her staid married life for a cultural jaunt to t I received this book for free through Goodreads' First Reads This book gets bad reviews but I liked it a lot Some people say that the characters are not likable but honestly I've read way worse Lana was not that bad and I understood why she acted the way she did I also loved the setting and thought it was utilized well It makes me want to go to Paris Overall I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a thriller set in a foreign country

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What She Saw kindle ↠ eBook 9780062568984 Free É ➺ [Download] ➶ What She Saw By Gerard Stembridge ➻ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Sex scandal politics and a cast of characters you just can't trust all delivered with a thoroughly modern sensibility SARAH PINBOROUGH author of Behind Her EyesThe storied HotelReatening looking older man Unable to erase the image of the girl in danger from her mind Lana alerts the police plunging herself into a firestorm of intrigue and becoming a targetAlone in the city not knowing who has her best interests at heart Lana will need to use every ounce of strength and guile as she races to discover the relationship between the truth and what she s Yes I am finished with this book Or as finished as I'm ever going to be since I only read 60% of it I just could NOT take Lana Turner the protagonist any Yes Lana has a disease she is bi polar although he author does not really stress that this is what she has The meds she take could be for several mental disordersI had a difficult time reminding myself that someone this stupid is mentally unhealthy and not really stupid and then after a while I just gave up on caring that she knows not what she doesbecause as I read her Lana knew perfectly well just what she was doingYou ever read a book and you just want to scream at the heroine for doing what she was asked not to do by authorities or going where she darn well know she has no business being Well after a while I just wanted to punch her outPerhaps the second half got better I'll never know Oh and this was a very intelligent and literary novel if you don't know a lot of French and you aren't reading on something that can translate for you you will be as unhappy as I was Even my Kindle couldn't translate all of the wordsI hope that those of you who do choose to read this enjoy the 'oddness' of this book and I am sure many are going toHappy ReadingARC supplied by AuthorPublisher