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Read & Download A Willing Surrender ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ [Reading] ➿ A Willing Surrender By Robyn Donald – She was bewildered by her own reactionClary couldn't deny the attraction that flamed between herself and Morgan Caird when they met in England But she didn't believProved her wrong His pursuit was relentless unavoidable seductive though she kept on fighting him It took a long time for Clary to realize it was herself she was fighting and that their love was real. Read this while on cold and flu meds and Hannibal Lecter kept popping into my head “Hello Clarice” “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chiantiEven with Hannibal Lecter in the background I still enjoyed this book I loved Clary She was seriously stuck between a rock and a hard place I did not envy her Morgan man whore that he was got smacked upside the head with luuurve the moment he first saw Clarice He just wanted her What he didn’t realize is that his man whoring ways were gonna come back and bite him in the ass It was wonderful watching him try his best to redeem himself in Clary’s eyes I also loved Morgan’s mom She was a firecracker A fun read even when you’re all drugged in with cold and flu meds Lol

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She believe that a powerful experienced man like A Willing EpubMorgan would be permanently affected in the same way So she refused to have anything to do with him and hurried home to New ZealandMorgan. I found nothing redeeming in the hero He was an adulterous cheating lying sorry excuse for a man view spoiler He has an affair with the heroine's sister in law And then he is surprised when the heroine cannot get past his adulterous relationship with her brother's wife Of course he didn't know that the sister in law Susan was married the first time they slept together But once he did find out he continued with their relationship never recognizing that he was destroying a marriage hide spoiler

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A Willing SurrenderShe was bewildered by her own reactionClary couldn't deny the attraction that flamed between herself and Morgan Caird when they met in England But she didn't believe in love at first sightNeither did. My feelings about this book are conflicted I did like the intensity with this story I felt that the connection between Clary and Morgan was fated in an impossible to rationalize away However I just couldn't reconcile the relationship with Susan away I know that Morgan didn't know that Susan was married when they got together but he continued to sleep with her after he knew and was willing to take a separation as enough to continue his adulterous relationship with another man's wife I know my issues stem from my incredible distaste for adultery I tried to tell myself what Clary told herself what Morgan did prior to her was his business but it was too sordid for me to just chalk away So I could understand how hard it was for Clary on multiple levels In addition to unresolved issues from her father's destruction of his own marriage I think that she was in a very difficult situation with her love for Morgan in direct conflict with her loyalty and love for her brother the wronged husband I like that Donald didn't minimize this issue but it was something they both had to deal with face on Morgan's way of dealing with it was interesting and in a forceful way probably the most direct solution to the problemI love a possessive jealous obsessed hero but something about Morgan didn't sit right with me Maybe I didn't detect enough vulnerability from him early enough on He seemed a lot controlling than I like in a hero While I love a stalkerific hero I don't like controlling heroes and Morgan is definitely that On the good side his devotion for Clary was undeniable He showed that what he felt for her was different from what he'd felt for women in the past This is one of those books where I can say definitively that I wouldn't be happy with a man like this in real life I'm not sure how many women could be happy with a man like Morgan with his controlling somewhat inflexible the world bends to him and he doesn't bend to the world and yes manipulative personality As an only child he has a hard sort of self absorption that expects others to fall in with his own wants and needs That is not to say he is incapable of generosity or acts of kindness They are just on his terms Not sure that would be the ideal marriage partner honestlyI decided to give this book four stars because it has a lot of intensity and depth to it which does appeal to me as a reader Additionally I felt a mixture of very vivid emotions as I read it When I read books I want to experience the books on a visceral level and I did feel that with A Willing Surrender Yes this is one for readers who can't resist a stalkerific hero but there were aspects about Morgan's character that compromised my ability to like him as a hero especially his unethical response to the issue of sustaining an adulterous relationship with another man's wife He even admitted his jealousy and possessive feelings towards Clary Put on the other man's shoes It was like he didn't consider what that might do to another man whose wife he was sleeping with And it wasn't like he was in love with Susan and truly couldn't let her go That's undesirable to meI know I have massively over thought this book What can I say I can't leave my brain behind when I read books