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Hypercapitalism Read Ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ë ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Hypercapitalism Author Larry Gonick – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk PAPERBACK ORIGINAL From the bestselling cartoonist of The Cartoon History of the Universe comes an explosively graphic take down of capitalismBestselling “overeducateDering even the most complex ideas in clear plain and sometimes hilarious terms A primer for the post Occupy generation Hypercapitalism also provides a concise introduction to the thinkers Stiglitz Piketty Sandel Schor et al movements voluntary simplicity the sharing economy intentional communities the time affluence movement and concepts hypercapitalism corporate power GNP alternatives that are critical to understanding and changing the world we live in. This book is incredibly funny And trust me you'll need a few laughs after this discussion of how capitalism works and how it affects people's psychology Luckily the last section of the book has some suggestions for how normal folks can help reign in the beast Pretty inspiring stuff

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R materialist society to create an incomparable cartoon guide to what exactly is wrong with modern life why we’re all so miserable and what can be done about it Hypercapitalism is an accessible and pointed cartoon guide to the threats to humans our society and the environment posed by the current form of global capitalism In pointed profound and entertaining cartoon narratives the authors take readers inside the inner workings of the global economy ren. The authors are preaching to the choir on this oneIt is a good primer on capitalism both pros and cons and it's twisted offspring hypercapitalism Part II looks at ways to combat our current economic system

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HypercapitalismPAPERBACK ORIGINAL From the bestselling cartoonist of The Cartoon History of the Universe comes an explosively graphic take down of capitalismBestselling “overeducated cartoonist” Larry Gonick has delighted readers for years with sharp digestible and hilarious accounts of everything from the history of the universe to the story of calculus Now Gonick teams up with psychologist and scholar Tim Kasser an expert on how happiness and values relate to ou. uite nice Just by chance I read it at the same time as The Communist Manifesto A Graphic Novel I recommend that one only for the graphics but this one has recommendable content Both books point out that unrestrained capitalism can lead to some bad outcomes including exploitation of workers and destruction of the environment But while CM recommends overthrowing capitalism to replace it with something only vaguely specified this book recommends modest proposals Capitalism has many benefits and should be kept But governmental or societal restraints should be placed on it such as for example don't let companies advertise drugs to kids; don't let companies evade taxes by pretending their profits come only from some other conveniently low tax country etc And even when large scale political solutions seem far away you can control your own behavior for example don't go into debt buying things you don't even want from organizations you don't likeThat is my exaggerated example not one from the book which talks only of advertising toys and food to children