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Boy meets girl Girl changes everythingMichael likes to hang out with his friends and play with the latest graphic design software His parents drag him to rallies held by their anti immigrant group which rails against the tide of refugees flooding the country And it all makes sense to Mic Randa Abdel Fattah has done it again I'm lucky enough to be a part of the blog tour celebrating the release of this book so you can watch my review here

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When Michael Met MinaEr besieged home in Afghanistan and now faces a frigid reception at her new prep school where she is on scholarship As tensions rise lines are drawn Michael has to decide where he stands Mina has to protect herself and her family Both have to choose what they want their world to look lik It's so much easier to live in a world where everything is black and white When Michael Met Mina is such a relevant book for today's society Turn on the TV or the radio and listen or watch for long enough and you're bound to hear something in regards to immigrants boat people asylum seekers Muslims I'm not going to talk about my beliefs and political views here although I do think that no matter what those views and beliefs are we should all have the freedom to discuss them in a civilised manner without fear of retribution I'd forgotten about how truly uneven the world is Some people get marble and luxury and urban chic; others get slums and open sewerage and payday to payday Michael and Mina come from two completely different homes Michael's parents are the leaders of Aussie Values They want to stop the boats They believe that if you've got enough money to pay people smugglers then you're not really in need of asylum They want to be able to pick and choose who we allow into Australia No one should be allowed to jump the ueue and they certainly shouldn't be allowed to take jobs away from Australians Mina on the other hand fled war torn Afghanistan with her mum via a boat packed to the brim with people trying to escape the atrocities they've endured and desperately wanting a better life for themselves and what's left of their families Maybe you only get one chance at meeting somebody who really gets inside you wakes corners of your mind and heart that you didn't know were asleep When Michael and Mina first meet there's that initial attraction that comes with any new relationship But any relationship needs to be built on solid foundations that go beyond initial attraction And that's where Michael and Mina face some problems They sit on such opposing sides of the fence Michael has known nothing beyond the views of his parents It's what he's been raised with But Mina is fierce and vocal in her beliefs and it's her voice that sets Michael down a path of self discovery While I loved Mina's strength and convictions I have to admit to finding her a little hard on Michael at times Occasionally she came across as being the only one who was allowed to have an opinion and the belief that her opinion was always right I would have liked to have seen her be a little accepting of someone having an opposing view to hers For me Michael's growth was the highlight He listened he uestioned he learned he formed his own opinions and then he had the strength to voice them and follow through and take huge steps to become the person he wanted to be I love nothing than reading a book that makes me think and makes me ask uestions And while I thought I was pretty well read when it came to the issues covered there were different points raised in the book that I found actually swayed my way of thinking And for that I will be eternally thankful to Randa Abdel Fattah for writing such a beautifully written thought provoking novel

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Ebook Õ When Michael Met Mina 400 pages Download ✓ Randa abdel-fattah Ç [EPUB] ✾ When Michael Met Mina ❃ Randa Abdel-Fattah – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Boy meets girl Girl changes everythingMichael likes to hang out with his friends and play with the latest graphic design soHaelUntil When Michael PDF Mina a beautiful girl from the other side of the protest lines shows up at his school and turns out to be funny smart and a Muslim refugee from Afghanistan Suddenly his parents’ politics seem much complicatedMina has had a long and dangerous journey fleeing h When Michael Met Mina was an emotionally and politically charged read that ignites passionate debate between Australians Told from dual points of view Michael is a uiet young man who has been raised in a household with strong social beliefs His father is head of the Aussie Values political group who support policies of stopping the refugee boats and denying those seeking asylum and scaremongering amongst supporters to believe Australia will be overrun making our lives poorer for the intake in new citizens There's a misconception within the media and our nation's political parties that those seeking asylum aren't genuine refugees because they choose to seek refuge in Australia often arriving via Indonesian people smugglers It's these media reports in which the Aussie Values campaign is based and almost identical to the Reclaim Australia movement Parents tend to instill their own morals and beliefs on their children so Michael's character has always been surrounded by those with strong misguided opinions But that is about to change when rather than having opinions based on familial morals and the media he discovers what is means to seek asylum from Mina a girl who has lived through the ordealMina is intelligent articulate passionate and not afraid to speak out against injustice She's been through a harrowing journey leaving the only life she had ever known to travel to Australia with her mother to seek refuge only to be detained It's a storyline pulled from the Australian headlines asylum seekers being detained often taking years before they are allowed to call Australia home or returned to their homeland trading security for living a meager existence in limboI grew up in a time where Aussie Values were the basis in so many homes We watched series like Kingswood Country where Aussie larrikin Ted Bullpit told his son in law to leave your money on the fridge wog and casual racism was part of our dialect Australia has since grown as a nation and Michael's character reflects our need for compassion both socially and politically Michael was a product of his environment as was Mina but both on either end of the spectrumMichael blindly believes what his parents have instilled in him and hasn't yet formed his own opinions He soon realises how discriminatory his opinion is after seeing Mina hurt by his misguided accusations although Mina's passion could easily be mistaken for anger I loved how fierce her opinions were but her character often felt abrasive But through a shared compassion both Mina and Michael were able to grow as characters The slow burning romance was absolutely lovely Mina was able to see that Michael was than his father's organisation and in turn Michael begun to form his own opinions through Mina's experiencesWhen Michael Met Mina is the book that young adult has been desperately deprived of Confident relevant beautifully written and intensely passionate with a strong moral compass