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O doubt that Blodeuwedd is celebrated and honored in modern times as a Divinity in her own right As part of the movement to understand the deeper significance which underscores her myth found in the Fourth Branch of The Mabinogi here then is a collection of essays and meditations; poetry and songs; drawings and photographs; scholarly research and experiential encounters which explore the nature of Blodeuwedd in all of her facets remembering her mythos reclaiming her Divine Status and renewing her role as an initiatory Goddess who empowers us to be free An exuisite anthology of fine scholarship and beauty of vision that will deepen one's connection to Blodeuwedd This fine collection of poetry articles song and prayers sing of the wonder of flowers and reflect the deep soul wisdom of the Owl that a surprisingly excellent volume There are some pieces that I personally thought rather fungible which simply means they did not work for me but 99% of this book is fascinating and it's worth it for the forward and articles on Blodeuwedd as a Goddess of Seasonal Sovereignty alone This is a fine introduction to this Goddess of sovereignty incantation transformation and desire

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Flower Face Sing from the heart of Blodeuwedd's mysteries Swimming throughout this work is the intimate connection of women in love and in service to the Goddess What you have in your hands is a treasure of beauty love and deep connection Kristoffer Hughes Head of the Anglesey Druid Order and author of The Book of Celtic Magic Transformative Teachings From the Cauldron of Awen An unflinching exploration of Blodeuwedd's full depth weaving together mythic motifs and history with modern prayers and devotional works Truly essential reading not only for those devoted to Blodeuwedd but for anyone who wants to see beneath the surface of Her stories to understand who She may have been and who She is to those who follow Her today Morgan Daimler author of Pagan Portals The Morrigan Pagan Portals Brigid and Fairycra I am so happy I bought this book It will definitely be in the reread shelf

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ePub é mobi Flower Face ó 9780978904593 ✓ [Epub] ➝ Flower Face ➢ Lori Feldmann – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Blodeuwedd Flower Face Keen Eyed Hunter in the Night Dwelling for centuries in darkness flying on owl wings along the liminal boundary that straddles superstition and sacred symbol this world and theBlodeuwedd Flower Face Keen Eyed Hunter in the Night Dwelling for centuries in darkness flying on owl wings along the liminal boundary that straddles superstition and sacred symbol this world and the Otherworld archetype and Divinity the essence of all that is Blodeuwedd is venturing once into the light of consciousness Simultaneously Flower Bride and Owl of Wisdom Unfaithful Wife and Lady of Sovereignty this complex figure holds many lessons for those who seek to know her and through her learn to shed the fragile petals of illusion wrought by the expectations of others in order to birth the authentic Self that is able to see Truth with owl wise eyes Whether she is simply a legendary figure from Medieval Welsh lore or is in truth a Sovereignty Goddess once worshiped in Celtic Britain there is n Excellent compilation of a variety of work on the Celtic goddess figure Historical scholarly articles re tellings poems a book review on a related fiction book poems songs with music there's a little bit of everything I've had a very hard time finding than a paragraph or two on Blodeuwedd so I was delighted with this little gem and it answered a lot of the uestions I had about her and her story I really should probably go read The Mabinogion for myself but it's one of those books that I've meant to read forever and never seem to get around to reading