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Slave to Love Free download ´ 6 ¼ [Ebook] ➠ Slave to Love By Michelle Reid – Sweet nights no promisesAfter her year long affair with Solomon Maclaine it was clear to Roberta that she would never be anything but his mistress Mac's first marriage had left its scars on him but he Sweet nights no promisesAfter heEnt and children she craved she'd have to leave But could she really give up the love she shared with Mac A love that brought with it no promisesbut the sweetest nights of passio. The heroine if she'd been male she would have been accused of being led around by her you know what is so in love with this nasty smarmy man I honestly thought the brother was the hero when I first started reading the bookSo she's in a relationship of sorts with her boss and he's invited her to his daughter's 18th birthday party She's so happy thinking he's finally moving forward in their relationship but instead he ditches her on his brother and ignores her the whole time Meanwhile his horrible daughter circles the room and informs everyone that she's daddy's latest bimbo She finally grows a pair and takes off with every intention of leaving himShe goes back to the apartment and was in a horrible accident In a coma in the hospital for days no one knew who she was until the hero finally drags himself away from his family at the end of the weekend and she doesn't show up for work He feels like a complete asshat because he couldn't be bothered to worry about the heroine when there were important things to worry about like pretending he was still happy families with his ex He feels incredibly guilty and realizes what a douche he was to the heroineOh wait No I only wished that would have happenedHeroine leaves him and he tries calling her but can't find her But does that worry him enough to leave and go looking for her Nope Not this guy he doesn't care about her at all But the heroine's resolve is sorely tempted when she realizes she's cutting herself off of some hot sex Mostly because she's never had it from anyone else so doesn't realize it can be JUST AS GOOD and PROBABLY BETTER from someone who actually cares a little bit about her So she's going to leave him but he'll have none of that So now she's not going to leave him but wait he pulls another asshat trick Now she's DEFINITELY going to leave him this time Oh no she's not Andnow he's going to behave even worse She should have just given up She was never going to leave him It made me sick to my stomach that she kept going back to him Good lord Happily ever after would be if the book ended when she finally made up with her parentsI could totally take a chick lit on this one She doesn't need to be with him it's much better if she's notBut no the great heroine completely understands everything the hero was trying to say before and she also doesn't want to hurt miss daddy's latest bimbo any than the set down she already gave herJust tell the truth for once No you don't want to be with him no little brat it's not just your fault you're only a minor problem it's your nasty nasty father No woman in their right mind would want to be stuck with him forever No wonder the ex wife hated being married to him and cheated on him He's yucky

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Sweet nights no promisesAfter her year long affair with Solomon Maclaine it was clear to Roberta that she would never be Slave to PDFEPUB or anything but his mistress Mac's firs. That Brian Ferry song with the same title is thundering in my ears as I write this Thankfully I like the song actually than this storyThe heroine is a young 25 who has given her virginity and a year of her life to a divorced older man She realizes the relationship isn't going anywhere when she is ignored at his daughter's 18th birthday party She tries to break it off Hero keeps chasing herThere's lots of business talk in between the angst until Hero gives in and offers marriage YayI guess it's a happy ending that the heroine got her man Hero wasn't charming or interesting to me but heroine was happyI am glad the heroine put the 18 year old daughter in her place but I don't foresee an easy marriage for the heroine with all the hero's baggage Hero got a hot second wife and still has an adoring daughter and friendly ex Who got the better deal

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Slave to LoveT marriage had left its scars on him but he still seemed to give most of his time to his ex wife and spoiled daughterRoberta faced a hard decision if she were to have the commitm. This story should have had everything in it I could desire from a story A woman madly in love with a hero who pretty much treats her like dirt in front of his ex wife and his daughter After reading the sample I KNEW I'd get my angst fix with this but instead I just wanted to kick Roberta She was such an embarrassing and cringy doormat And Mac was such a callous douche I hated him and I didn't for one minute believe he was in love with Roberta He knew all he had to do was whip out his magic penis and Roberta would automatically become doormat material and let him enter and she did REPEATEDLY It was embarrassing I got to the point I was seriously hoping Roberta would finally grow a backbone and take up with Mac's brother At least Joel was likeable Not sure what the author was thinking when writing this