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Review Ü True Names and Other Dangers Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ø ⚣ [PDF] ✅ True Names and Other Dangers By Vernor Vinge ✰ – ContentsBookworm Run 1966True Names 1981The Peddler's Apprentice 1975 with Joan D VingeThe UngovernUngoverned Long Shot Marooned in Realtime excerpt. There is something reminiscent of Asimov in the twists to many of these stories and something reminiscent of Arthur C Clarke in the way Vinge pushes at how technology might drive a very radical change in what is humanBookworm Run This 1966 story is the first one Vinge wrote that he ever was able to sell he was still in high school at the time I really liked his chimpanzee protagonist Four StarsTrue Names I own The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge and there's a lot of overlap In fact four of the five stories in this collection can be found there The exception is True Names a novella that runs for nearly a hundred pages It says a lot about that story that I'm not willing to discard this book and lose that story It's a story that imaginatively blends fantasy and science fiction tropes In a virtual reality warlocks manipulate cyberspace through a fantasy realm interface Five StarsThe Peddler's Apprentice Written with his then wife Joan Vinge this is an imaginative time traveler story with a take I haven't seen elsewhere Three StarsThe Ungoverned This is a cult classic among libertarians and had even been pointed to me as an argument for anarcho capitalism Color me skeptical it would change any minds but it certainly is memorable and thought provoking Five StarsLong Shot About the odyssey of a space probe this has a fantastic premise and is among Vinge's best stories one of the most likely to be found in anthologies or mentioned in lists of best science fiction shorts Five Stars

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ContentsBookworm Run True and Other MOBI #245 Nam. Good shorts in here I have to give it five stars because the title story True Names was so fascinating to a computer geek like me Thank you Vernor for introducing me to the Technological Singularity

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True Names and Other DangersEs The Peddler's Apprentice with Joan D VingeThe. Vernor Vigne is a titan in the sci fi world if not the computer science world and this novella True Stories was one of the first to explore the issue of Singularity as it applies to artificial intelligence It's a classic