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T when an abandoned orphan shows up in the stairwell of their building Reg The Last eBook #194 and Lineker must brave the outside in order to save not only the child but themselve. This is a really good book At first it is funny and then it get dark It can be a little scary as in “could this really happen” I enjoyed the dog Lineker’s perspective on people and the world and his snarky foul mouthed attitude

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The Last Dog on EarthDog on eBook #180 Every dog has its dayAnd for Lineker a happy go lucky mongrel from Peckham the day the world ends is his finally a chance to prove to his owner just how loyal he. The Last Dog on Earth is the second novel by British author Adrian J Walker By 2021 London is virtually empty the political upheavals having caused most people to vacate Electrician Reginald Hardy stayed he prefers his own company doesn’t like to be touched and is perfectly happy in his little flat keeping an eye on the surrounding area with his 12x binoculars and following his daily routines And he has Lineker his Heinz 57 variety dog whose company is preferable to that of any person he knows Lineker is deliriously happy with this arrangementBut then a truck stops outside Reginald’s flat soldiers he thought they’d all left and children Worse still another truck turns up with a mob of those purple clad nasties Shouted words lead to bullets and people die before the Purples clear off elsewhere leaving behind an apparently mute seven year old girl Lineker is excited; Reginald is not Responsibility for another human being is the absolute last thing he wants Eventually Reginald has to compromise he will escort little Aisha in the direction of the soldiers’ destination then get back to his own peaceful life Lineker is thrilled to partake of adventure but things don’t go uite to Reginald’s plan Walker employs two narrators the mild mannered Reginald and the utterly foul mouthed but superbly entertaining Lineker It is soon apparent that Reginald has suffered a great loss and that he is perhaps somewhere on “the spectrum” Lineker meanwhile is a wonderfully imagined character a uite convincing version of “this is what dogs think” As long as they are not too offended by his copious use of the f and c words and his musings on some rather base topics dog owners and even those not of that persuasion will delight in LinekerWalker’s version of near future London is eminently believable and Lineker’s perspective of life is refreshing Walker gives both his main characters and some of the minor ones insightful thoughts and wise words “I am not a hero Altruism does not exist There are the things a man wants to do and there are the things he must do and the things he must do must be done because if he does not then the conseuences linger That is really all there is to altruism the avoidance of bad feeling”As the story progresses the reader gradually learns of the events that had such a profound effect on Reginald and led to his owning Lineker who believes for some time that he is the last dog on earth Walker adds a few other uirky characters to be enjoyed a topless sunbather and her always cooking mother; several pet dogs of various breeds; a charitable barge owner; a wolf who speaks in capitals; and a few nasties who eventually get their just deserts Funny sometimes sad and ultimately uplifting this is a marvellous read

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CHARACTERS The Last Dog on Earth 107 Ó [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Last Dog on Earth By Adrian J. Walker – Every dog has its dayAnd for Lineker a happy go lucky mongrel from Peckham the day the world ends is his finally a chance to prove to his owner just how loyal he can beReg an agoraphobic writer with a Dog on eBook &#Can beReg an agoraphobic writer with an obsession for nineties football plans to wait out the impending doom in his second floor flat hiding himself away from the riots outsideBu. Brilliant Darkly light hearted and playful apocalyptic Despite its grim setting The Last Dog on Earth is a pleasure to readThe protagonist Reg is broken in a way that I can relate to; it was fascinating to watch him deal with his flaws And his co narrator Lineker rounds out the storytelling with much needed energy and humor