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Download Earthly remains ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Earthly remains Author Donna Leon – Donna Leon bestselling mystery novels have won a multitude of fans for their insider’s portrayal of Venice From family meals to vaporetti rides the details and Argest islands in the laguna There he intends to pass his days rowing and his nights reading Pliny’s Natural History The recuperative stay goes according to plan until David Casati the caretaker of the house goes missing following a sudden storm Now Brunetti feels compelled to investigate to set aside his leave of absence and understand what happened to the man who had become his friend. For some reason I cannot fathom Marilyn Stasio raved about Earthly Remains Stasio has been editing a column on crime fiction for the New York Times Book Review—forever it seems Her recommendations are often good But this one wasn’t She called this novel the 26th in Donna Leon’s long running Commissario Brunetti series “one of her best” I don’t agreeThough there is a mystery underlying the action in Earthly Remains it doesn’t even begin to surface until one third of the way into the novel And the investigation undertaken by Commissario Brunetti isn’t undertaken in earnest until than two thirds of the wayMany of Leon’s signature themes are prominent in this curious book She rhapsodizes about Venice the surrounding communities and the Laguna Veneta the extension of the Adriatic Sea on which the islands of the city are located In Earthly Remains the romance of the Laguna comes in for special praise Predictably too the corruption rampant in Italian society emerges clearly in the story Brunetti’s boss Vice uestore Patta is as always obseuious with authority and disdainful of those who report to him If anyone in a position of power in Venice is under investigation by Brunetti or his colleagues Patta will surely intervene in the suspect’s favor And once the plot of the novel finally becomes clear Leon spotlights the illegal activity that has helped to poison the Laguna and surrounding territory In Donna Leon’s Italy corruption engulfs business as well as government the police and the ChurchOne of Leon’s bad writing habits is to describe action in excruciating detail I have no idea whether she picked up the habit writing for magazines that pay by the word but Earthly Remains and many of her other novels read that way Here’s a representative example from one of the first pages in the novel “Brunetti had apologized for the heat in the room explaining that the ongoing heatwave had forced the uestura to choose between using its reduced supply of energy for the computers or for air conditioning and had chosen the former Ruggieri had been gracious and had said only that he’d remove his jacket if he might Brunetti who kept his jacket on had begun by making it amply clear ” That was 68 words How many words do you think El Leonard might have used to convey the essential information in that passage In fact is there any essential information thereIf you are a die hard Donna Leon fan you might want to read Earthly Remains If you’re not be forewarned not a lot happens in this novel It’s very slow going

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Donna Leon bestselling mystery novels have won a multitude of fans for their insider’s portrayal of Venice From family meals to vaporetti rides the details and rhythms of everyday life are an integral part of this beloved series But so are the never ending influx of tourists and the suffocating corruption Through it all Leon’s Commissario Guido Brunetti a good man who loves his family. Earthly Remains the 26th novel in Donna Leon's Commissario Guido Brunetti Series was a bit of a disappointmentI have been a fan of this series since I read the 1st book years ago and Commissario Guido Brunetti has become one of my favorite book characters and of course the way that the author portrays the everyday life of VeniceThe story starts off really slownothing really happens for the first 100 or so pages Brunetti has taken leave and is staying at his wife's family villa in one of the many islands in the laguna He spends his days eating sleeping reading and rowing Davide Casati the caretaker of the villa who also happens to have been a rowing friend of Brunetti's father goes missing during a storm His body is recovered and it becomes apparent that there is something sinister what seems like he had committed suicideBrunetti then spends his supposedly rest time trying to find out the mystery of his friend's deathCorruption poisoning of the Venice waters secrets and of course Brunetti's uest for finding the truth and justice for the crimes committedThe ending was so abrupt I was left thinkingis that itI think I may just take a break from this series The last two or three books have lacked the lustre I found in the start of the seriesHowever if you are a fan of this series then I suppose you should read this one

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Earthly remainsAnd his city has been an enduring figure but in Earthly Remains Brunetti’s endurance is tested than ever before During an interrogation Brunetti acts rashly doing something he uickly comes to regret and in the fallout he realizes that he needs a breakGranted leave from the uestura Brunetti’s wife Paola ships him off to a villa owned by a wealthy relative on Sant’Erasmo one of the l. It's so welcome to be on the laguna with Guido for so many days Rowing than fishing but still an experience For me this series latest #26 was a 35 star but I rounded it up for the strong Guido central core At times other characters crowd the scene but this one was nearly entirely Guido A long married man having a respite under rather contradictory and strange conditions but still a delicious spell of being in a outside isle on the peaks of the laguna villa Singular and peaceful Or not Paola and Elettra have their conversations but this one was in great majority about the men of work decades past and now And also how that time past of industry has fall outs not only for those visibly afflicted Some of the uotes in this one were subtle and yet central Brunetti and Venetian calle prone pithyThey sat in silence for a moment three Venetians relatives at the wake of a city that had been an empire and was now selling off the coffee spoons to try to pay the heating hill As I have seen Chicago in the last 7 decades I SO understand that uoteBut the sense of the dialect and the people on the small out islands and marsh barriers is outstanding in this one The rest of it especially in the Scarpa or Patta sense not nearly as good as some other Brunetti Foa steers us a few times but I missed him tooThe Brunetti children are clearly off stage here as well Raffi only getting one dinner conversation about his friend's birthday gift And Chiara was off at the Lido I miss the kids being in it They put another whole Italian level on it IMHO Opens the door beyond the stodginess of most of the old folk And also Leon puts than the average religious belief scoffing into this one although she always gets at least a couple minor mocks in there within every novel in this series One time for a uip in parallel to a Rosary recital which was especially obnoxious to me And when people are crazed with grief she doesn't omit a savage fling at their weird idea that any prayer could be meaningful Really such cheap shots It's way beyond her writing ability to do these constantly they are so banal compared to her literary comparisons or uips re Paola the most classically erudite Not the very best of the series but far from the worst And also holds a departure in that there are many solitary Guido perceptions and moment to moment sensibilities than in the norm of the series A good thing for meEnjoyAlmost forgot There was a priceless couple of paragraphs in here that describe Paola and Guido negotiating a strident walk over the bridge to get home one night in the middle of July It's cheek to jowl tourists and no one will move and all are standing in depth seeing views That one was EXCELLENT 6 star I've done that in huge crowds during ticker tape parade folly etc you look at the feet and MOVE Never look up pause or parry sideways to duck around or you will be lost