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The Airbnb StoryThis is the remarkable behind the scenes story of the creation and growth of Airbnb the online lodging platform that has become in under a decade the largest provider of accommodations in the world At first just the wacky idea of cofounders Brian Chesky Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk Airbnb has disrupted the billion hotel industry and its billion valuation is now larger than that of Hilton The Airbnb. Nothing new Absolutely insincere IPO advertising book Short version of book AirBNB is friendly and disruptive hotel lobby is eval founders are genius everybody loves Airbnb nothing bad should happenI don't hate the company no bad feelings about it But the book has nothing intereatingIf you'd love to read really engaging story about tech in travel company read Truck full of money about Kayak's founder Paul English

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Kindle and close to that of Marriott Airbnb is beloved by the millions of members in its “host” community and the travelers they shelter every night And yet even as the company has blazed such an unexpected path this is the first book solely dedicated to the phenomenon of Airbnb Fortune editor Leigh Gallagher explores the success of Airbnb along with the controversial side of its story Regulators. Success stories are always appealing What we now know as Airbnb started in 2004 with Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia two broke industrial and graphic design school graduates Later their befriended programmer Nathan Blecharczyk joined The three worked out an idea to rent out air beds and breakfast to make some money This was the conception of what became Airbnb now valued at 30 billion and on the eve of entering ChinaThe boys had the luck of a perfect timing to meet investors The uniue selling points of their business model two markets where demand and supply are facing each other a powerful payment system starting as the Craigslist for rooms but uickly becoming a disruptive force in hospitality services without owning any of the homes or rooms that are rented out Leigh Gallagher tells The Airbnb Story in chronological order and shares from an abundance of background information memoirs and interviews Not only Airbnb is covered also its main competitors eg Awaycom VRBOcom couchsurfingcom and the differences in market approach products and services offered and the outlook for the near future Will the traditional hotel chains ultimately take over Can market entrants or competitors somehow steal and copy the business model And can Airbnb itself evolve into a successful multiproduct firm with spread risks to survive in the long runIf Airbnb has disrupted hotels travel space and trust it's also disrupted conventional management theory The company's rise is lacking corporate experience with the founders at their start No MBA but design school as a foundation Learn from these three founding fathers of a real game changer still in charge of this privately owned company Media are normally running behind the facts Where everyone thinks Airbnb is today is where we were two years ago The same will apply to this book updated to the very end of 2016 In 2 years the Airbnb story will have different twists and outcomes

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Read ☆ The Airbnb Story ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Û ❮EPUB❯ ✰ The Airbnb Story Author Leigh Gallagher – This is the remarkable behind the scenes story of the creation and growth of Airbnb the online lodging platform that has become in under a decade the largest Want to curb its rapid expansion hotel industry leaders wrestle with the disruption it has caused them and residents and customers alike struggle with the unintended conseuences of opening up private homes for public consumption This is also the first in‑depth study of Airbnb's leader Brian Chesky the uirky and curious young CEO as he steers the company into new markets and increasingly uncharted wate. Fascinating story of how Airbnb began incidentally by two art majors and a computer person and grew so fast The company was brought to my attention by a daughter several years ago and now in 2017 I will soon stay at one of these online booked BnBs This perhaps repeats their corporate beliefs often than I would like to hear them but a corporate entity with beliefs seems unusual in today's crass commercial world What is fascinating is how each potential setback was dealt with to improve the company Also interesting is the three founders emphasis on future diversification to add value to peoples travel experience throughout the world