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PDF ç BOOK The Billionaire's Virgin Mistress ´ ❮Reading❯ ➽ The Billionaire's Virgin Mistress Author Sandra Field – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Ruthless and rich Cade Lorimer is assigned a very special task by his adoptive father find his granddaughterTess Ritchie has always believed she has no family so it's a sAmour then willingly into his bedBut there can be no future for their jet set affair for he's a hardened playboy and she is his innocent mistre the book would have been a 5 star if not for the start which was slightly slow for me

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Ruthless and rich Cade Lorimer is assigned a very special task by his adoptive father find his granddaughterTess Ritchie has always believed sh Tess is an innocent who has tried to escape by living alone in a cabin on an island But Cade Lorimer finds her he's representing her long lost grandfather who is trying to get back in touch with her and offer her his millions and all his holdings Tess who has seen greed and corruption refuses Until she doesn't Before long she finds herself whisked off to foreign countries to be introduced to her grandfather's businesses while Cade remains at her side There is an attraction between them and Cade gives a tiny bit of resistance before he's determined to take Tess to bed Then he learns she's a virgin and backs off so Tess becomes the seducer They start their affair all the while Cade tells her to keep the feelings out of it But Tess is an ingenue and cannot do that and even though Cade swears he can Tess suspects he feels for her than he'll admit This was good but I didn't enjoy Tess very much She was all fire and no substance the woman had no conviction She's all up in a rage about how she'll never accept her grandfather's money and she'll never become like the rich people and all that and then she caves and she doesn't even struggle with her decision Then she's living a jet setting lifestyle with fancy clothes and she's unfazed Then she swears to Cade that she can pull off an affair without falling in love but the heart wants what the heart wants but I felt like in being hurt and angry and putting that on Cade she was rather unfair to him Cade for all his faults was exceedingly honest about what their affair would be down right direct about it Cade didn't want to hurt her and it's not really his fault that he did but Tess didn't once see it that way So that was a bit disappointing Still the two did have some pretty good chemistry and they did make a good team I liked that Tess wasn't a naive unworldly virgin for all her inexperience she'd experienced a lot in life Cade was also an interesting hero with his hangups about falling in love being fairly believable

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The Billionaire's Virgin MistressE has no family so it's a shock when Cade shows up claiming she's an heiress to a fortune Tess steps reluctantly into his world of glitz and gl I got this book in a bundle and wanted to review it individually When you were told as a child you had no grandparents and any other family you tend to believe your parents Tess finds out at twenty two that she has been living forty miles from her paternal grandfather for over a year His adopted son Cade has been dispatched to bring her home But not all is at it seems She is very leery if not afraid of him and his actions And he thinks her a money grabbing witch When all secrets and pasts come to light what is left for either of them?